Sample Complaint Letter to Principal About Cyber Bullying

Updated on November 26, 2016
Cyber bullying can prevent students from reaching their full potential.
Cyber bullying can prevent students from reaching their full potential. | Source

You're a parent. That means you're a caregiver, counselor, chef, disciplinarian, tutor, personal assistant, and possibly even a fire fighter. And, you are an advocate. You are often the voice for your child.

It is your responsibility to speak out for the safety and well-being of your son or daughter. If your child continues to be bullied online, it is time to advocate for him/her. If you have told teachers and it doesn't stop, the next step is to contact the principal.

A complaint letter shows your seriousness about this matter. It also provides some time for the principal to think about his response. Below are some sample letters to help you write your own letter to the principal.

If possible, try to type the letter. Most city libraries have computers and printers available for no charge. Also, try to write the letter using business letter format.

Sample Complaint Letter to Principal About Bullying on Social Media

Dear Mr. Rogers,

I am the parent of two children at Highland Oaks Middle School. My son (Ross) is in sixth grade and my daughter (Rachel) is in eighth grade. Overall we have been happy with the school. The teachers are doing a superb job in teaching both my children, and we are especially impressed with the band and music program.

However, I recently learned that cyberbullying is a serious issue at Highland Oaks Middle School. My daughter confided in me that she has been the victim of cyber bullying. Even with her father and I monitoring her computer usage, negative and malicious material has been written about her on social media.

This has caused her emotional distress. She has sadly gone from a student who loves school, to one who hates school and complains about going. Her grades have suffered a little, though with some guidance she is doing better.

I am kindly asking you to consider address the cyber bullying problem at Highland Oaks. I would like you to consider implement a new bullying prevention program. Also, I feel that students who have been caught cyber bullying should be fully reprimanded.

I realize,Mr.Rogers, that you have a tough position as a middle school principal. Thank-you in advance for addressing this serious issue. Please contact me at (534)123-3424. Please respond to me no later that Friday, February 28th. I look forward to hearing from you.


Holly Jacobs

Cyber bullying can lead to depression.
Cyber bullying can lead to depression. | Source

Sample Complaint Letter About Bullying Through Anonymous Messages

Dear Mrs. Jimenez,

Thank-you for leading the staff and students at Canyon Crossing Middle School. I know you have a challenging and tough job, and I commend you for your service to our community. My children like the new programs at CCMS, especially the lego robotics team and the new service club.

However, I am unhappy with a recent incident involving cyber bullying. My son, and his friend, were both the victim of malicious and hateful messages. These messages, were unfortunately sent anonymously. I have discussed this with the school counselor.

I would like the share the details of these messages, and discuss the cyber bulling issue at CCMS with you. Perhaps it is time to implement a cyber bullying prevention program. Please contact me as soon as possible at (342)343-3422.

As you know, cyber bullying can harm a student's progress in school, as well as cause emotional distress. I feel this issue needs to be addressed immediately. Thank-you in advance for your immediate attention to this matter.


Rob and Jessica McDonald

Sample Complaint Letter About Cyber Bullying Through Photos

Dear Mr. Lee,

This letter is regarding a serious cyber bullying incident at Clearview Lakes Middle School. My daughter is a seventh grader. She was the victim of taking and sharing photos of her online without her permission.

We have already contacted the police, however, we feel it is important that you be aware of this issue. We would like to provide you with a chance to address the serious issue of cyber rbullying at CLMS.

I feel that this incident demonstrates the need to review the anti-bullying policy at CLMS. As you may know, bullying can lead to poor school performance and depression. It can also cause bullies to become bullies. For these reasons, and more, I would like to you address this serious problem immediately. Fee free to contact me at (343) 433-3241.


Yvette Hernandez

These are just three sample letters to help you write your own complaint letter to the principal. For more examples, please read, "Sample Complaint Letters to Principal From Parent" and "Sample Complaint Letter to Principal or School Board About Lice."

Kudos to you for speaking up. Your actions today might prevent a future harmful experience of another child.

Cyberbully victims can sometimes become cyberbullies themselves.
Cyberbully victims can sometimes become cyberbullies themselves. | Source


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    • profile image

      Nita McVeigh 

      6 months ago

      This is something that my 16 year old daughter is coming home crying about. I need help.

    • profile image

      chinaemere God's favour 

      18 months ago

      am seeing it difficult to write a formal letter, please i need a helper to help me out in this issue. It is a very big issue to me


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