What Is Implantation Bleeding and How Long Can Spotting Last?

Updated on February 20, 2018

In the very early stages of pregnancy, a woman might begin to notice some bleeding that she may mistake for her regular period. This is known as implantation bleeding or spotting. It differs from the bleeding that occurs during menstruation and is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy for some women.

What is it exactly, how long will it last, and what can you learn from it?

What Is Implantation Bleeding?

Implantation bleeding occurs after a fertilized egg (blastocyst) travels through the fallopian tubes and implants into the walls of the womb, or uterus. As tissues form around the egg, it can irritate the walls of the uterus and cause some bleeding. Blood can leak from the cervix and cause pink or brown spotting.

How Long Does Implantation Bleeding Last?

Reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Mark Trolice explains that "light bleeding/spotting in the seven to 10 days following ovulation is considered a benign occurrence and attributed to embryo implantation." Spotting should only last a few hours or up to three days, and it is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy in 30% of women.

If bleeding continues for more than three days and/or gets heavier, then you are either experiencing a normal period, or it indicates potentially dangerous causes of bleeding in early pregnancy, including cervical polyps (common), or something more serious, such as an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

Important Note

Women with irregular menstrual cycles or PCOS may experience irregular bleeding. Please consult a physician or other healthcare specialist in these cases, especially if there is an excessive amount of pain accompanying the bleeding.

What Are the Signs of Implantation?

  • Blood is light red or pink, or it is brown because the blood is not fresh.
  • You will feel lighter cramping than your period. It usually occurs in your back and lower abdomen and should only last a few days. The pain should not be unbearable. If it is, call a doctor immediately.
  • It is not as heavy as your period.
  • It occurs about a week before your normal period.
  • After bleeding, your breasts will be sore, tender, and/or swollen.
  • You'll have a higher basal body temperature (BBT) during implantation.
  • You might experience mood swings, headaches, and nausea (morning sickness).
  • A week after implantation, you might have the frequent urge to urinate. This is because your body increases blood supply to the pelvic area, which puts pressure on your bladder.
  • You'll notice your taste in food changes. You may find yourself craving foods you used to hate and disliking foods you used to love.

Are you experiencing these 14 early signs of pregnancy? If you experience several of these symptoms, then you are probably pregnant!

Implantation Bleeding or Normal Period?

If you usually have a light flow, you may confuse what is actually implantation bleeding for your regular period. Here's how to tell the difference between the two:

Regular Period:

  • Starts off light and gets heavier. May contain clots.
  • Fresh, bright red and watery blood for 2-4 days.
  • Menstrual bleeding flows continuously for 3-7 days.
  • Cramping is much more intense.

Implantation Bleeding:

  • Starts off light and remains light. Doesn't fill up an entire pad or tampon.
  • Light pink to brown or black blood, although red blood can occasionally occur. Most women report dark blood that is not as fresh as their period blood.
  • Implantation spotting can come and go. You may see some spotting for a few hours or on and off for 1-3 days.
  • You should only experience mild cramping.

Can Implantation Bleeding Be Heavy?

Dr. Michael Dimattina, MD states that "heavy bleeding is rare, and if there is bleeding, it should be just a few spots." He explains that most women don't even experience it at all, and any blood associated with implantation is just gentle sloughing of the uterine lining when the embryo implants itself, so the flow is very light and should not fill up a whole pad or tampon.

Can Implantation Spotting Be Bright Red?

According to Dr. Serena Chen, Director for the Division of Reproductive Medicine at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, "Implantation can range from nothing to pink to spotting to bright red." Most women report spotting that is light pink or brown blood, which means it's old blood. Red blood indicates that the blood was able to pass through the cervix before it could turn brown, and it should not be a concern unless it is heavy and lasts for more than three days.

Important Note

If there is excessive pain or deep red blood that is heavy, you should consult a healthcare specialist immediately.

How Long Does Implantation Cramping Last?

Implantation cramping should not be painful and should last only 1-3 days. It happens when the fertilized egg burrows itself into the lining of the uterus wall, and it is a very healthy and natural part of early pregnancy. If cramping continues for more than 3 days, then you're most likely experiencing PMS, however there are other causes for abdominal pain during the first trimester that range from normal (round ligament pain) to concerning (ectopic pregnancy or infection).

How to Tell the Difference Between Implantation Cramps and Menstrual Cramps?

It's easy to confuse what is implantation cramping for period cramps. Here's how to tell the difference:

  • Implantation cramps happen 6-12 days after ovulation, so you will experience it in the middle of your cycle, which is 1-2 weeks earlier than the date of your period. If you feel cramping just a few days before your period, then it is probably just PMS.
  • Implantation cramps are intermittent and last only a few minutes at a time, whereas period cramps are ongoing.
  • Cramps from implantation feel like a pulling/tugging or prickling sensation in the lower abdomen. You may also experience lower back pain.
  • Implantation cramps only last for the duration of time that it takes for the fertilized egg to implant itself into the wall of the uterus (typically 1-3 days). If you experiencing cramping for longer than that, then you are most likely experiencing PMS-related cramps.

When Does Implantation Bleeding Occur?

