100 Fun Baby Shower Party Themes for Girls

Updated on May 17, 2020
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Baby Shower Themes for Girls
Baby Shower Themes for Girls | Source

How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower for a Baby Girl

It's time to celebrate! So it's your job to plan the most memorable baby shower ever, right? Wow, where do you start? First things first, you'll want to pick a party theme. A theme is super important because it offers structure and creative ideas to spin off of when planning. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Check in with the mom-to-be: Maybe she wants the party to be traditional with lace and pink? Maybe she wants the party to be unicorn-themed, co-ed, or unisex?
  • Go off of the family's passions: Is the family big on the great outdoors? Are they into horses, cooking, or movies? Pick a fun party idea that represents them!
  • Consider the group: Will there be kids at the baby shower? Just adults? Just women? If this is an open invitation for all, you'll want to have a fun kiddy-corner set up and to keep the venue kid-safe.

We love unicorns!
We love unicorns! | Source

Best Baby Shower Party Theme Ideas for Girls

1. Unicorns and Rainbows

Nothing is cuter than a unicorn and rainbow fantasy theme. These pastel colors work perfectly for a baby girl. From unicorn cakes and cupcakes to rainbow balloons and beautiful colors—this fantasy theme is perfect for a celebration!

2. Jungle Boogie

Imagine green foliage, cheetahs, monkeys, and tropical parrots or toucans! You can even play some fun music in the background and send guests home with cute plant party favors.

3. The Wise Owl

Owls are wise and they are so perfect for a baby shower. Set up fun stations with wooden owl stamps for arts and crafts. Set out a cute owl book for guests to sign—they can leave goodnight wishes for future baby.

4. Beautiful Lace

Every baby girl deserves some beautiful lace to celebrate! Consider fun lace accents and designs to decorate the room—head to your local craft store and cut out lace ribbon to line flower vases and use doilies for plates full of delicious petit fours.

5. Sail the Seas

Celebrate a new baby girl with a sailing theme. The world is her oyster and the sailing theme is oh-so-cute. Imagine adorable nautical themed props—anchors and whales.

6. Vintage Chic

Decorate candles in repurposed candle holders, set out fenton hobnail, and arrange traditional tea sets. Set up a glamorous room full of decorate pieces and send guests home with something cute and useful like collectable pin cushions.

Winnie the Pooh
Pink Flamingo
Enchanted Garden
Hugs and Kisses
Butterflies in Flight
White Swan
Tropical Paradise
Minnie Mouse
Hot Air Balloon
Little Farm
Pumpkin Patch (Seasonal)
Let It Snow (Seasonal)
Candy Shop!
Candy Shop! | Source

7. Pink, Pink, Pink

Pink is as traditional as you can get for a baby girl! Go wild and go pink, pink, pink for everything. Have guests arrive in pink, serve pink cupcakes, and send guests home with something . . . pink!

8. Pastels

Pastels are so much fun—from Jordan almonds to other pastel candies, enjoy the beautiful color palette that you get to work with. Be sure to send out pastel-themed invitations . . . they'll catch the hint!

9. Sweet Dreams

A dream theme couldn't be cute enough. Dream big baby girl! Imagine fun crafted clouds, stars, and the moon. Go with white fluffy desserts and send guests home with fun dream-keeper boxes for their nighstand (a fun DIY project).

10. A Visit From the Stork

Nothing could be more symbolic of a baby on the way than the stork! Create cute decorative pieces with the stork and prop them in pots and in the lawn. Send guests home with cute reusable white party favor bags (like those from Baggu—so chic). You could even go for the DIY, decorative stork diaper tower if you're feeling brave.

11. Honey Bunny

Bunnies are cute and babies are cute. There's no argument! Imagine cute orange carrot cookies, chocolate bunnies, and fun bunny cutouts as decoration. The accent pieces for this type of party should be easy to find! If you're coming off of a holiday like Easter, go bargain shopping for fun decorations!

12. Black and White

Black and white parties are timeless and classic. Imagine fun checker cakes. Even ask guests to show up wearing black or white attire. Decorate the room with fun fans and classic treats . . . like all things black and white!

