10 Affordable Baby Shower Presents for Mom and Baby

Updated on June 11, 2020
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Loves to share advice and tips from her own personal experiences.

Trying to find gifts when you are invited to a baby shower can be a challenge. If you are looking for gift ideas for a baby shower, you could visit an online baby store or also ask the mother what she really needs to alleviate any stress or confusion.

If, you have a friend or a family member who is expecting a baby then a baby shower is one way that you can really help the family out by getting them items that they really need.

A lot of expectant mothers might have already purchased a lot of the items prior to a baby shower. They might already have a lot of things on hand, especially if this is their second child. Some family members might also pass along baby items that they will no longer need in the future.

But there are always a few items that an expectant mother or family would appreciate. When you are looking for gift ideas for a baby shower, try to purchase items that will be useful. Things like blankets and clothing in a larger size can be beneficial as not all newborns are the same size.

Purchasing onesies in a range of sizes and blankets or quits for the crib, buggy or pram are items many parents will appreciate in the long run.

General Baby Shower Gift Ideas

There are lots of different baby products online and in stores. The price and range of all of these products can vary from store to store and can be cheaper online. I love buying my pregnant friends blankets and onesies as they can be passed on to the next child if they are still in relatively good condition.

When you are buying gifts for a baby shower, check and see if they have a baby register prior to purchasing anything.

If they don't here are some items that most babies require. You can find most of these items in most baby stores and you might find them on sale on Amazon.

Here are some items you might like to buy.

  1. Heartbeat toy
  2. Black and white baby book
  3. Baby bath tub
  4. Swaddle blanket
  5. Onesies {Newborn to 12 months}
  6. Adventure rug
  7. Beatrice Potter Peter Rabbit book set
  8. Teddy bear blankie
  9. Burpy bibs
  10. Baby quilt/ blanket

Baby Shower Gift Prices

10 or under
20 or under
30 or under
Black & White baby board book
Baby bath tub
Heartbeat toy baby soother
Pack of Onesies
Swaddle blanket
Adventure rug
Teddy bear blanket
Beatrice Potter Peter Rabbit book set
Burpy bibs
Baby quilt/ blanket
Baby shower gift ideas.
Baby shower gift ideas. | Source

Every family is different and not all babies will like the same things. So it can be a waste of money to purchase some toy for a 2 year old that is extremely expensive and one that the baby won't use till sometime in the future.

So confirm with the mom and dad before you purchase something excessive especially if it is really expensive. You don't want to show up others at the shower especially if you are not a family member.

In 2015, a Nielsen 'Oh Baby! study found that North America and Europe accounted for 51% of diaper sales globally.

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Blankets are a good gift.
Blankets are a good gift. | Source

What is the most you have spent on a present for a baby shower?

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Some Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Mother

There are other items you can buy for baby showers besides clothing or blankets. The mom or family might need other more practical items. I personally loved receiving practical items because it saved me having to buy them.

If you are aware of whether the baby will be breastfed or given formula there are storage products you can purchase in this area.

Sometimes getting something practical like a formula storage cup or a breastfeeding scarf are items that are practical and useful especially when travelling with a baby.

  1. Breastfeeding scarf
  2. Breastfeeding cushion
  3. Breastmilk freezer storage container with bags
  4. Formula dispenser cups
  5. Baby travel bag
  6. Totseat harness
  7. Letters to my baby cards
  8. Fabric storage cubes
  9. Diaper pail
  10. Silicone baby food freezer tray

Baby Shower Gift Prices

10 or under
20 or under
30 or under
Formula dispenser cup
Breast feeding scarf
Breast feeding cushion
Letters to my baby card
Baby travel bag
Fabric storage cubes
Diaper pail
Breastmilk storage container
Totseat harness
Silicone baby food freezer tray

Practical Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you know the family really well you might decide to get them really practical gifts like nappies or bottles. Individual reusable cloth baby diapers can be expensive to buy so if you have prior knowledge of what option the mother will be using, buying some of these could be very helpful.

  1. Box of newborn disposable diapers
  2. Box of baby water wipes
  3. Pack of 1 reusable cloth diaper with insert
  4. Microwave steam sterilizer
  5. Onesies up to 12 months
  6. Muslin cloths
  7. Pack of bibs
  8. Hooded baby bath towels
  9. Pram/pushchair blanket
  10. Pack of baby bottles

Baby Shower Gift Prices

10 or under
20 or under
30 or under
Pack of bips
Box of baby water wipes
Box of newborn disposable diapers
Baby blanket
Pack of 1 with inserts reusable cloth diaper
Microwave steam sterilizer
5/10 pack of onsies
Muslin cloths
Hooded baby bath towel
Baby bottles

Which of these items would you prefer to receive at your baby shower?

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Clothes and blankets are good gifts that can be reused again.
Clothes and blankets are good gifts that can be reused again. | Source

Other Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the Family

There are other options you can choose from when it comes to getting gifts for a baby shower. You might want to get something different besides a gift for the baby or the mother. Instead you might get them something totally not connected to the baby.

Once the baby has arrived there are things that might be ignored or simple no time to do like cleaning the home and grocery shopping. Nowadays there are professional cleaning companies who will clean your house for you and companies that do pickup and delivery of clean cloth diapers.

I gave a close friend a gift certificate for a professional photography session after her first child as I knew she would love to get one done but couldn't justify spending the money on one. Again, not everyone would appreciate this gift, so choose wisely.

Here are some options on gifts you might decide to get for when the baby has been born and you really what to help the family out.

  1. Photography session for the family or just the baby
  2. Spa gift certificate for mom
  3. Gift certificate for dad
  4. Care basket
  5. Restaurant meal voucher
  6. Gift card for their favourite food store or online store
  7. Weekly delivery and pickup cloth diaper service
  8. Professional house cleaning service
  9. Meal delivery service
  10. New dad essential kit

The choice of items you can purchase for baby shower are numerous. There are practical items and non-practical items. Find the balance between the two and your gift will be appreciated.

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    • sangre profile imageAUTHOR

      Sp Greaney 

      20 months ago from Ireland

      @Barbara Tremblay Cipak , that's a very good approach to take and it means that you know what it is you need to get depending on the gender.

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 

      20 months ago from Toronto, Canada

      I just attended a baby shower this past weekend. The gifts I usually give depend on whether it's a first or second child. I'll usually go with sentimental items or practical items for a first and second child, but if the second child is the first boy or girl, then I'll tend to go with clothes. That's assuming they haven't already received a lot of hand-me-downs from other family members.

    • sangre profile imageAUTHOR

      Sp Greaney 

      2 years ago from Ireland

      @Lauren Flauding, I've been there too and it can be expensive if you have a lot to go to. Glad it helped you find ideas.

    • Lauren Flauding profile image

      Lauren Flauding 

      2 years ago from Sahuarita, AZ

      These are some fantastic and unique ideas! There was a time where it felt like I was going to a baby shower every week, so I’ve been pretty drained for ideas. These are very refreshing!

    • sangre profile imageAUTHOR

      Sp Greaney 

      2 years ago from Ireland

      @Chitrangada Sharan, thanks. Yes, they grow so fast. Thanks for stopping by.

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      2 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice article with some very useful gift ideas and suggestions, both for the mother and the child!

      Babies grow very fast. So the choice of gifts should be comfortable, but it need not be very expensive.

      Thanks for sharing some practical and useful tips!


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