Implantation bleeding usually takes place 6 to 12 days after conception, or 10 days after ovulation. So you will notice spotting 5-7 days before your period is expected to start. For example, if you conceive on day 10 of your cycle, then you will experience implantation bleeding around day 16-22, whereas your period would likely occur on day 28-30.

What If I Have an Irregular Menstrual Cycle?

Women with irregular menstrual cycles may see implantation spotting as early as 5 days after conception or as late as 17 days. This means that implantation bleeding can occur at around the same time as a period, leading many women to confuse implantation spotting for a light period. If you want to be know for sure whether or not you are pregnant, watch for other early pregnancy signs and take a pregnancy test.

How Common Is Implantation Bleeding?

Implantation spotting is actually very common and is a normal symptom of pregnancy. Around 1/3 of pregnant women experience implantation bleeding. In many cases, it is one of the first signs of pregnancy.

What Does Cervical Mucus Look Like After Implantation?

According to reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Mark Trolice, "Progesterone changes the pre-ovulatory copious cervical mucus from egg white, watery, clear, and elastic (to facilitate sperm entry into the uterine cavity) into thick, viscous, and opaque, with a decrease in production by the cervical glands. The post-ovulation cervical mucus change occurs to protect the future pregnancy in the uterine cavity from infection." He explains that this change "creates a 'mucus plug,' which remains throughout pregnancy and is passed prior to the onset of labor as one of the signs signaling impending delivery of the baby."

Dr. Serena Chen, fertility specialist and clinical professor at Rutgers Medical School, says, "Unlike the pre-ovulatory, clear watery mucus, pregnancy mucus can be thicker, more whitish, and opaque, but this is extremely variable and has zero positive or negative predictive value for anything!"

Could It Be Ovulation Spotting?

Some women may confuse ovulation spotting for implantation bleeding. Here's how to tell the difference:

Ovulation Spotting

  • Occurs in the middle of your cycle—about two weeks before your period.
  • Very rare. Only occurs in 3% of women.
  • Cervical mucus is stretcher, clearer, and more slippery than normal—like egg white—with a tinge of blood.

Implantation Bleeding

  • Occurs a few days to a week before your period.
  • Happens to about 30% of pregnant women.
  • Pink or brown watery discharge.

When Should You Take a Pregnancy Test After Implantation Bleeding?

Implantation occurs about 6-12 days after conception. After the egg implants into the womb, it begins to develop what is known as the pregnancy hormone or hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin). You can take a pregnancy test as early as 3-4 days after implantation and get a positive result, however, many women report getting more accurate results if they wait a week after implantation or after their missed period. How early you can take your pregnancy test can be determined by tracking your ovulation cycle.

Woman during pregnancy.
Woman during pregnancy. | Source

The Take Away

So, it should be remembered that implantation bleeding is darker than your usual period and only accompanies light cramping. The blood flow will be lighter, not as heavy as your period, hence the term, spotting.

If spotting accompanies other signs of pregnancy like nausea or extreme tiredness, you are showing signs that indeed you could be pregnant. You can take the pregnancy test about 3-4 days after signs of implantation or about a week afterward, after you've missed your period.

Implantation bleeding usually lasts about one or two days, and in rare cases it can last a month or two. If you are experiencing extreme pain during bleeding or the color of the blood has turned a deep red, then you need to consult a health care specialist, your mid-wife or family doctor.


The information in this article does not constitute professional advice. It is based on research, but the author of the work is not a licensed physician. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. It is best to consult with a physician.

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      • profile image

        Pretty 5 hours ago

        Please help h've been trying to concieve for three yesrd now ,ihad an ectopic preg in 2014since than.help me when is the best time please !!!!

      • profile image

        Anahera morrell 3 days ago

        14/04/2018 i was meant to start my menstrual cycle but instead i got a cramp in my lower abdomen followed by a light red/pinkish discharge and a light pinkish/browny discharge now and then when i go to the toilet, its not enough to fill a pad or tampon, it is the 17/04/2018 and im still seeing this discharge... not sure what to think or do tbh any info would be appreciated.

      • profile image

        ashley 8 days ago

        hi im spotting 2 weeks before my menustral cycle could i be pregnant will i start my period this month for april

      • KarenBee profile image

        KarenBee 12 days ago from Scotland ????????????????????????????

        Hi I’m 20 days late av maybe missed a day or two of my periods but never a full 20/21 days I’m now having light spotting (but not enough to go onto a pad)

        Took 3 different pregnancy tests all come

        Back negative

        Right now the only way a can explain it is it feels like pulling in my belly for the past week av felt sick but not been sick

        Av been having really bad headaches/ mood swings and really tired

        I’m starting to think I mite be pregnant

        Any advice really helpful

        I’m not stressed or anything like that

        But yesterday day 19 late a was crying over nothing my partner asked me if a had any sign of my periods and a bust out crying for no reason

        Please tell me I’m not going mad and this is signs of early


      • profile image

        shanice 12 days ago

        hi im 18 And My Period Is Due On D 15th Of April And I Am Getting Some Really Dull Cramps and I Notice Some light Spotting Cud it be possible that I'm pregnant?

