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Having a Baby


What Do You Really Need for Your Baby?

Prepping for your baby's arrival can be stressful, and setting up your registry and to-buy checklist can be the most stressful part. Do you really need a walker and a bouncer? Is a breastfeeding pillow a "must"? Here is a breakdown of what you really need for your new baby.


Staying Busy While Pregnant

Feeling bored and frustrated while you're waiting for your due date to arrive (however far into the future that is . . . )? Here are some ideas for staying busy and productive when you're pregnant.


Why Am I Obsessed With Taking Pregnancy Tests?

Do you feel restless and anxious until you take a pregnancy test? Normal. But what if that means you pee on a stick every single day? You might be dealing with “POAS Addiction” - here’s how to handle your obsession so you can enjoy life outside of waiting for a BFP.


Tips to DIY Your Baby Nursery

The process of creating your nursery can be fun without being stressful and overwhelming. You can also do a lot of the design yourself. Hopefully, these tips help you create your perfect nursery.


How to Afford Maternity Leave in America

Having a baby in the US is downright expensive, and in most middle-class families, both parents have to work to make ends meet. If you are looking to take longer than the (shockingly short) 6 weeks of maternity leave offered by most jobs, below are a few ways to finance your own leave.


Surviving Pregnancy After Miscarriage

A positive pregnancy test can feel like an exciting new beginning, especially if you have struggled with infertility and gone to great lengths to make it happen. If you have had a previous miscarriage/baby loss however, that extra pink line on a test strip can open a Pandora’s Box of anxieties.


The 10 Worst Things About Pregnancy

I document in slight detail (as not to scare or gross you) all the things about pregnancy I hated. While I consider myself a positive person who loves my son dearly, pregnancy wasn't something I would say was "fun", "neat", or any other antonym for "I Hated It." I hope you can laugh along with me.


Early Labor: The Secret to Speeding up Progress

Early labor is the time it takes for the cervix to reach 3-4 centimeters. Signs of early labor include: irregular contractions, 5 or more minutes apart, lasting 30-90 seconds, lower back pain, and pelvic pressure. This article discusses the most effective approach to speed up your early labor.


Pain Relief Options During Labor

Most women will experience child birth in her lifetime. Labor is know to be quite painful, but fortunately there are numerous pain relief options available today. An extensive list of both alternative/non-medication options and pharmaceutical options for pain management during labor is to follow.


You're a Mom. Now What?

Being a first-time mom is scary! There's so much you don't know and have to prepare for. This is my experience on what I learned about what is important and not so important.


Giving Birth Can Be Beautiful

Giving birth truly can be beautiful. If you do the research, seek out the positive stories, find a childbirth method, and know the facts ahead of time, you too can have the pleasant memories from your children's births like I do. Here, I offer you some information to help you along your journey.


Why Should You Have Kids?

So your girlfriend really wants a baby or your husband keeps pointing out the tiny clothes hanging in storefronts while you're wondering why you should have kids at all. Here are some pretty good reasons to consider having kids from someone with two of her own.


Hospital Bag Must-Haves

When you're getting ready for your baby to arrive it's likely that your mind will become pretty cloudy. It can be easy to forget things you'll need when packing your hospital bag. I'm going to share the essential items you're not going to want to forget.


Post-Baby Body

We all struggle with trying to get back to that pre-baby body. And for some, it can be a huge challenge! Let's go over some different ways you can get back your body.