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Teaching Children About Pet Care From Tammi Sauer's Book, Caring for Your Lion

Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Are your children asking for pets? Help them understand the care and responsibility it takes by reading them "Caring for Your Lion."

Are your children asking for pets? Help them understand the care and responsibility it takes by reading them "Caring for Your Lion."

A Fun Read Aloud to Teach Pet Care

Tammi Sauer's Caring for Your Lion is a delightful read-aloud picture book for teaching that caring for a pet is a big responsibility. Your family won't be getting a lion, but children will readily relate to the little boy's problems in learning to care for his pet.


A large crate arrives at the little boy's house with a surprising note about the pet inside. He ordered a tiny kitten, but the pet store was out of kittens. He received a lion instead! Now he must figure out how to care for the lion.

What It Takes

Sauer writes creatively with numbered steps set in black and white inserts on each page that describe the steps that the little boy takes to learn to care for his new pet. Step 5 involves feeding the new pet. Step 6 involves potty training. Step 7 involves taking the new pet to the park to play. Giving treats is part of Step 9. There is a step for bathing and the final two steps involve putting his new pet to bed. Caring for Your Lion is a perfect manual for learning to care for a pet.

Helpful Illustrations

The large colorful illustrations that fill each page will engage young children in the story. Large print with added exclamation points presents the opportunity for dramatic reading. The black and white inserts with diagrams add an interesting texture to the pages with the numbered steps for caring for the lion.

Caring for Your Lion was published by Sterling Children's Books and is recommended for ages 4-8. It has an ISBN of 9781454916093.

Get Acquainted With the Author and Illustrator

Tammi Sauer is a former teacher and library specialist. She enjoys writing children's books and is very active in the community of authors who write for children. She has been featured in Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus with glowing reviews. The local bookstore in her hometown of Edmond, Oklahoma, declared July 9 to be Tammi Sauer Day. You may visit her website at You may also follow her on Twitter at @SauerTammi.

Troy Cummings contributed his talents as an illustrator to Caring for Your Lion. His large and colorful illustrations fill the pages with fun details about caring for the new pet. His illustrations are digitally created. You may visit his website at

Surprise! It's not a tiny kitten!

Surprise! It's not a tiny kitten!

Sauer's Presentation of the Steps

An added opportunity for learning when reading Sauer's fun read-aloud comes with her numbered steps for caring for the lion. She features numbers and diagrams in the black and white illustrations that coordinate with Cummings' colorful illustrations. There are 14 steps in the care of the little boy's lion.

Children can practice counting to 14 while reading. Teachers and parents might want to give children the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for more activities to do with the lion to add more numbers in the sequence. Children can also create their own drawings after brainstorming their ideas for pet care for the lion. Using both color and black and white for their drawings to make them similar to the illustrations in the story add to creativity in drawing.

Dramatic Reading Skills for Children

Participation in a dramatic reading activity has many benefits for young readers. oral reading engages children in the story. Group reading with emphasis on expressive reading creates an opportunity for peer interaction. Young readers can practice their parts in front of their classmates. Young readers also learn the skills of communicating emotion through their voice. Picture books such as Sauer's Caring for Your Lion present all of these reading opportunities. Teachers have the opportunity to teach by modeling expressive reading.

Children can also create lion masks for use in reading the story. The class might like to perform a reading and performance of the story for another class in the school.

Drama with a toar

Drama with a toar

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