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Fun, Creative Ways to Wrap Diapers for Gifts at Baby Showers

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A crib made of diapers is one fun way to give diapers as a gift.

A crib made of diapers is one fun way to give diapers as a gift.

Below, you will find two great ideas for how to make a gift of diapers much more cute and appealing. You'll find instructions for each of these projects:

  • Diaper Cradle
  • Diaper Motorcycle

How to Make a Cradle out of Diapers

You will need:

  • two shoeboxes
  • a hot glue gun
  • wrapping paper or fabric to cover shoeboxes
  • small rubber bands to keep each diaper rolled up tightly
  • large rubber bands to hold the diapers together on the cradle
  • ribbon (lots of ribbons!!)
  • pacifiers and other decorations to hang from the cradle
  • a stuffed or other toy to decorate the top of the cradle
  • 36 diapers
Start with a shoebox

Start with a shoebox

Step 1: Prepare the Shoeboxes

One end of the second shoebox will have to be trimmed and will stand up inside and at the end of the first shoebox to form the back and top of the Cradle. Cover the two shoeboxes with wrapping paper or fabric. Using a hot glue gun, glue the second shoe box to the back and sides of the inside of the cradle.


Step 2: Roll the Diapers

Starting with the decorated end of the diaper, roll it up and put a small rubber band around the middle of the diaper. Make sure to straighten out the elasticized leg openings of the diaper to get a tight and evenly rolled diaper. Continue rolling up diapers until you have 16 diaper rolls. I used sizes 1, 9, and 12 pounds.


Step 3: Arrange the Diapers

Put a large rubber band around the cradle. Place the diapers around the outside of the cradle secured inside the large rubber band. I added a second large rubber band to further secure the diapers on the side of the cradle.


Step 4: Create the Cradle's Hood

Open up two diapers and place on top of the cradle to create the canopy. I secured these diapers with a ribbon that was looped through the large rubber band on both sides of the cradle and tied into a bow on the top of the cradle. I then tucked the other ends of the diapers into the large rubber band on the side of the cradle.

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Step 5: Make Wheels

Roll up 4 diapers for each wheel, each one tied with a small rubber band then tied together with a large rubber band. Because I did not use any hot glue on the diapers (I wanted the baby to be able to wear the diapers!!) I used one ribbon to attach two wheels to the front bottom of the cradle and another ribbon to attach the rear wheels to the back bottom of the cradle.


Step 6: Finishing Touches

I used ribbons to tie pacifiers and rattles around the sides of the cradle. I secured a small stuffed animal with a teething ring to the top of the cradle with another ribbon. You can't use enough ribbons!

Make a diaper gift more creative by using the diapers to build a motorcycle.

Make a diaper gift more creative by using the diapers to build a motorcycle.

How to Make a Motorcycle Diaper Gift

You will need:

  • 32 diapers:16 for each tire
  • 2 baby blankets for the axle and the handlebars
  • 1 pair of baby socks for the handlebar grips
  • 2 bibs for the seat and fenders
  • 1 baby bottle for the headlight
  • 8 inch round pan to form the tires
  • 2 large rubber bands to hold the tires together

Step 1: Use a Pan to Shape the Wheels

Open a diaper and stand it on its side in the round pan. Place a second open diaper on its side starting in the middle of the first diaper. Keeping the diapers pushed against the pan so your tire is relatively tight, continue placing diapers around the pan until it is filled. You want to have a middle that you can fit a folded blanket through to form the axle. Put a large rubber band around the tire before removing it from the pan.

Repeating all the steps above, form the second tire


Step 2: Create an Axle From a Blanket

Fold a baby blanket in half, length wise. Then fold both sides into the middle and fold the sides together. Insert one end of the blanket through the middle of one tire. Insert the other end of the blanket through the second tire leaving enough blanket between the tires to accommodate their width.


Step 3: Secure the Blanket

Bring the ends of the blanket together which will bring both tires together. Tie the ends of the blanket in a knot. Slide the knotted blanket through the tires until the knot can be concealed in the middle of one of the tires.

I tied ribbons around the center of each tire to hide the rubber band.


Step 4: Form the Handlebar

To form the handlebar, fold the second baby blanket the same way you folded the first one. Insert one end of the blanket into the center of one of the tires and bring both ends of the blanket together.

Place the baby bottle on top of the tire and secure the two sides of the blanket together with a rubber band or ribbon. Now your motorcycle has a headlight!


Step 5: Finishing Touches

Place a bib on top of each tire to make the seat and fenders

Place a baby sock over each end of the handlebars to make the grips


Find a cuddly rider to sit on top of the Motorcycle!!


Sandi (author) from Greenfield, Wisconsin on November 07, 2015:

Thanks, Joyfulcrown :) It was fun to make and added a nice touch to the table:) I would love to see a pic of your finished project..maybe I could add it to my hub with credit to you?

Thanks, Larry. True that you can't have enough diapers!! I have a friend that made a beautiful diaper cradle and put a bunch of diapers inside the cradle!! It looked great. Many variations on this project:)

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on November 01, 2015:

Can never have too many diapers. What a wonderful idea!

Joyfulcrown on November 01, 2015:

Oh what a great idea. I have a baby shower for a cousin in two weeks. I am going to make this. Thanks for sharing.

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