40 Simple Ways to Show Love and Respect to Your Parents

Updated on February 14, 2018
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Sherry believes that good manners and etiquette are impotant attributes of humans. She loves her family, friends and value relationships.


Parents crave love and deserve respect like any other human being on earth. But being the big-hearted people they are, they'll never tell you that. Parents don't want to upset their children. Th idea of making demands often comes with thoughts of rejection.

How often do we tell our parents we love them? How often do we show them our love?

If we have time to build a family and look after children, then we have enough time to get along with our parents. After all, what parents need is often a cup of coffee together.

There are whole lots of ways to express love to your friends and spouse. But, how do we express our love to our parents?

We love our parents by respecting and honoring them. You see the parents who are most happy with their children are those who are honored and valued.

When we talk about parents, love and respect are the same words, the same verbs! I can't see how you can show respect to someone but not love them or how love can be expressed without respect.

Here are some simple ways of showing love to parents.

1. Stay away from phones or business stuff in their presence.

2. While they speak listen with attention. Show your presence in the conversation.

3. Ask them for advice. Asking for advice is a best way of showing people that you count on them. Your parents will love to be involved in your decision. Ask their opinion, even if you cannot go with it for the good of your business or family, knowing the opinion will not harm you.

4. Look up to them. Try to see things from their perspective.

5. Do your parents credit. Winning a competition or succeeding with a project, people start from nothing. Parents teach us things life cannot and one way to show you are grateful is by doing them credit. Let them feel proud of raising you a successful individual.

6. Have a good news? Achievements? Share with them. No one else can share the same amount of happiness as you, but your parents. And sometimes you'll see they are happier than you.

7. Do not share bad events.

8. Respect friends of your parents, meet them, invite them for dinner. Always talk good about them. Like how you didn't like it when your parents talked bad about your friends when you were kid (or you still don't like it), it's the same with parents.

9. Remember the good they did for you and all that they still do. This will keep your heart warm towards them.

10. Listen to things they repeat, as if you are listening for the first time. Older people often forget things and repeat stories they like. If your parents have to say you repeated stories with same enthusiasm, listen to them with the same enthusiasm.

A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone.

— Billy Graham

11. Avoid arrogant behaviour and haughty gestures.

12. Do not disagree with their thoughts and opinions.

13. Avoid talking about different subject in between an ongoing conversation. Nothing is as important as their words. Sometimes it gets too late when we are want to hear words from them, any thing even it is meaningless, but only memory remains.

14. Never complain. What they offered you is all what they had.

15. Do not tell off your kids in their presence. That is disrespectful, like how you don't do that in presence of your boss.

16. Follow their advice and orders, be obedient as much as possible. They deserve it.

17. If you have them to go to, only look for their advice and opinions.

18. Do not raise your tone more than their's.

19. While walking along do not rush nor move ahead of them.

20. Do not start eating before they're served.

Parents need their children as much as children need their parents.

— Paul Carvel

21. When your father thinks he is incapable of doing something remind him how much of a superhero he was and is to you.

22. Do not talk to your parents offensively.

23. Always remember them in your prayers.

24. Do not show yourself as tired or bored in their presence. Moments with parents are the most precious.

25. Do not laugh at their mistakes. They may not even be aware of it. This is a general thing that happens to everyone with age, love them the way they are.

26. Call them with lovely names and whatever they'd love to be called.

27. Let them be your first priority as you were their's once or still are.

28. Get them little gifts, may be a book or a pill organiser.

29. Go on a drive. Yes, long drive with your father who always took you on long drives when you were a kid.

30. Offer to cook their favourite food or make a cup of coffee.


31. If they look lonely strike up a conversation they would like, may be about memories they want to share.

32. Help them organize donations or take them to nursing homes.

33. If they ever say you that they miss their friends, get on a mission of reuniting them.

34. Write "missing you" notes and long letters. These letters mean golds and diamonds to them.

35. If you have kids let them play with their grandparents. Ask them to spend time with your parents.

36. Give them hugs and kisses.

37. Tell them often that you love them.

38. Spend time together.

39. Don't talk about unfortunate things that passed. Bringing up bad days will only make you sad on your good days.

40. Tell your kids how you were nurtured and loved as a kid.

It is so saddening to see how everywhere there are suggestions for parents to teach their children respect and values. Parents alone cannot teach children things. Yes, it is first parents' responsibility but at the end of the day surroundings come into play. Social media which can make terrible memes go viral and people who modernize arrogance are more responsible for any behaviour we see among children. No parents would like to see their once cute and kind child become arrogant.

Though it is impossible, let us love parents more than they loved us.


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    • Sherry H profile image

      Sherry Haynes 2 months ago

      Thank you for adding to the list, Jay. That's a good viewpoint.

      It's hard for children to move on from any bad they received from their own parents. But then, children for their own sake should forgive and forget the past and try to rebuild a stronger connection.

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 2 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      This is a good list for most people to follow. I have an addition: Forgive your parents for what they did.

      It is not right to abuse children or abandon them or hurt them. Find a way to Forgive by understanding they must hurt more than they hurt you. Mental Illness is easily forgiven because they were born with a disease. Their problems were only Projected onto you and are Not your problems. Do not follow an example of abuse with your own children.