Lists of Fun Things to Do on a Sunny Day (for Under $10!)

Updated on May 17, 2016

I'm Broke, Bored, and It's Sunny Outside. What Can I DO?

This might seem like an odd question to ask, but many people just don't know what to do with themselves on a beautiful sunny day.

While it seems most people reluctantly tough out rainy days until the sun comes out again (or the ever-increasing snowy days), many people actually prefer gloomy grey skies to blinding ones! Unfortunately for them, sometimes it's just sunny out, and there doesn't seem to be anything to do.

If rainy days mean order, sunny days are complete chaos! There are too many fun possibilities and it can get a bit overwhelming when you're trying to pick just one way to pass the time.

Whether you're alone, have children, or are in a relationship, here are lists of fun things to make your sunshiny days ones to remember.

Fun Things to Do on a Sunny Day When You're Alone

Are you flying solo? Nothing wrong with that! However, the sun does have a way of lulling us to sleep, especially when there isn't anyone around to keep us entertained. After your catnap, you're going to be energized and ready to have some fun.

(Of course, you could do these with other people...but, it's just so much fun when you're alone, too!)

1 - Better Your Body

Unless you're a world champion in body building there's probably somewhere on your body that you can make a bit firmer or pop out a little bit more. Listen to great music while you let the sun rays illuminate a path to a new and improved you! You can even set a few fun goals for yourself, such as:

  • Seeing how fast you can sprint from one point to another
  • Discovering somewhere new in your city while urban hiking
  • Ride a bike somewhere you'd normally drive your car
  • Beating your record for running a mile
  • Jump roping and not taking a break for the entire length of a song (see how many songs you can "conquer"!)
  • Doing a new yoga pose you've never tried

The combined high from the sunlight and exercise beats any kind of booze or drugs. Make sure to stay hydrated!

You could jump rope on a rainy day... but it'd probably get messy.
You could jump rope on a rainy day... but it'd probably get messy. | Source

Here are a few ideas for gifts you can grow:

  • A bouquet of flowers
  • A flower dictionary complete with dried flowers and their meanings written next to them
  • The plant itself (watch it grow together for years to come!)
  • Jars of pickled vegetables
  • Decorative vegetables in jars to put on display
  • An assortment of vegetables to eat
  • Flowers spray painted beautiful-yet-unnatural colors such as black or neon

2 - Garden

Growing your own flowers or food is an experience like no other. There's something about the combination of earthy smells and green sprouts that makes you feel alive, as well. Seeds are really inexpensive, and you can make pots out of empty milk or protein powder jugs.

If you're a bit low on funds, growing flowers and food is a fantastic way to save money and to give a gift that's meaningful, especially since you worked hard on it over a length of time.

Have fun teaming up with the sun to create your very own garden!

3 - Enjoy "Sunny" Anthems

You have your rainy day songs, don't you? Why not get pumped and listen to cheesy upbeat music? Make a playlist of songs that only contains uplifting songs or songs about mindless fun. No dramatic or depressing music is allowed!

Dance around the house and sing along, even if you think you look like a fool.

Get dressed up in something you wouldn't normally wear and pretend you're a rock star! Take a drive in your car and let your hair blow in the wind. It doesn't matter if you don't have a destination in mind.

Cheery music has a way of getting stuck in a person's head, which is extremely annoying only if you let it be. Enjoy not thinking about heavy stuff for a while!

4 - Visit Your Local Pool

If you have a pool at home or at your apartment complex, lucky you!

If not, scrounge up a few dollars and go to the nearest rec center. Even though the pool is inside, it feels nice knowing that the sun is roasting the pavement while you're sighing contentedly in the water.

You can do laps and get some exercise in, you can socialize with other people, or you could just float around.

You could even learn to swim! (Hey, not everyone knows how to...)

Swimming in the pool just isn't the same on a cloudy day. Sunshine is awesome!
Swimming in the pool just isn't the same on a cloudy day. Sunshine is awesome! | Source

5 - Have a Refreshing Drink

Pick your poison. Is it freshly-squeezed lemonade? Blackberry tea? Orange pineapple juice?

Create a drink and name it after yourself or something you like. Chop up some fresh fruit and decorate your drinks with it or, better yet, freeze the fruit in ice cubes and then drop them into your drinks!

Then, sit in a tree or wherever you like and sip your drink. Enjoy the sounds of the birds. Let the sun hit your legs for a bit of a tan, or lay back in a hammock. If you're worried about bugs or the heat, sit by a sunny window instead of going out into direct sunlight, and curl up with a book.

Do you prefer sunny, partial, rainy or overcast days?

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Fun Things to Do on a Sunny Day with Kids

Nothing gets you energized (or worn out) like kids tugging on you, begging you to "DO SOMETHING!".

The toughest part can be that while the sun is lulling you to sleep, it's somehow giving your children a huge burst of energy and inspiration. Here are a few ways to keep them entertained without breaking the bank.

1 - Water Balloon War

Tire the little ones out by having them fight--with water balloons, of course! You can buy packs of these at any dollar store, so don't spend tons of money on them.

Buy balloons in a bunch of different colors, fill them up with water, then watch your kids go wild. Have them play little games with the balloons like dodge ball, relay races or hot potato. Water balloon fights are great for keeping cool on a hot day and for burning up all the excess energy only children have.

2 - Play Carnival and Party Games

You can hold a mini-carnival in your backyard with homemade or inexpensive prizes. Fun and cheap games include:

  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Racing with a balloon sandwiched between two people
  • Throwing things to pop balloons and getting prizes according to the color of the balloon popped
  • Blowing up balloons to see who can make the biggest one without it popping
  • Jump the brook (you can even put water balloons in the middle to be the "brook")

3 - Have a Picnic

Quality time can be rare nowadays. Grab some snacks and go eat out in the sunlight! While you're eating, you can discuss nature with your children. Talk about the birds and their calls, talk about the buzzing insects, and talk about all the different kinds of trees you see around you.