      • profile image

        Ria V. Lu 2 weeks ago

        Hi I'm Ria! 20 yrs old. I don't know if this is spotting or implantation bleeding but I'm sure that's not a mens..my last men's were on March 3, 3018 but yesterday I thought this is men's but I guess its not. Because the blood on my pad gets brown and its a spot or drop of bleed.. Its not usual my men's because I knew it with myself and I know what exactly I feel when I have menstruation. It last until an hour ago but it so slow now. It is possible that I have implantation bleeding or spotting? Am I right? I don't know what to think. I'm so confused right now.

      • profile image

        Monika 2 weeks ago

        So my period was supposed to start on April 4th and instead I got a very light red bleed that started on March 31st and it wasn't heavy enough to use a tampon or pad and stayed light through April 1st. I also noticed I didn't bleed overnight. Then it got a little heavier April 2nd but it still didn't seem to fill up a pad. My normal period usually is heavy enough to go through 3 maxi pads in 24 hours. I took a pregnancy test but it came back negative. I have no idea what to do. Do I need to make an appointment with my regular physician or OBGYN?

      • profile image

        Charissa 2 weeks ago

        I have had three miscarriages I’m pregnant again and I am now just about four months going into my second trimester I’m experiencing some light Pleading the blood is a very light pink it is not heavy I did not need a pad it’s only when I paint white myself that I see it if any other women that have gone through this can you please let me know if this is normal and if you have had a baby did you ever experiences any information to anyone could give me would be very helpful

      • profile image

        Heather 3 weeks ago

        Hi I have a few questions in hoping some ladies have experience before . I’m 27 and I have 2 children already. I had an abortion in December and I was 12 weeks

      • profile image

        shantel 3 weeks ago

        Hi am 19 ..my last period was on December den January I didn't see anything so on February I saw brown spots on my underwear so now it's March am bleeding again a bright red blood I really dnt know what's happening with me ...any help ?

      • profile image

        helen thornsberry 3 weeks ago

        For 2 days I have been seeing a pinkish almost clear web residue on toilet paper when I wipe. I've never been on birth control until now and have been on it only 10 or 11 days. My fiance and I had sex march 13th, the first time he came in me. Pill says to take it every day same time but there was a time i took it way later. Usually take it at 4, I had taken it at 8. I am scared of pregnancy but my breasts are swollen, hurting so bad, tired all the time, cant hold food down and hate everything i usually eat. Please help.

      • profile image

        Tyeisha 3 weeks ago

        hey I'm 19 i was supposed to came on my period on the 20th of March and i didn't now today March 24th I started spotting brown watery blood i'm not cramping how i normally cramp when I'm on my period but my body is feeling weird I'm hot, and I'm also cold. I cant be seen by my doctor until April 11th but can anybody help me figure out whats going on

      • profile image

        Abigail 3 weeks ago

        I had my period and after one week l started bleeding again like my normal menstruation the blood darken after two days the blood flow has been for five days, three heavier and two days lighter l don't really understand it at all

      • profile image

        Alma 4 weeks ago

        Hi I don't know what to do if I have cancer . I should have a period second week of this month but on 19th March 2018 I have mild cramp in my stomach. My breast so sore I can feel I am bleeding I used tampons I fall asleep when I wake up after one hour my period is gone .then in the next day I can feel I have spotting pinkish watery . Until now I still have spotting not so much just little I don't need to use pads or panty liners. I try to have pregnancy test one time at night but I don't follow the instructions second 8 oc'clock in the morning but all negative . . I don't think I am pregnant because my husband he has vasectomy 15 months ago. I don't cheat to my husband. I don't have any kids yet. I don't know what happened to me I never feel like this before. I've been in my OB January 30 ,2018 everything is fine. But I will go back to my OB first week of April .

      • profile image

        Kenyada 4 weeks ago

        Hey ladies in January I had a period it normally will last 5 days but it ended up lasting 14 days,so I went to the we and they wrote a prescription out from provera 5mg. until the bleeding stop. it eventually stop so I follow up with an OBGYN...so February comes I had no period at all...so March 18 I start bleeding very light not even enough to fill the pad and I'm still bleeding lightly now....im not sure it if just my hormones getting back intact or what...oh yeah I been off bc for a 1 year..My boyfriend and I have be trying to conceive...

      • profile image

        Jacklynnichole10 4 weeks ago

        Hey I'm 20, and I was late for my period for three weeks. 5 days ago March 17th I started spotting and bleeding very very light and its continued until today March 21st. I thought it was my period but I'm usually heavy on my period and I couldn't even put a tampon in due to not bleeding enough. All I have worn is a panty liner and it would be able to last all day. I've took 3 pregnancy test before I started spotting when I realized I was late and the first one was $1 and had a very faint line so I took one more $10 and it was negative so I waited until the next morning to take another $10 one and it was also negative. Am I on a unusual light period or am I having implantation bleeding? And why has it lasted 5 days? I'm becoming worried..

      • profile image

        Shakelia 5 weeks ago

        Hello! Im new here but heres my story. My last full period was Feb. 9, 2018. I went off Feb. 10, 2018. My periods are very irregular and i keep track of them but somehow this month my period was due March 10, 2018. Instead on March 12, 2018. I get very light bleeding, it look pinkish/red. The flow was not normal even doe sometimes i do have 1 day period every 1 month out of a whole year. I took a PT on March 11, 2018 and got a NEGATIVE. I also tested on March 15, 2018 and got a NEGATIVE. Im not sure if im pregnant or what caused my period to be like this. I need help!!!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        Labiba Shehu 5 weeks ago

        I missed my period with 11 days,does that mean am having implantation bleeding

      • profile image

        Janet 5 weeks ago

        Hi !

