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Preschool Spring Lesson Plan

CeCe has served as Vice President and President of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (Affiliate).


Circle Time

Bringing in spring? A Perfect Day For Digging is a perfect circle time companion and the perfect pairing for planting pansy seeds in your classroom!

Nell and her dog, Rusty, are planting pansies. The adventure starts for Nell's friend, neatnik Norman, when he rolls up his sleeves and begins to dig! A very humorous take on getting dirty and not missing out on the fun.


"CeCe's Spring is Coming Song"

(Sing to "She'll Be Coming Around The Mountain.")

Spring is coming. Yes it is, yes it is!

Flowers blooming once again!

Green grass growing, soon we'll be mowing.

Spring is coming once again.

Yes it is!

A fun extended activity? Try CeCe' s moving illustrations! Illustrate the "Spring is Coming Song" on three pieces of paper. A drawing of flowers, one of grass and one page representing a mower. While singing the song, show art work at the appropriate time. The children will be encouraged to create their own interpretation in the Art Center.

Introduce the Science Learning Center, Art Learning Center and Dramatic Play Center to the children.

Science Center - Planting Pansy Seeds

You will need:

  • pots with holes for drainage
  • spray bottle filled with water
  • potting soil

Fill pots with potting soil, spritz to dampen. Sprinkle pansy seeds and add a thin layer of soil. Keep moist. Start seeds 6-8 weeks before transplanting. A sunny spot away from the window is best.

Art Center—Illustrating "Spring is Coming Song"

Children illustrate their own moving picture song. Children may use markers or crayons to create. Sharing and singing will follow at Gathering Time.

Dramatic Play—Gardening Center

Garden Center materials could include:

  • seed packets (purchased or made by the children)
  • clay pots
  • floral foam cut to pot size
  • plastic or silk flowers (for children to arrange in pots)
  • garden gloves
  • plastic gardening tools
  • pretend money (children may make money using paper, scissors, and markers)
  • price tags (child-centered as well, using tape and scrap paper) and
  • toy shelves displaying gardening wares for customers.

Gathering Time

Each child shows his or her illustrations of "Spring is Coming Song" while friends sing along. A fun follow-up to singing with moving pictures? And Then It's Spring, written by Julie Fogliono and illustrated by Erin Stead.

Storytime - And Then It's Spring