Discuss interesting facts about the environment, like how sunlight takes eight minutes and twenty seconds to reach Earth, or why leaves change color and fall off during colder months. There are so many cool facts about the world around us that we don't even realize.

You can also ask them nature questions! These are so much fun because they engage your children's minds while teaching you lots of new things you didn't know before about them.

Nature Questions to Ask Your Children:

Which would you rather be?
Harder Questions
What's your favorite bug?
A horse or a lion?
What's a rhinoceros's horn made of?
What's your least favorite?
A spider or a wasp?
What is a group of lions called?
If you could be any bug, which would you be?
A bird or a fish?
What's the tallest animal in the world?
If you could get rid of one bug, which one would it be?
A wolf or a cougar?
Is the sun or the Earth's core hotter?
What stage of a butterfly's life do you think is the coolest?
A bear or a hippo?
What's the difference between a stalactite and a stalagmite?

4 - Blow Bubbles

This activity never gets old. You can buy pre-made bubbles solution and wands at most dollar stores, or you can make your own at home with a bit of dish soap and something bendable (like a hanger). For variety, create lots of bubble wands for different effects.

Sit back and take photos while your children create a burst of bubbles that would make Willy Wonka jealous. Afterwards, print the pictures and place them in an album or a collage photo frame to remember the day.

5 - Make Ice Cream

You can make ice cream at home with simple ingredients, then give your creations names. You can add things like:

  • Crumbled cookies
  • Gummy bears
  • Fresh fruit
  • Granola
  • Nuts
  • Chocolate
  • Fruit glaze
  • Sprinkles

Frozen fruit pops are nice alternatives to ice cream if you're not a fan of dairy. Placing fresh fruit in these is a healthier choice than things like gummy bears and sprinkles.

When you're done with your delicious homemade creations, go outside and enjoy them in the sun!

Frozen fruit pops are a great treat on a sunny day.
Frozen fruit pops are a great treat on a sunny day. | Source

Fun Things to Do on a Sunny Day with Your Lover

So, you're neither alone nor do you have kids. What on earth is there to do when it's sunny out besides all the same boring stuff we all do everyday? Don't worry! Having a partner opens the door to many possibilities.

1 - Sky-gazing

Grab a sheet and lie down on the ground to look up at the sky together. If there are clouds, talk to each other about what you see in each of them. Take a breather and feel grateful for the time you have to spend together.

Hold hands and watch as the birds pass and the trees sway, smell the grass, and listen to the sounds of the world. Don't leave any room to think about anything else except for feeling good--and love.

You can also take this time to do a little sunbathing if you're feeling pasty.

There are tons of games you can play together for next to no money at all, including:

  • Seeing who can get from one side of the pool to the other faster
  • Playing "Would You Rather..."
  • Hangman
  • Salvo (Battleships)
  • Rummy
  • Speed
  • Egyptian war

2 - Compete

Play a fun game in the sun against each other like badminton, volleyball or basketball. You can usually find the equipment for these in a secondhand store for cheap. If you can't get a hold of the equipment, you can use something else instead like milk jug crates (for a basket), or wads of paper for a ball.

For those who aren't feeling sporty, the dollar store has tons of puzzles, board games and card games that you may have forgotten about since growing up. You're never too old to play Go Fish! If that's not your thing, pen and paper games are very inexpensive and there are countless ones to choose from.

You can also play a game where you make a circle out of string and put it on the ground, then take turns trying to throw things in the center of it.

Whoever gets the most wins and the loser has to do whatever the winner wants!

Build a garden together!
Build a garden together! | Source

3 - Do Yard Work

I know, I know. Fun, right? Of course! Having a partner to clean up the yard makes all the difference. Turn your yard into a little paradise.

Clean any trash, pick bothersome weeds, mow the lawn, trim bushes and trees, and rearrange things for a new take on an old place. If you have any decorations inside that would look great outside, move them and clear up some of the space in your house.

After the place is cleaned up, you may be inspired to do a number of things like sunbathe, have a drink, or get started on a garden. With your help (and the sun's), your yard can be your personal getaway.

4 - Go to a Nature Park Together

Remember those field trips to the nature trails that bored you to tears when you were younger (mostly because you couldn't pet the animals)? Go here with your lover and talk about the animals in the cages. You may be surprised by what you come face-to-face with so close to your home.

These places are usually only a few dollars to get in, especially the ones that are a bit more low-key and less flashy. You'll not only get to see the sun shining down through the leaves, you'll learn tons about animals while you're at it!

For those with a few extra dollars, petting zoos and ranches are an option. These are usually around $8-$10 per person, but you'll get to touch all sorts of animals from all over the world. You can feed most of them, and you won't have a cage in the way when you take pictures with them!

I had never been this close to a peacock before.
I had never been this close to a peacock before. | Source

5 - Play with Pets

Playing with your dog(s) costs next to nothing. It'll rekindle your friendship and make you fall in love with your best friend again! Make a toy out of an old ratty piece of clothing by tying it in a knot. This will make it easy to tug on and give it a bit of weight to throw. You can also cough up the dough and buy a cheap toy on clearance at the pet store.

Take turns throwing the ball to each other over your dog's head, then throw it so s/he can get it. You two can also play hide-and-seek, where one of you distracts your dog while the other hides somewhere.

If you don't have pets, go to the pound and ask to see some of their dogs. Some pounds and shelters love to have help with walking and playing. No one should be bored on a beautiful sunny day!


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