        I am not really sure if I am pregenant? due to having my last child is 14 year old please need advise.

      • profile image

        Rodelyn Caballero 6 weeks ago

        Hi am having spotting for almost two weeks, I already consulted to a Dr. It indeed up am suffering ectopic pregnancy ,Could be the transvaginal ultrasound gets wrong?caused am only two weeks pregnant due to my calendar plz. Could u help me to elaborate more to me,sometimes my spotting could be red the now its dark Brown, but it's not itchy or smelly. Thank u

      • profile image

        mair 7 weeks ago

        hi i am 16 and today is march 1st and i have a little spotting. i have no cramps and my last period was february 6th. in january i had it 2 times in a month

      • profile image

        Teekay 7 weeks ago

        I missed 4 weeks and 2 days according to my period tracker calendar. I started bleeding lightly after this for 3 days. 3 days later, blood started dripping lightly. Am I pregnant or what is this?

      • profile image

        Vicki 2 months ago

        My periods are regular but this time my period started 6days early well I think it's my periods its dark brown and it lasted for 6 days now I'm passing the day that I was actually suppose to start my period what is going on

      • profile image

        Chantelle 2 months ago

        I had intercouse on my ovulation day and a couple days before and i had pinkish spot on the toilet paper and some on my undies its been 4 days after my intercouse on my ovulation day i have had some symptoms of tiredness hungry all the time more than usual i been getting sore nipples going to the toilet alot moody sense of smell is changing and have been feeling nausia but nothing came up headaches and just feeling blurr

      • profile image

        Lindz1875 2 months ago

        I start having what seemed like mild bleeding and cramping 5 days before my period. It lasted until the next morning and then turned into Brown spotting. It's been 4 Days now I've had brown spotting, and my period was due today. Today I have the Brown spotting, burping, indigestion in the middle of the night, gas, and very mild cramping on my right side. Can someone tell me if this is implementation bleeding or my messed up period?

      • profile image

        prati 4 months ago

        Hi,today my 15th day of iui.yesterday I took pregnancy test but its negative. I feel cramping before 2-3 days n right now also.today in the morning very little spotting arrive after that no.can I pregnant or not?

      • profile image

        Chantal 4 months ago

        So I had my tubes tied almost 4 years ago, but I started my period yesterday I thought!!! My periods are always on time and are very heavy, but it’s very light like I don’t have to use anything and it’s reddish/brown. I’m having mild cramps and normally I cramp for a week before I start and nothing this time. I know I’m not pregnant, but could I be???? It is just not normal for me to have such a light period. I see the doctor in a couple days for completely different reasons, and I don’t want to take a test and my hopes be smashed......

      • profile image

        Mrs.Hood 5 months ago

        I've been bleeding for 11 days now it started off light pink then a clot or two within 2 days. I usually have a constant flow not spotting here and there when it comes to my period. This feels real different I have pinched like pain on my side and I'm moody. Idk what is going on I have had an ectopic pregnancy before and I have one tube due to that. Yesterday I started having a BM Everytime I eat something.... HELP

      • profile image

        lilly 5 months ago

        I am having wired cramps and light bleeding which does not looks like my period plus my period should be a week for it to come but now am expire be light bleeding some one let me now what's going on

      • profile image

        Lisha 5 months ago

        So I had spottings 6 days after my last period and it was off and on for 2 days ive been getting small cramping on the left side of my abdominal. Is it possible I could be pregnant right after my period?

      • profile image

        nell 6 months ago

        I been spotting lately and went to see I'm obgyn who did cultural test and also sent me for imaging.so I went to get my sonagram done and the doctors said its possible I am having a tube pregnancy they couldn't rule it out or they see a cyst on my ovaries.I am 5 weeks pregnant and the could barely see a baby in my uterus. But last night I was horny so I decided to play with myself (tmi) and afterwards I went to take a shower and had to urinate a Lil in the shower and when I did dark clots came out along with blood then when I went to use the bathroom again it stopped.I still have light cramps but I passed gas numerous of times as well.today is Sunday and I have to be at work.I already was out of work for 3 to 5 days as it is.I don't know what to do.also my doctor wanted to put me on baby aspirins but he never sent the prescription like he said he would. Is am so scared cause this isnt my first pregnancy and this has never happened to me at all.

      • profile image

        Gina 6 months ago

        I have recently changed contriseption from implant to pill I had implant in 18 month missed period in August and September woke this morning thought my period had started and it was brown stain with discharge then during day it's gone to blood with discharge ive had heart burn for past month or so and when I eat some foods they dont agree with me and alway burping can anyone help to what i should do

      • profile image

        KB Baker 6 months ago

        OK, so I definitely need somebody to explain to me what is going on.

        Today is October 10th. I was supposed to get my period on Sep. 26th. It never came. Which is not normal for me at all, because I never miss a period. They are sometimes late a day or two, due to stress, but I haven't ever missed one completely.

        I was recently raped by my ex fiance of 2 years, a little over a month ago. He claimed he never pulled out. So I began to worry a little bit.