13. Garden

Garden themes are divine! Imagine tons of florals and an array of beautiful flowers and greenery. Consider decorating with fun garden pieces—maybe even fairies! Send guests home with cute take-me-home plants in pots or have a station where they can arrange their own flower or seedling assembly. Seedling packets are fun too!

Twinkle Twinkle
Belle of the Ball
Teddy Bear
Fun Picnic
Boho Chic
Red, White, and Blue
Here Comes the Sun
Harry Potter
Winter Wonderland

More Baby Shower Party Ideas

14. Paris

Nothing is quite as elegant as the Eiffel Tower and glimmering lights. Imagine fun take-home souvenirs, Eiffel Tower-themed treats, goodies from France (visit your local French bakery) and get ready for a day of glam. Consider hanging stringed lights up for extra twinkle.

15. Pretty Princess

Every baby girl deserves a princess theme! Princess themes offer endless possibilities . . . think Aurora or Cinderella. Let guests wear fun tiaras and don't forget castle-themed cakes and decorations. This is the perfect party idea for celebrations with children!

16. Oh So Sweet

Sweets, sweets, galore. Baby girls are oh-so-sweet, so set up a fun candy shop with cute glass jars in a cute candy pop-up shop. Have fun coordinating the color palette and give guests a treat. Go for the traditional red and white swirled posts and candy shop signs.

17. Cute as a Button

Baby girls are cute as a button, so go with a button theme! Put cute buttons on the invitations and consider a DIY craft table with artsy button creations like necklaces and bracelets. You can ask guests to bring a bunch of spare buttons to create a fun collage or craft piece to remember the special day—everyone contributes something special.

18. Just Peachy

"Sweet as a peach" is just the theme you need for a baby celebration. Imagine peach-themed cakes and goodies, sweet tea, and fresh peachy tarts and fruit. This theme is perfect for the summertime.

19. Angel Baby

Little girls are angels, so celebrate with an angle-themed party. Imagine clouds and golden accent pieces, cute harps, white feathers, and baby's breath flowers!

20. Sweet Tea

The tea party concept is classic. Get cute tea sets and delicious teas and cakes for your guests to try. Consider fun hats and take-home mix and match tea cups as party favors. Consider a tea-tasting game, but don't forget to get caffeine-free flavors!

Queen of Hearts
Mom-O-Sa (Mimosa)
Succulents Galore
Little Lamb
Goodnight Moon
World Traveler
Arts and Crafts
Magic Show
Baby Animals
Tea Party Time?
Tea Party Time? | Source

21. Superhero

Every little girl deserves to be inspired. Gather a collection of all of the female superheroes you can think of and make it an empowering day! Have the kids dress up as their favorite superheroes.

22. A Wish

Future moms and dads wish for a baby, so create a magical theme around "wishing"—send guests home with a fun mason jar/wishing jar. Have them also write their wishes on a piece of paper and drop them in a jar for the baby girl! You can even setup a wishing well with cute gems or tokens.

23. Little Treasure

Every little girl is truly a treasure! So pick decorations like treasure chests, jewels, gems, and diamonds. Consider sending guests home with crystals or something fun . . . maybe even do a treasure map hunt.

24. Crystals

Cystals are all the rage, so bring in the good energy and vibes with high energy crystals and a crystal-infused celebration. Offer crystal party favors and fun Jello deserts and rock candy that imitate edible crystals. Send guests home with clear quartz or something high energy.

25. Busy Bee

Bumble bees are so cute, and they pair perfectly with birds and flowers! Use cute bee cut-outs and fun potted flowers, sunflowers, and bumble bee cupcakes and cookies galore.

26. Ladybugs

Ladybugs are an excellent party idea. Ladybug cupcakes and cookies are easy to make! Decorations should be easy to find, too; be sure to stick to black, white, and red decorations. You can make fun ladybug headbands for the kids to wear!

