How a Fairy House Brought Us Peace

Updated on September 21, 2017
The Fairy House
The Fairy House

How Taking Time to Relax and Appreciating Quality Family Time Brought Our Family Peace

The day started out like any other day. The kids were squabbling, my husband was tired from a long work week and was complaining that I was dragging him out of bed, on his birthday none the less, and I was busy packing the coolers for a day at the lake. I was not very optimistic to say the least, but I hung in there hoping everyone would forget all about the petty arguments once they got their rods in the water.

We packed everything into the car and proceeded with the "I sat in the middle last time!" argument until my daughter won out because she had to hold the coffee. We gassed up, and after some grumbling from my husband, we were finally off to the lake. About five minutes out of town I could feel the tension settling, and I dared to relax.

We had a great day filled with fishing and hill climbing. No one caught any fish, but the kids did catch some fairy shrimp, grasshoppers and butterflies. After four hours of the kids fishing with their dad and me following with my camera the wind started to pick up a bit and the temperature dropped. The moodiness started creeping back. Eyes started to roll again, snide remarks slipped out under a breath, and Mom and Dad slowly started losing patience. We gave up and packed everything back into the car and got ready to head home.

While we were busy, our son discovered a deer trail. He started to follow it, and my husband followed him, followed by our girls and finally me. Once again we felt the tension disappear and our imaginations ran wild. This deer trail followed the lake shore that had broke away from years of rising and lowering water levels. We found all kinds of things from wild flowers and bushes, interesting rock formations and petrified wood until we jumped down onto the bank. We turned around and found a hole in the bank with grass and wildflowers blanketing the entrance. It looked just like the fairy houses everyone is building in their garden beds lately.

For a good ten minutes all five of us stood around nature's fairy house and wondered just what lived there. We came up with everything from fairies to frogs to leprechauns to snakes. We were relaxed, at peace, getting along and not putting any effort into it. The whole walk back to the car we talked about that fairy house, the neat rocks and the land slide they climbed. The kids jumped into the car without thought Or arguement. We drove back relaxed and at ease.

With three kids, back to school, jobs, our insurance claim, appointments and all of life's trials we had forgotten to take time to relax and unwind. We had let the tension build and believe me it was ready to explode. This may have been a simple day at the lake for most but for us it was a reminder. It reminded us that everyone and every family needs to take a time out. An hour or two, a morning, a day to get lost in the moment together. To let it all go, break away from life's ups and downs and reconnect. I can't wait for our next trip to the lake and there is no doubt in my mind it will start out exactly the same but I don't mind. As long as it ends just like the last one.


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    • Juli Seyfried profile image

      Juli Seyfried 6 months ago from CINCINNATI

      Nature works its magic again! Glad your family found some peace. I was practically on the walk with you. Nice work!