        I have been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms. Vomiting, stomach pains, tender breast with color change, heaviness, etc.. I had a little bit of light pink spotting yesterday, but it wasn't much at all. I just woke up at 4 a.m, and felt like I had a period coming on or something along the lines. I went to the restroom, and had some red bleeding on my panty liner. No clotting at all, but when I wiped, it was pink, instead of the red color that was resting on my panty liner. I am starting to freak out even more, because I don't know if I am pregnant, or what is wrong with me. I have already taken 4 pregnancy test in the last 2 weeks. They all came up negative. I have never had a child, nor ever been pregnant or Even close, so I'm fairly confused and worried. Somebody please help me underststand what is going on with me? Am I pregnant, or it is a more serious issue????

      • profile image

        Amy 6 months ago

        Had 2 frozen eggs transfered got a positive pregnancy test today I've been havin brown blood for two days and today bloody gone darker and more wiv stomach cramps am ai still pregnant

      • profile image

        Carol 6 months ago

        I was reading the comments. I am also spotting for 3 days after testing posigive for a pregnancy test. i scheduled an APT to a GYN but the earliest theg have is on 10/30 .. im worried :(

      • profile image

        Vanesa 7 months ago

        Hello , my last regular period was August 16-22nd . On August 22nd last day of my period my iud was removed (which I had for 9 years and 10 months) My husband and I have had unprotected sex before and after iud was removed I was 2 weeks late for my period took many pregnacy test all came out negative on the 18th of September I started to bleed I went to the emergency telling them I was late on my period and I didn't know why it was so heavy . Dr's said if I were to be pregnant then it was too early to recognize it . They did a iron and blood test to checking pregnant or not , and I wasnt ... I usually have a period for a cycle of 7 days this has lasted only 3 days ... still the day before I started my husband and I still had unprotected sex ... idk what's wrong ???? Could it be that my body is getting use to not having the IUD( 10year non hormonal ) PLEASE HELP ????

      • profile image

        Airy 7 months ago

        I've experienced spotting for 4 days and after I can still feel cramping and it's been 5 days now. Is this a sign of early pregnancy?

      • profile image

        Sasha 7 months ago

        I'm only 16 I had sex on the 16th of august 3 days after that I started spotting for 6 days, 7 days after 31st of September I started spotting again and still am to this day. It has been 11 days that I have been spotting and I don't know what's wrong with me

      • profile image

        nicolle 7 months ago

        hi i had a m/c in may my periods has been up and down since but i had my last period on the 6th of august, i am now 4 days late but had spotting on friday the 1st of sep ,2 days before i was due. I have done 2 pregnancy tests and they are showing negative any ideas ?

      • NathaNater profile image

        NathaNater 7 months ago

        That could be something as benign as hemorrhoids. Sometimes something like that can be more serious, though it's unlikely; still it would be a good idea to take her to the doctor.

      • profile image

        keelia champagnie 7 months ago

        hi my issues is that i am experienceing spotting after my period for the first time . its on an off and i am worried

      • profile image

        Nadia 7 months ago

        Hey I'm 3-4 weeks pregnant had miner pains since Tuesday then Lil blood coming out,then it stopped the whole night then today it came out with cloth I ddnt go to the doc or clinic I'm scared,cud that be a sign of miscarriage

      • profile image

        India 7 months ago

        My period was on the 8th of August and I just start spotting pink on August 23 i put a pad on and nothing is on the pad what could be happening

      • profile image

        nicole 8 months ago

        I had unprotected sex about a week and a half ago and on Saturday( the usual time of my period) I started getting brown discharge, and on Sunday I had a heavy flow with blood clots. I thought this was my period, however today(Monday) the bleeding has stopped and my period usually lasts about 5-6 days. What can this mean? Is it too soon to take a pregnancy test if the bleeding just stopped today?

      • profile image

        Katie 8 months ago

        I started my regular period on July 3rd thru the 9th and 15 days later I started spotting for like 4 days I have had my tubes cut burned and tied. I took a home pregnancy test like 5 days ago it came back negative. What should I do??

      • profile image

        Jamie 8 months ago

        I have my period on the 25th and I bled for a few hours today and the tamp was browning !? Am I pregnant

      • profile image

        Daisy 8 months ago

        Hello, I had my period on July first and I got it for 5 days which is normal for me ... then a few days or a week after I had started spotting and it was brown then turned into a pinkish color . Honestly didn't think anything of.. I thought it was implantation bleeding. But now its august 9 and I still haven't gotten my period ... which it should've came by now ... I don't know what do think .

      • profile image

        Kim 8 months ago

        I had my period 17days ago. then around of August 1st / 3rd I was something brownish in my underwear. I wash my self etc. ( somewhat ignore it) then on the 8th I began to spot and have very light abdomen pain, today is the 9th I use the bathroom a lot of blood came out, so I put on a pad hour later check the pad no heavy bleeding (I bleed heavy) but the color is red but not heavy more like spotting but red. What are these symptoms of?