27. Baby Shark

Yes, we know all about the baby shark! Baby shark do-do-do-do-do-do . . . it's unforgettable. Go all out with an ocean-inspired party and decorations. Have a fun kiddy pool with plenty of ocean creatures if the little ones are coming along.

28. Pretty Ponies

Is your family into horses or ponies? Go with a horse theme! Nothing is more fun than cowgirl and cowboy attire and some beautiful pony decor!

29. Dance, Dance, Dance

Whether its ballet or hip hop that your group of friends and guests are into, choose it as a party theme. Imagine cute tutus and ballet shoe decor. Play fun music to match! You can even play music chairs as a fun game.

Gummy Bears
Tropical Fruit
Rock Band
At the Theatre
Trivia Day
Ice Skating
Lion King
Little Explorer
Nightmare Before Christmas
Donut Shop

Baby Shower Crafts and Center Pieces

30. Elephants Never Forget

The celebration of a birth is forever and family and friends mean so much at a time like this. Elephants represent family and longevity, so consider some cute props to go along with the inspiration. If you are REALLY into elephants and want to do something environmentally smart, have guests donate money towards a fund that goes towards protecting wild elephants!

31. Little Adventurer

Welcome a brave little girl into the world by choosing an explorer-themed party concept. Consider Dora the explorer or a similar inspiring character. Give the baby girl a great start towards following her dreams.

32. About to Pop

Nothing is cuter than a popcorn-themed party idea for . . . "about to pop." Imagine fun flavors—sweet, savory, and salty—and create crafty party favors for take-home.

33. Rosé All Day

Rosé all day is fun—of course, not all will partake, but a little rosé could be a sweet treat to the day. Decorate with rose flowers, rose-flavored non-alcoholic beverages, rose-flavored deserts, and all things pink!

34. Baby Bird

A baby bird idea is so cute, whether it's a chick, a robin, or a sparrow—your choice! Go with cute nest themes, egg themes, and cute treats to match. You decorate eggs with natural dyes or do similar art . . . the creative craft ideas are many.

Sunflower Shower
Pink Lemonade
Airplanes in Flight
To the Moon
Rocket Ship
Gone Camping
The Ice Cream Truck
Bubble Bath
Fortune Teller
Once Upon a Time
Lace, lace, lace!
Lace, lace, lace! | Source

35. Woodland Creatures

Woodland creatures are adorable—think fawns, owls, rabbits, and the sort! There's nothing quite as cute as forest creatures. This might work well for an outdoor party or in an area where there are quite a few trees or a wooded surrounding.

36. Rain Showers

Showers bring rainbows and flowers, so why not go with a literal shower and cute umbrellas, rain boots, and tulips. This concept would be perfect for a spring party.

37. Across the Universe

Whether you're a Beetles fan or love planets and astronomy, consider how fun a universe party concept could be. Planets, planet-themed sweets, and more!

38. Get BBQing

BBQs are super fun and great for a co-ed party. These parties are outside and lend to being active. Do a water balloon toss or similarly fun and competitive game. And let's not even get started on the food . . .

39. Astronomy

This is a super fun theme to work with! If you know the baby's projected sign, without a doubt, go for that theme! If it's a pisces, think more water elements. If it's an Aries, go for red and fiery colors like dahlias and strawberries.

40. Under the Sea

Mermaids are so cool and mermaid-themed parties are awesome for all ages. The decorations for such a party are simply stellar too! Consider sea stars, plenty of shells, pearls, and beautiful blue iridescent sparkles.

Fun Gender Reveal Baby Shower Ideas!

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      • Layne Holmes profile imageAUTHOR

        Layne Holmes 

        10 months ago from Bend, Oregon

        Hi Liz, You make a good point . . . more and more people are going for co-ed showers and "gender reveal" parties have become very trendy (people do things like cutting into a cake of either blue or pink inside). A lot of people are moving towards unisex/gender-neutral themes and naming which is progressive.

      • Eurofile profile image

        Liz Westwood 

        10 months ago from UK

        In the last generation baby showers have become much more popular in the UK. I think we caught on from the USA. Your article also highlights the trend to find out and publicise the new baby's gender before they are born.


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