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"Elly and the Smelly Sneaker": A Twist to Cinderella's Story

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Read on to learn all about Elly and the Smelly Sneaker, a Cinderella adaptation that's great for young girls.

Read on to learn all about Elly and the Smelly Sneaker, a Cinderella adaptation that's great for young girls.

A Fun Book With a Modern Twist on Cinderella

Elly lives in a fancy home with her wealthy dad, stepmother, and stepsisters. Her family treats her like a princess, and Elly wants for nothing except new friends and a new way to have fun. Elly is bored! She is a big fan of baseball and wants to play with the other kids. She wants to trade her fancy glass shoes for a great pair of sneakers to play baseball. Elly dreams of her chance to play baseball and sometimes sneaks out to practice at night.

An invitation to the palace arrives one morning, and her stepsisters and stepmother insist that Elly accept the invitation because it is only for one guest per household. She just wants to play baseball. A new twist to the story comes in the form of a fairy godfather instead of a fairy godmother. The magic words "Bibbity, bobbity, blech" turn Elly's dress into a baseball uniform complete with sneakers.

She is instructed to be home by noon after playing a game at the ballpark. Her dream came to life, and she had a blast with her friends at the ballpark. She was so involved in the game that she almost missed her noon deadline. She races out of the ballpark just before her uniform changes back to a dress, and in the haste to get home, her sneaker gets stuck in the mud. Her friend comes in search of the girl who lost the sneaker, and he finally reaches Elly's home. Elly produces the matching sneaker, and from then on, she is a hero at the ballpark.

Lesley Gorin's Elly and the Smelly Sneaker gives young girls a fun read-aloud to show them that girls can do anything. The book was published by Sterling Children's Books and is recommended for ages 6-10. It has an ISBN of 9781454918172.

Meet the Author and Illustrator

Lesley Gorin is a former teacher on a Navajo reservation. She attended film school to become an animator for films but decided to become a writer. She has written articles for many popular children's magazines such as Highlights for Children. and Hopscotch. Her awards include a Disney Fellowship and an award for runner-up for the 2014 SCBWI Barbara Karlin Work-in-Progress for a picture book. You may visit her website at to learn more about her work.

Lesley Vamos contributes her talent as an illustrator for Elly and the Smelly Sneaker. Her large colorful illustrations fill the pages with fun as Elly is granted her dream to play baseball. Vamos is the recipient of a Distinction and Animation honor in a Bachelor of Digital Media from the College of Fine Arts in Australia. She lives in Sydney, Australia. You may visit her website at

Large Colorful Illustration from Vamos Depict Elly's Dream Come True

Elly's wish to play baseball is granted by the fairy godfather

Elly's wish to play baseball is granted by the fairy godfather

Can You Find the Differences That Contribute to the Fun of Comparing Elly to Cinderella?

Gorin's Elly and the Smelly Sneaker is a fun way to teach comparisons as a reading skill to young readers. Can you spot the twists in the story that are different from the traditional story of Cinderella? Elly's stepmother and stepsisters actually like her and spoil her. Cinderella had an evil stepmother and stepsisters who did not like her. How about the fairy godfather in exchange for a fairy godmother?

Gorin also trades Cinderella's glass slipper for a sneaker that Elly wears to play baseball. Elly's new friend on the baseball team is a boy instead of a prince who comes in search of the girl who loses her sneaker in the mud after running home to beat the noon deadline set by the fairy godfather. What did Elly's baseball uniform turn into? Your children will want to find all of these details to compare the two stories.