      • profile image

        dawn 8 months ago

        I had my last period in june 19 than I had aptegnancy test on 23 of july than I had a blood spott on friday 28 and o went to the doctor on 30th and they gave me pregnancy suppliments but da spotting stopped for a while then it started in now in august for 1 day then again yesterday and da colour is pinkish shuld I worry or its normal because I feel no pain is this normal

      • profile image

        wantingtobemom 8 months ago

        i have regular periods usualy.but this time it was supposed to come on 3rd of aug but its already late by 5 days, but at the end of 5th day am getting blood only when urinating not even to wet my sanitary pad, but has cramps similar to periods .when i did a preg test day after i missed periods it came out to be negative. Am i pregnant

      • profile image

        Alejandra 8 months ago

        I am really regular on my periods I know exactly when is going to come, I am 36 years old, I knew my period supposed to start July 27th however on July 23, four days before my period I started spotting brown it lasted for 10 days it stop august 1st during this time I took 4 pregnancy test and they all came negative all pregnancy test were taking different days. Now today august 3 I started bleeding heavy and red just like blood, I don't know what to do?

      • profile image

        krtstal 8 months ago

        I see My period two time in one month the first was on the 15of july an the second waswas 28 one lost for six day an the other lost for five days an it was brownish with dark red blood clot an bright red blood clot an my head hurt an I feel tiers an wen it was on the fifth day I start to feel some cramping wat can cause that to happen

      • profile image

        Katie 8 months ago

        So i was spotting for a few days nd then woke up light bleeding so i thought i was on my period nd it was bright red then it was brown for the next 2 days could that be my period ?or

      • profile image

        Courtney 8 months ago

        I had unprotected sex 2 days before I started ovulating, after I ovulated I spotted light pink a couple times on tissue 2 days after I had finished ovulating then it stopped. Its been 3 weeks now and my period was suppose to start 2 days ago and I have been spotting light brown on the first day mainly when I wiped, and alittle on my pantie liner, the next day I spotted the same but a little more browner then before darker and more on pantie liner but not alot to wear pad. I had tooken a test and it said negative. Well this morning this is the third day and i felt alot coming out when I was sleeping and thought maybe my period came on finally but I stayed in bed for three more hours and I got up to use bathroom and it wasnt no period blood, just alil brown and when wipe just a spot brown like its about to stopped, I been very tired backaches and getting headaches and weird feeling in my stomach. Could you please help me understand whats going on? Could my period be coming or am I at the stage of first pregnancy starting or is something bad wrong? I could really use some answers.

      • profile image

        Kanesha 8 months ago

        I didn't have a period in March had one in April didn't have one may or June July 4 I started shooting only when I wiped there was brownish color than it was red then light pink it lasted 18 days

      • profile image

        Aria 9 months ago

        I know this is a late, but I have a question. My husband and I have been trying to conceive since January 2017. I have irregular periods, and I was diagnosed with PCOS on June 20th and have been taking metformin since then, a few days over a month. On July 19th, I had felt light cramping and started to notice brown spotting which lasted until 22nd of July. I am also experiencing backaches and headaches. I am due to have a period on the 31st of July, could this be implantation bleeding? When should I take a pregnancy test?

      • profile image

        Jasmine 9 months ago

        Hi my period was due July 12th well it was late 10 days then I started spotting bright red for 2 days now nothing like my period my period is normally heavy from day 1 I have all the signs of pregnancy... But now I'm not sure

      • profile image

        piya 9 months ago

        Hi i have 12 days late periods it was normal on first day and 2nd day like it was stopped what does it mean

      • profile image

        Ayen 9 months ago

        My last period is july 3.. and just after 11 days i bleed on july 14 its been 5 days already and im still bleeding no pain.the bleeding is on and off red to brown sometimes its pinkish.. i always have my regular period and this is the first that happens to me.. am i pregnant? But how could it be when i had my regular menstruation 11 days before i bleed or had my spotting.

      • profile image

        Brittanygutierrez0994 9 months ago

        Hi so my period usually is on the 8th on the 10th i wiped it was light pink then later that day brown the next day i bleed for 2 days seemed not as heavy as usual as well as watery sorry if tmi.....well the 3rd day i was spotting on and off all day and now nothing. What could this mean?? Yes Me and husband are trying conceive

      • profile image

        Marie Ann 9 months ago

        June 25, 2017 unprotected sex, began my period the following day, was done on 7-2, 7-8 began spotting brown lightly, 7-9 few drops of bright red then turned brown , 7-10 same, 7-11 same but now with light cramps, so could I be pregnant ?

      • profile image

        Romibec Castor 9 months ago

        My last period was on June 17,2017 and 17 days after that July 4,2017 I experience spotting .I would like to ask if what does it mean?

      • profile image

        Hanna 9 months ago

        Hi, I am 5 days late for my period and today the sixth day I have spotted this morning really dark blood and only happen this morning what could this be? I have been peeing more then normal and had back pain

      • profile image

        kacia 10 months ago

        I am an individual who was diagnosed with pcos when I was 22. I have had irregular cycles since then. last night my other half and I had sexual intercourse. This morning after bathing and getting dressed I went back to the bathroom later to urinate and I see a small amount of light pink blood in the pad I wore. after changing into another pad I went back to bathroom to check again and nothing was there but once I used it and wiped there was light pink blood after wiping but not much. what could this possibly be??

