A Tribute to Mothers: Why Your Mother Deserves Respect

Updated on February 16, 2018
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I have been a member of Hub pages going on six years. I have published 9 books and write in many genres. Writing is my passion.

Women Are Love

As a little girl, I could never understand why this woman who birthed me was called my mother. Her name was Ruth, or so that's what everyone else called her. I was a sickly child, always with bronchitis or the chicken pox or the whatever else came along and not once did she ever complain about being my mother.

It wasn't always fun times, but the truth is she deserves to be respected because through all her mistakes, I became a loving, caring individual.

All women can not be mothers, but those that are deserve the most respect out of anybody that walks the earth.

So many times women raise their children alone, work two or three jobs to provide for them, and even if the words are not said, her love is known by everyone.

A mother is someone who will never complain about her children's faults, but yet promotes their self worth into wonderful adults.

A mother will never put her children down but find every way to bring them up.

A mother will never purposely hurt a child mentally or physically but will bring on reasonable punshiment when the need arises.

A mother will push her child to be the best they can be and not condone their bad behaviors because it's what all the other women do.

A mother will talk to her children about the world we live in and tell them about things they need to know even if it's about drugs, sex, or war.

A mother will not forget what she was taught but become better because of it.

In this world, some of us have never had it the easy way out or been handed everything to us on a silver platter, but as a woman and a mother, I deserve to be respected because when all else fails I will be the one to pick up the pieces and make it right. I will stay up at night and worry about not only my own children and grandchildren but my friends also. I will hope and pray that no matter what happens, a good outcome will happen and if it doesn't then somehow there will be comfort.

If you can't respect your mother, then you can't respect any woman. Remember, however you treat a woman, if it is wrong, ask yourself if you would treat your own mother like that or would you want someone else to treat her like that.

When my son passed away, I was devastated even though I had two other children. My heart has never forgotten that cold day in January, when I found my baby boy permanently sleeping with the angels.

I Never Got to Know You (Dedicated to my son Michael who passed away Jan 23, 1986)

I never got to know because God borrowed you for a while;

You have never been forgotten, I will always remember your smile.

You may have been taken away from me, to save someone else’s life;

Or could even be my angel, saving me from strife.

I will always love you because you are my son;

One day I will come to be with you and we will be as one.

A mother is a gift that God gave who deserves to be loved, admired and most of all respected. She is a wonderful human being with a big heart. She will do anything for her children even if it cost her, her life.

If you don't want to make her your wife, then don't make her a mother.

Happy Mother's Day, Ladies.

A Little Hand Only a Mother Can Hold

The Face in the Mirror

One day I saw a face in the mirror; it was not mine at all.

She had aged quite early and the deep laugh lines took over her face.

In the mirror, I also saw her eyes, once blue now hazel with pain.

Her lips were once rosy but now they are pale and cracked.

The woman in the mirror had lost all the joys in her life.

Her husband was gone, the children grown and had moved away.

She looks back at me wondering what had happened to that beautiful girl.

I could not answer; I did not have an answer.

Life had not been fair to her but she could only fix it.

Was it too late?

(copy right Cheryl Whitsett 2005)

If You Can't Love Your Mother, You Can't Love Your Wife

A mother is the first love a man child will know. The bible says honor your mother and father so that your days may be long upon this earth. If you truly can not love your mother then you can not love another woman.

Every woman you meet, will be compared to your mother. Think about the woman who spent hours in labor and as close to death as she will ever come. The pain she endured for hours in labor so that you could have life.

She may not be perfect and have made mistakes but the fact is, you wouldn't exist without her. Every mother deserves respect and so does every woman even if she isn't a mother.

She Will Become the Woman You Will Always Need

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

  • Why should we respect our mother?

    Because she gave birth to you and no matter how much she has ever done wrong if she has she needs to be forgiven. Mothers are not perfect. We make a bundle of mistakes. I know my mom did and so did I raising my kids but at some point you have to learn to forgive.

  • Why we should love for our mother ?

    Because without her, you would not be here.


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    • profile image

      DR. KAM✍️ 

      19 months ago

      Sorry for the loss of your son..

      I love it that u know what it means by mother respect... I love my mom

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      r u ok? i dont have kids

    • Nora411 profile image


      8 years ago from Chicago, IL

      So sorry for your loss...

      this hub is beautiful... a great tribute to women/mothers!

    • profile image


      8 years ago from Denton, TX

      I'm very sorry for the loss of your son. I know the years have probably made you wiser with life, but time probably does little to heal the hurt of losing a child.

      My son was born prematurely, and when I went into labor I was extremely scared of losing him. Miraculously, despite being 6 weeks early, he could both breath and eat on his own, but had a little trouble at first doing both at the same time. He's 15 months old now, and no one would ever know he was premature just by looking at him or watching him play.

      Happy Mother's Day!


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