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Understanding the Quiet Child

Were you the quiet, introverted child growing up? Or maybe you know such a child? This isn't necessarily a negative thing as people so often seem to think. For me, it was totally normal and was just who I was. Even today, as an adult—being introverted is still totally normal and is just who I am.


When and How to Choose a Nursing Home

Every day, adult children, spouses, and family members place their aging loved ones into nursing homes. Although society has become very accepting of this practice, it isn't always the best choice for the person. This article looks at the legal and moral side of this increasing social practice.


120+ Conversation Starters for Kids

Most people have a lot to say. And believe it or not, children are no exception! In fact, kids have an immeasurable amount of interesting things to share. It’s all just a matter of talking with them. Luckily, this list provides 120+ conversation starters for kids that are ready for use!


How to Be a Better Mother-In-Law

In a day and age when mother and daughters-in-law seem to always be at odds, hope towards peace and reconciliation can still be found, as long as both parties seek compassion, kindness, and understanding. If you are a MIL, consider changing your tactics, as well as remembering how you felt as a DIL.


The Names We Call Our Grandma

Grandma, granny, nana, or mimi; there are many names that can be applied to the family matriarch. Sometimes the title is chosen because of language or cultural norm, or it is a selection made by a grandchild who is not yet able to voice the traditional title so the name is shortened.