      • profile image

        Sarah 10 months ago

        I had unprotect sex on June 4 a day later I starting bleeding it was light. It only lasted a 4 days. I'm not due to come on til the 13 of June. What do this mean? Please Help

      • profile image

        almas.wattoo@yahoo.com 10 months ago

        past two month I am facing irregular periods problem I am suffering very short time cycle before this problem my periods cycle was very regular between 28 to 30 days but last month 19th days of my periods again start heavy bleeding which end after seven days this month again start light bleeding 15th day of my cycle this bleedingis light and finished just in one day I am trying to Conceive so I am very upset what is happening with my body

      • profile image

        Shruthi 10 months ago

        My periods are regular for 26-28 days maximum but since three month dates of getting periods are increasing in term of 27 days ,28days then 29days too..in January I had miscarriage for 6 weeks 1 day now since may month I am getting my periods getting for only 1days or max 2 day.. now am 37 days not got periods yet but I got brown discharged for one day bleeding too, still I feel am I pregnant can anybody pls help!!!!

      • profile image

        eddie 10 months ago

        my girlfriend was supposed to get her period on the six of june 2017 and it came 3 days later but we had unprotected sex on the 27 of Nay 2017....is there any posibility of expecting?

      • profile image

        Wakeiya Warren 10 months ago

        What does it mean if one day you started out with light pink blood and then another day you start off light pink and then it gets a little darker

      • profile image

        Manu 10 months ago

        My last mestural date was 28april2017 and on 1 june i have pink light bleeding is am pregnant

      • profile image

        Monique 10 months ago

        My husband i usually have sex on the weekends and i counted 12 days from yesterday which is when i was going to take a test and there was a very light pink blood there it got lighter as the day went on i thought my period had started but no bleefing today i have nexoplanon birth control in my arm and but it ran out 1/20 of this year i feel really heavy my breast are sore and i feel a bit nauseas i took a pregnancy test n it was negative i period went off last week but 12 days from yesterday was on a friday.... Our day.... Could i be pregnant and could my birth control be effect my test result?

      • profile image

        Anitha 10 months ago

        I had spotting for three days on fourth it's period continued to next three days. What it means?? Please help.....

      • profile image

        Xyz 10 months ago

        My period date was 1st of April and I had sex on 19 or 20 and now on 29 I saw spotting .. I hav 29-30 days cycle.. periods are regular.. is it possible I m pregnant

      • profile image

        Dee 10 months ago

        Hi my period normally starts on the 26th of each month, this month it didn't start straight away it started 3 days after my normal period. I had light pinkish discharge an cramping from the 26th - the 28th of this month then cramping disappeared for a bit then on 29th I got my period an slight cramping what does that mean?

      • profile image

        Jamie 10 months ago

        My partner and I have been having sex on a regular basis right after my period for three days. Now I started spotting a day later with a little pain. It started to slow down now it started back. What should I do

      • profile image

        Eileen 10 months ago

        Hello, my husband and I are TTC. I am really irregular. So, this month I spotted like for an hr the it stopped. Five days passed and again the same. Six days passed and I spotted again and stopped right away. It was also accompanied by clear discharge. Could I be pregnant? I tested but it come out negative??? Please some advice will be welcome. Thanks in advance.

      • profile image

        Jessica 11 months ago

        I was a month late and 8 Days late ..

        And now bleeding ..Can u have red dark bleeding ans some blood clot

        and Its the third day and its lighter took a pregnancy test and said negative please answer wnd help me out

      • profile image

        tara 12 months ago

        hi I have been 3 months without my period and went to the doc and wasn't pregnant and the same day I had unprotected sex and 48 hours later I spotted and am continuing to spot this is day 4. I have been extremely tired and had a very upset stomach. when is the soonest I can find out if I am pregnant?

      • profile image

        Dessa 12 months ago

        Okay so I took a pregnancy test an it was positive then i started bleeding an it wasnt like my period it was a pinkish color of blood an it only lasted 2 days..I been having back pain stomach pain an head aches an i been sleeping Alot but i haven't trowup yet am I pregnant??

      • profile image

        Kawana 12 months ago

        Hi I'm kawana an I'm having brownish pink blood I'm 3 days late had real sore breast for a week before what's happening light cramping

      • profile image

        Sonia 12 months ago

        my lmp was 15th March 2017 n my cycle length is 27day . I have taken clomid 100mg/day from day 2-6 of my cycle. today i am spotting brown with light cramping. is it normal

      • profile image

        Danielle 12 months ago

        Hi I was in the shower in the late evening and ha a gush of blood that lasted about a minute scared the h*LL outta me then there was nothing! Two days later began spotting light pink then dark brown took a text it was negative spotting turned dark red next day took another test and it was a faint positive, I also been having cramp in stomach and lower back! Can u please lemme know if this is IB or not??

      • profile image

        Amber 12 months ago

        Yes I was supposed to get my period on Monday but didn't the next day I started spotting dark brown and dark red discharge with cramps don't know what it is

      • profile image

        Amanda 13 months ago

        hello, my last period was on Jan/18/17 and was expecting my period around Feb/22/17 but it did not come I was around 3 weeks late on my period when Mar/17/17 came I took a pt test which came back neg then later that evening I noticed some blood it was dark brown and not heavy just some spotting on a panty liner it lasted about 3 days (Mar/19/17) after that I haven't had anymore blood but I am not sure if I am pregnant or if my period is just super late. Today is Mar/24/17. I do have an irregular period about 34-36 day cylce but differs every month so not too sure what's going on... hoping for a positive result just don't know when I should test again. Also with my first child I did not find out until I was 14 weeks honest to god I had little to no symtoms and 4 neg before I got my positive. Don't know if that's what's happening again or I'm just over thinking it.

