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Why a Father Should Choose His Son's Preschool

A long-time early childhood educator argues that the dad should pick his son's preschool, not his mother. She contends that little boys need an advocate as they enter this female-ruled world where sitting quietly and learning passively get rewarded and boys earn negative labels just for being boys.


Preschool Spring Lesson Plan

Ms. CeCe's preschoolers welcome spring with lesson plan activities including CeCe's "Spring is Coming Song," illustrating moving picture songs, planting pansies, and working in a garden center!


How to Teach Preschool at Home

Teaching preschool at home can be a fun learning adventure for you and your child. Learn about some simple preschool activities you can do at home with your preschooler to help your child be ready for Kindergarten.


How to Teach Color Theory to Preschoolers

Concepts learned at school are learned faster and retained longer when kids actively participate in an activity. Preschoolers excel when presented with an opportunity to physically engage in their learning. The lesson plan outlined below presents a fun, active method of teaching kids primary and secondary colours!


Preschool Songs for Kids About Friendship

Learning to make friends is an important social skill that will become an important life long skill. Teaching young children to make friends can be fun when you add music and singing to the lesson. Here are some great songs and activities to sing with your young kids.


Early Childhood Education: Choosing a Preschool Program

Choosing a preschool program is a difficult choice for parents seeking a quality early childhood education curriculum for their children. This article addresses several areas of concern and suggests questions and observations parents should make before deciding on a preschool program for their child.