"I Love Construction Vehicles": Book and Accessories for Your Young Builders

Updated on September 28, 2016
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Do You Have a Little Builder in Your Family?

"I Love Construction Vehicles", published by Silver Dolphin Books, is an engaging set with a 32-page book, a small model dump truck, pages of reusable stickers, an appealing large poster of a construction site, and 47 model pieces to build your own construction site. The set with book and accessories is recommended for ages 5 and up. Real-life colorful photos that are part of the book will excite fans of all of the big trucks and construction vehicles that construction workers use. Each part of the machines and the trucks is labeled in the photos. The trucks are described with details about the purposes for each truck and construction machinery. The text is easy to read and young readers will find the construction vocabulary to be easily understood. Dump trucks, bulldozers, and digging tools are all included in the book. The included glossary with definitions of construction vocabulary is of interest. The book also includes instructions for the model assembly of a construction site. Young builders will find this set to be a great beginning of a possible career in construction.

The book with accessories was published by Silver Dolphin Books and has an ISBN of 978-1-62686-562-4. Silver Dolphin Books is an imprint of Printers Row Publishing Group.

Silver Dolphin Books has also published "I Love Rescue Vehicles" to encourage children to explore the world of the rescue vehicles that are used. This book features real-life photos of fire trucks, ambulances, and rescue boats. This set is similar to the "I Love Construction Vehicles" in that it also includes accessories for building their own fire station. This book set has an ISBN of 978-1-62686-561-7 and is also recommended for ages 5 and up.

"I Love Construction Vehicles" Book with Accessories to Inspire Your Young Builder

Book and accessories come in an attractive storage box
Book and accessories come in an attractive storage box | Source
32-page book with real-life photos of construction equipment
32-page book with real-life photos of construction equipment | Source
Colorful real-life-photos of construction equipment
Colorful real-life-photos of construction equipment | Source
Included model of assembly for the construction site pieces
Included model of assembly for the construction site pieces | Source

"I Love Construction Vehicles" is an Ideal Set for Early Childhood Education Classrooms

Early childhood education classrooms will find this set with a book and accessories to be an ideal addition to a block center or dramatic play area. The set supports language, literacy, math, critical thinking, problem solving, and social skills. Books are one of the "3 B's that early childhood teachers should place in a block center. Engaging real-life photos in "I Love Construction" are great examples of model construction vehicles that early childhood teachers can place in a block center. Teachers can easily build a collection of model construction vehicles like the one that is included in this set along with the book. Young builders will also have the opportunity to build cooperative work skills in a block center while assembling the model construction site that is included in the set. Children can learn problem solving skills while using the accessories for a building project in a block area. The National Association for the Education of Young Children recommends that early childhood teachers encourage both boys and girls to participate in the use of a block learning center in the classroom.

Model of Construction Vehicle in "I Love Construction" set

Example of small construction vehicles for block play
Example of small construction vehicles for block play | Source

Early Literacy in Block Play

The engaging book "I Love Construction Vehicles" is an example of a book that can easily be included in a block play area in an early childhood classroom. Early childhood teachers have the opportunity to use the words from the text to place environmental print in the block center to label model vehicles, tools, and construction areas after the model site is constructed. The reusable stickers that are included in the set are great tools to use for making environmental print signs in the construction area. Teachers will also find the book to be a great tool for story time so that the topic of construction can be introduced. It is a good idea to offer story time in different areas of an early childhood classroom and this unique book offers an opportunity to move story time to the block center. The assembly of the model construction site offers the opportunity for young readers to learn to read directions which is a part of early literacy. Teachers can also add paper, markers, and writing tools for children to make their own signs for their construction site. Young readers have the opportunity to learn early writing skills that are also a part of early literacy.

An Early Childhood Teacher's View of Block Play

I used many types of books such as "I Love Construction Vehicles" in my block play area in my early childhood classroom for many years. I found books to be very helpful in inspiring my students to participate in play in the block area. Both girls and boys were always eager to work in the block play area after reading an engaging book. My young students were often eager to copy a picture in a book that I placed in the block play area. I am a proponent of using books in a block play area to encourage both early literacy skills and dramatic play in a block area.

Block Play for Young Children

Do you as a parent or teacher with young children provide blocks and books to encourage early literacy?

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