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Free Printable Alphabet Stencils

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Printable Letters For Kids, Crafters And Home Decorators

Printable alphabet stencils that are free to download to the computer, or print out to paper, are great for many fun crafts for kids. I love crafts, and I love to play with stencils. This is why I have collected free stencils, along with ideas on how to use them. There are many ways that will help you stretch your imagination and creativity to do some fun and crafty things with your children.

For example you can teach them the alphabet, you can make fun and colorful wall decorations for their rooms or the nursery room, or you can use them in interesting paper craft projects.

There are truly many ways on how to use these alphabet stencils, and they're fun to do so as well. Of course it also allows kids and parents to really spend some quality time together.

Below are some of the best resources for finding printable letter stencils completely free to download to your pc and to print them out. You will find all sorts of templates including capital letters, small letters, fancy lettering, elegant styles, funny styles, free printable fonts, medieval letters and letters from other languages.

historical alphabet fonts

historical alphabet fonts

Fun Ideas To Decorate With Templates

Decorating with letter and number stencils is fun. You can decorate the kids room walls with your own children together in a weekend project by adding words on the walls.

For example, if you have some extra place under the staircases, how about giving that place to the kids to decorate it to their liking?

Create fun little quotes on the wall from sayings of your favorite Disney character or maybe an inspirational Dr. Seuss wall quote? Or words like 'happy', 'family', 'love' and 'creativity'.

You can let your kids stencil their walls with their own name and then paint it in the color they choose. Then the room is truly and uniquely personalized, especially if you add to it some cute wall decals of their favorite comic character.

In the classroom the walls can be also stenciled and the teacher can use the project as a teaching tool for crafts and learning.

For another home project how about making some fun greeting cards with cardstock, smaller letter templates and some paper glue? The FolkArt Stencils and the glue are quite suitable for this project if you have some at hand.

Printing on bulletin boards is another crafty idea, and while this is not exclusively for kids, it can be a project to do with them as well.

Printable Alphabet Stencils For Kids

Using free printable letter stencils enables you to teach kids to read the alphabet. Also it can help them learn how to best combine words in meaningful sentences. The alphabet letter stencils make a wonderful teaching tool that any teacher or parent can use for free. For example kids can easily learn the shape of the letters by tracing them along the template or when painting them on the surface.

An interesting idea is to use these to print out small letters that are combined into a word. The child will have the image of the object as drawing, so that the child will have the task of putting together the letter stencils in the appropriate order for the word to emerge.

These make wonderful scrap-booking journals with the picture of the object and the letters properly glued per page. Teaching children crafting is a great way to do just that.

How about teaching kids draw images of various animals, flowers, superheros, buildings and other objects and below to add the words glued letter by letter. This will not only teach the kid to read, but will also help develop their drawing abilities right from the start.

Free Resources For Children To Use

Printable alphabet letters, also called printable letter stencils help kids learn the alphabet from a to z. However they also make great handmade greeting cards, thank you notes, invitations to parties and other occasions, and so on. Decorating with letters has never been easier and they make fun projects for kids in school or at home if the child is home schooled.

  • Uppercase Alphabet Letters
    Alphabet letters in uppercase as well as numbers from 0 to 9 to print out. You can print out the stencil letter outline and have the kids trace or color them.
  • Printable Uppercase Letters
    Printable uppercase letters in various colors, ranging from black, to blue, green and red. Choose your favorite outline color and then match with your own coloring within the tracing.

How To Make Your Own Printable Fun Stencils

Applies not only to letters but to anything else you want to use to decorate your home in style.

Make Your Own Bubble Letters

Did you know that you can make your own bubble letters? Simply draw the regular letters and then draw the outline around each letter without any hard edges or corners.

For another great idea check the video below.

How To Stencil The Letters On The Wall

If you want to decorate your walls with the alphabet stencils you have made, here are some easy steps to do it.

  1. Make sure the walls are dry and clean before you start the wall painting project. Then measure the walls and draw a straight line where the letters will be painted. Some folks like to place the stencils in weird and seemingly random patterns as well, especially in kids rooms, so if you want to do that, don't worry too much about a straight line.
  2. Take the stencil letter and hold it steady with a tape, a good one to use is the painters tape.
  3. Use a stencil brush to pain over the letter on the wall. Once it's fully painted, take off the painters tape to remove the stencil.
  4. Continue adding letters in this manner using the tape to hold them steady and use the stencil brush to apply the paint on the wall. You can engage your kids in the project. Prepare everything in advance and let them do the actual painting. Have them paint each letter in a different color. Another idea is to use the letters as part of a bigger wall painted project, maybe above a mural or wall decal.

Or you can do this! (LOL)

Or you can do this! (LOL)

Or you can do this! (LOL)

Tips For Printing Your Alphabet Stencil Fonts

To print out your alphabet stencil fonts, you can use Word (that's what I use in most cases). You can save on ink if you lower the quality of the ink used.

Glue the printout fonts or print them directly on heavier cardstock, so that they last your kids longer.

Decorative Alphabet Stencils

Using decorative alphabet templates is a great way to create wall monograms and decorations as part of fun and creative hobbies. Even teachers can use them in a classroom setting by letting the children take a single letter, paint it, add their own embellishments to it and used to adorn the walls of the classroom.

They can be used in scrapbooking and journalling projects and in fact teaching children the art of keeping a daily journal can be greatly encouraged if they can adorn it with fun ornamental stencils.

Fun Result When Using Decorative Alphabet Stencils On The Walls

Fun Result When Using Decorative Alphabet Stencils On The Walls

Fun Result When Using Decorative Alphabet Stencils On The Walls

Tips For Decorating Your Walls With The Stencils

Make sure the walls are clean before using the letter stencils.

The letters should be equally lined up (unless wobbly is what you're going for). Use a pencil to mark the starting lines (pencil traces can be erased later on).

Use a clear sealer to protect the letters from stains.

Have You Used Letter Stencils In Creative Ways?

Decorate Your Walls With Monograms

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