      • profile image

        Maria 13 months ago

        Two days before my period I thought it was my period it was light and got lighter no full period my period is due today

      • profile image

        Jenny lopez 13 months ago

        I had sex with my boyfriend last week on a Thursday , my due date for my period is today which it came but there's like moderate bleeding but when I urine no blood comes out only on pad and toilet paper what does this mean

      • profile image

        Queen 13 months ago

        I normally go on my period on the 8th but last month I went on the 4th, so its the 6th I havent seen my period, had intercourse on the 18th. instead I saw brown discharge on my panty liner, when I wipe theres nothing, but when I did a test it came out negative, is it too early to test?

      • profile image

        ruthie 14 months ago

        i had unprotected sex on the 3 and 5 of feb this month and i was supposed to get my next period on the 22 of this very month but it happens that im having it today 20.cramping started on 17 last fri. what could it be?the discharge is light brown and also some little blood

      • profile image

        Mary 14 months ago

        Hello, I just want to know if my situation is normal. I've always had a heavy flow period and they 5 to 7 days and this time I am super light and that's never happened before. My last period was from Dec 25 till the 31, I did not get a period for the month of Jan I did spotted Brown for the last two days 30 n 31, on the 1st of Feb I got WHAT I think is my period but on the 3rd day it stopped then again its the 5th day with super light period. Is that normal?

      • sin2trym profile image

        sin2trym 14 months ago

        My girlfriend had spots of brown blood before her period and she missed her first day but on the second day she had her period which was dark in color and the amount is the same of blood as her previous period could this be implantation or was she just delayed because of stress and other factors.

      • profile image

        lynnseyrt 14 months ago

        hi i am bleeding a good bit and not due for my period for another 4 days i am woundering if its implantion bleed can u bleed a gud bit or is it my period come early please help going out off my mind

      • profile image

        Les 14 months ago

        Hey i didnt get my period this month . But today, the 30th, i started to bleed a little out of no where, it was brown and a little red . What can this be ? Also to remind you, i also sometimes get cramps and i get tired a little more and also i need to use the bathroom a lot more than usual .

      • profile image

        Leko 14 months ago

        Hi, I had unprotected sex before my period was due and I got my regular period as usual then I got it again the following month however I am now a week late and I just started my period but it stopped soon, could i be pregnant?

      • profile image

        nj 15 months ago

        Hi, I had iui done about 13 days ago and I still have time for my blood work but the wait is making me very anxiuos because I am not having normal symptoms I do nauseous a lot but after eating not early in the morning and no signs of tender breasts whatsoever but I do get cramps every now and then and also for last two days it feels like my belly button is beaing pulled somehow what shoul I expect since I am on progesterone too

      • profile image

        Tasha 15 months ago

        Hi I have had my tubes clamped or tied since 2011 and this Monday I wiped and seen some pink blood and then nothing else what could it mean

      • profile image

        vishta 15 months ago

        i have sex but without any protection with my boyfriend on 14 dec.

        after 1 month on 15 jan i saw only light brown red patches which last for 2 3 days .

        is it the sign of pregnancy or it is normal ?

        plz hlp me to know that i m pregnant or not

      • profile image

        Dray dray 15 months ago

        I started my period December 10th 10 ended the 16 .. on the 28 it started again and ended around 2pm on New Year's Eve , that night me And my bf had unprotected sex and he came inside of me .. On the 15 I went to the bathroom and when i wipe down there was a pinkish red color blood and last night it was darker . I went to the restroom and it has stopped . I don't know know I'm pregnant pregnant or what it could be , within the past week if ive taken 2 pregnancy tests and they were negative.

      • profile image

        Mama of 4 15 months ago

        I've ended my period a week and a half ago a few days ago I started spotting it only happened 2 times that day and just happened again it is a light spotting (not to much blood) but the cooler is red kinda like a bright red NOT pink me and my husband don't use protection but I've taken a few tests and there negative I have cramping and I do usually conceive around January (3kids born in October all in one week ) that being said I'm very tired although I have 4 kids so that's expected but I'm very very tired lately WTH is going on with me HELPPPPPP!!!!

      • profile image

        Priya 15 months ago

        Hi, I had blood spots before 1 week of my period on 1st day ,and later on 2nd day it light blood spots in d evening and little blood has come ..I have lot of back pain and cramps could I be pregnant??

      • profile image

        Auburn 18 months ago

        Hello. I had my period October 4th-10th roughly. A few days later I started having brown discharge and stringy dark blood like discharge. Then it increased in to a period like flow but heavier and thicker. I went to a clinic and Found out I was pregnant. My bleeding hAs almost stopped completely now. Is it likely I've miscarried? I haven't had any pain and with my only other pregnancy (he's 4) I didn't have any symptoms during my pregnancy. Any information would be appreciated thank you