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Multiple-Choice Quiz for Kids: Fun Animal Trivia Questions

Aurelio enjoys creating quizzes and puzzles that both entertain and inform.

How much do you really know about animals? Find out with this short, fun quiz!

How much do you really know about animals? Find out with this short, fun quiz!

How Much Animal Trivia Do You Know?

The following multiple-choice quiz tests your animal knowledge with 10 questions. Choose the correct answer for each question and then compare it with the list of answers after the test. A brief explanation and a relevant source link are included with each answer, making this activity suitable for parents and kids.

Please do not search for answers on the web or look through books, since this quiz is meant to test your personal knowledge. You can put your scores in the poll and in the comments at the bottom of the article. Feel free to add any suggestions or more information in the comments, too.

Animal Quiz for Kids: 10 Questions

1. What type of animal is a seahorse?

A) Crustacean
B) Arachnid
C) Fish
D) Shell

2. Which of the following dog breeds is the smallest?

A) Dachshund
B) Poodle
C) Pomeranian
D) Chihuahua

3. What color are zebras?

A) White with black stripes
B) Black with white stripes
C) Both of the above
D) None of the above

4. What existing bird has the largest wingspan?

A) Stork
B) Swan
C) Condor
D) Albatross

5. What is the biggest animal that has ever lived?

A) Blue whale
B) African elephant
C) Apatosaurus (aka Brontosaurus)
D) Spinosaurus

6. Fill in the blank: Out of these pets, there are the most pet _____ in the U.S.

A) Birds
B) Cats
C) Dogs
D) Horses

7. Which of these animals lives the longest?

A) Ocean quahog (clam)
B) Red sea urchin
C) Galapagos tortoise
D) Rougheye rockfish

8. What are female elephants called?

A) Mares
B) Sows
C) Cows
D) Dams

9. Which of the following animals sleeps standing up?

A) Gorillas
B) Flamingos
C) Hedgehogs
D) Ravens

10. What is the fastest water animal?

A) Porpoise
B) Sailfish
C) Flying fish
D) Tuna

Scroll down to see the answers after you've answered all the questions. Don't peek!

Scroll down to see the answers after you've answered all the questions. Don't peek!


1—C. The seahorse is a bony fish. Their bones are located on the outside of their bodies.

2—D. The smallest dog breed is the chihuahua. According to American Kennel Club standards, chihuahuas should not weigh more than six pounds.

3—B. Zebras have a black base with white stripes.

4—D. The wandering albatross has a wingspan that ranges from 8 to 11.5 feet.

5—A. The blue whale is the largest animal to have ever lived, with recorded lengths up to 100 feet. Their average length is about 70 to 90 feet (three school buses), with an average weight of 100 to 150 tons.

6—B. A 2017–2018 survey from the American Pet Products Association found that there were about 94.2 million pet cats in the U.S. compared to 89.7 million pet dogs. There were also 20.3 million pet birds and 7.6 million pet horses.

7—A. The ocean quahog lives up to 400 years. For comparison, the longest-lived Galapagos tortoise was recorded at 177 years old.

8—C. Female elephants are called cows. Males are called bulls. And the babies are called calves.

9—B. Flamingos sleep standing up because the salt flats they live on are too caustic for them to sit down.

10—B. The sailfish is the fastest water animal, reaching speeds up to 68 miles per hour.


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Ishwaryaa Dhandapani from Chennai, India on April 11, 2012:

Wow! You made knowledge of animals fun! I got only 6 out of 10! Surprised to learn that female elephants are called cows!(I thought dams!) I learnt a lot in this interesting hub! Will check out your other fun quiz hubs!

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Aurelio Locsin (author) from Orange County, CA on April 05, 2012:

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Aurelio Locsin (author) from Orange County, CA on March 28, 2012:

I'm happy that this quiz is still providing fun for folks.

Aurelio Locsin (author) from Orange County, CA on March 28, 2012:

Thanks Chuck for taking the quiz. This link might help explain the zebra colors:

Linda Chechar from Arizona on March 27, 2012:

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Great hub as usual alocsin, but I didn't even come close. I knew a few things, such as the sailfish and the seahorse, but missed most of the other questions.

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have bookmarked it. will revert back to you once i do it with my kid...thanks :)

Chuck Nugent from Tucson, Arizona on March 27, 2012:

I guess I am with the majority here with my 50% of correct answers. At least at the time I took the test the largest group (29%)was those with 5 correct answers. I also learned a couple of things like the existence of a long living creature called a quahog, which I had never heard of before. But I am still a little perplexed about the difference between white stripes on a black base or black stripes on a white base for the zebra - I would think there would be no difference (which is what I answered) but I guess there is. LOL!

Great Hub and fun quiz

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Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL on March 27, 2012:

I got 6 right! I'm still baffled about the elephant names. Aren't those already taken by other animals!? Haha! Fun quiz!!

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Sailfish threw me as did the quahog. Cool and fun hub!

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