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How To Connect With Your Single Grandparent

Updated on September 7, 2016

Do you often feel incredibly sad looking at the loneliness that your grandparent endures on a daily basis? If your grandparent has lost his or her partner, he or she is probably in need of concern and affection from his or her children and grandchildren. As a grandchild, there are things that you can do to make your single grandparent feel happier and more loved.

On a personal note, I recently lost my grandmother. I know for a fact that she is now in a better place. However, I feel guilty because I did not connect with her enough. She lived a very lonely life for most of the last 21 years of her existence on earth. Her husband, my grandfather, died in 1995.

Make sure you speak to your single grandparent often.
Make sure you speak to your single grandparent often. | Source

Talk to Your Grandparent Often

Make a regular habit of talking to your single grandparent. Make a habit of asking him or her about how his or her day went. In all probability, his or her day is likely to be radically different from the kind of day you experience on a daily basis.

The fact that you make a conscious effort to communicate with your single grandparent will be a great consolation to him or her. If you live away from your grandparent, make it a point to call him or her on a daily basis.

Include Him or Her in Family Conversations

Often in family conversations, the single grandparent is left a lonely spectator. He or she is not taken seriously enough to be included in the matter being discussed. Consciously include your grandparent in family discussions. Make him or her feel worthy of your attention. There is nothing more debilitating to your single grandparent then to realise that his or her opinion does not actually mean much to his or her family.

Give Little Gifts to Him or Her

One of the best ways to make a person feel loved is to give gifts to him or her. Every now and then, give little gifts to your single grandparent. Even a small greeting card would do.

Listen to His or Her Stories

Ask your grandparent to tell you stories from his or her past life. Make it a point to listen fully and ask questions based on what he or she says. This will make him or her know that you are interested in what he or she is saying. When you listen to what he or she says, he or she will know that he or she is being useful to you.

Tell Him or Her Your Stories

Communication is a two-way process. Your grandparent is probably very interested to know about the things that are happening in your life. Keep him or her updated on a regular basis.

Tell him or her about an important decision that you need to make or about the person you have a crush on. Let him or her cherish the memories that are valuable to you.

Frailty is an inevitable part of old age.
Frailty is an inevitable part of old age. | Source

Assist Him or Her With Tasks

With old age comes frailty. Becoming weaker is an inevitable part of growing old. Your grandparent will find it hard to do the things that he or she once did quite easily. Help him or her with everyday tasks. Do not make him or her feel like he or she is a burden on the family. Help him or her on a daily basis, but don't speak about it as if you are performing a great favour for someone incapable of helping himself or herself.

Don't leave your single grandparent alone at home when you go on family trips. It will make him / her feel unwanted.
Don't leave your single grandparent alone at home when you go on family trips. It will make him / her feel unwanted. | Source

Take Him or Her Out On Family Trips

When you go on family trips, take your grandparent along. If he or she has difficulty in moving about, he or she need not go everywhere you and your family members go. However, take him or her on the trip. Leaving him or her behind at home or at somebody else's place is a heartless thing to do just so that you may have a very convenient experience.

Your grandparent is a human person with feelings. Do not hurt his or her feelings. If you do so, he or she may not tell you what exactly is on his or her mind but will definitely carry the psychological impact of your insensitivity to his or her deathbed.


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