Picture Book That Gives Back to Environmental Conservation and Wildlife Protection

Updated on August 24, 2016
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

A Special Gift Teaches the Concept of Giving Back

Parents want great tools to teach life lessons and teaching children to contribute to worthy causes is an important life lesson in today's materialistic society. Dana Warnquist"s new book "Roary the Lion" is the perfect choice for teaching this concept.

A little girl in Colorado is given a special stuffed animal named Roary the Lion. She develops a special friendship with her stuffed lion and dreams of having travel adventures with Roary. Sara and Roary travel to the beach, the park, and to the library. She finds books at the library that describe wonderful faraway places with lots of animals that she loves. She reads about tigers in India, pandas in China, and elephants in Africa. Africa is her favorite place and she learns that Africa is Roary's real home. Sara makes a promise to her stuffed lion that she will visit Africa when she grows up and help protect this beautiful environment and the animals that live there.

Dana Warnquist has written this charming story in memory of Cecil the Lion. Readers will remember the unfortunate death of Cecil when this beautiful lion was shot in a hunting incident. All proceeds from the sale of "Roary the Lion" will be donated to programs that protect environments and wildlife.

Joi McCarthy contributes her talent with beautiful illustrations that add to the appeal of this book. The illustrations are done in both warm and pastel watercolors and each illustration resembles a painting. The large illustrations of animals fill each page beside the text that is written beautifully in caligraphy. Warnquist also includes interesting facts about each animal. A sample fact is that polar bears have black skin under their white fur.

"Roary the Lion" was published by Lulu Enterprises, Inc. and has an ISBN of 978-1-32957572-1. It is recommended for ages 4-9, along with adults who are interested in conservation programs.

In Memory of Cecil the Lion

Beautifully written and illustrated to give tribute to Cecil the Lion
Beautifully written and illustrated to give tribute to Cecil the Lion | Source
Cecil the Lion
Cecil the Lion | Source

All Proceeds Go to Programs that Protect Animals and Their Environments

Get Acquainted with Author Dana Warquist and Illustrator Joi McCarthy

Dana Warnquist is a fine art nature photographer who was inspired to write "Roary the Lion" to showcase the natural beauty of environments that wildlife inhabit and the need to preserve these environments. She became aware that there are many animals that are now endangered and presents each in her book. She was fortunate to encounter Cecil the Lion in her travels and to capture a photograph of him in his environment. Her encounter with this magnificent creature occurred just weeks before the lion was killed. Dana is honored to have her book as the only piece of literature on the University of Oxford, the Department of Zoology, Wildlife Conservation Research Unit's Cecil the Lion Gallery webpage. You may learn more about her work by visiting her website www.DanemarkPhotography.com or www.DanemarkPhotoArt.com.

Warnquist's daughter is the inspiration for her character Sara. She wants children to have an appreciation and awareness for environmental and conservation efforts. Her sister, Joi McCarthy, has been a painter since childhood. Her collaboration with her sister on their first book has made this project a family affair. Joi studied at CSULB.

Watercolor Illustrations in "Roary the Lion" Feature Endangered Wildlife

Sara and Roary discover Africa
Sara and Roary discover Africa | Source
Roary's beloved Arica
Roary's beloved Arica | Source
Pastel illustration by Joi McCarthy of Endangered African Elephant
Pastel illustration by Joi McCarthy of Endangered African Elephant | Source
Pastel Illustration of African Lions
Pastel Illustration of African Lions | Source

"Roary the Lion" Can Inspire Children to Contribute to Conservation Programs

Warnquist states that her storybook is one that "will prepare the next generation to live in harmony with nature and champion the protection of animals around the world." She also states that "most people have no idea that lions, polar bears, and elephants my not exist by the time today's young children grow up." Warnquist was deeply effected by the shooting death of Cecil the Lion and hopes that young readers will want to contribute to the safekeeping of wildlife.

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