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How to Create a Pregnancy Journals to Remember the Small Details

Making A Pregnancy Journal Full of Memories

Two-ring binder view with layout idea.

Two-ring binder view with layout idea.

Wow, you're pregnant! Now what?

That was the question I had for both of my pregnancies. I had every person and their brother telling me how to walk, talk, sit, breathe, and—most of all—how to relax.

Unfortunately, what everyone failed to say was that you are going to forget the small changes that happen during pregnancy:

  • You won't remember what week you felt your baby move.
  • You won't remember what the heart rate of the baby was on week 13 versus week 29.

If these memories are not important to you, then stop reading.

If you want to cherish these moments, please read below on how I set up my pregnancy book/journal/binder.

Side view of each of my pregnancy journals.

Side view of each of my pregnancy journals.

Step-by-Step Guide on Creating a Pregnancy Journal

Step 1: Write Everything Down

My books have a page for each week of pregnancy. You will be amazed how quickly each page gets filled. Every week your baby changes and so should the information you write down. For example, on week 27 we took a gender vote and recorded the results to show when baby was born who was right. Although, you always pray for a healthy baby everyone has an opinion based on belly size.

Step 2: Pick Out a Journal, Notebook or, Binder to Put All of Your Information

I prefer an 8.5" X 11"-size notebook just to ensure that any standard size paper prints will fit without being cut.

I did use a two-ring binder for book number two, and it worked just fine.

Pick a notebook with a sturdy hard cover. This book will be filled to capacity. and you definitely want it to last.

Step 3 (optional): Pick Out Your Embellishments

Embellishments consist of:

  • colored markers, stickers, and patterned paper
  • appointment cards, magazine articles, receipts, and pictures

Basically, anything you would like to save to add to the book would be collected at this stage.

Step 4: Assemble Your Book

If you skipped step 3 and are only writing about your pregnancy, then this step is easy: simply record everything week by week. Make sure to use a non-smearing ink pen; preferably archival quality. You don't want these memories to fade over time.

If you are creating a full-blown artistic masterpiece, then this is your step to shine.

  • Add color, sparkle, glitz, and glam if that suits your style.
  • There is no detailed plan about how to add your information; just go with the flow.

See the pictures to get additional ideas on layouts and design.

Step 5: Put the Book (Or At Least Some Lined Paper) in the Hospital Bag

This will come in handy for writing down the labor and delivery story. It can also be used to record who came to visit and what gifts/cards were given. We also saved a page for visitors to sign when they arrived. Another keepsake for the book.

Step 6: Put the Book on a Shelf in Your Home Where You Can See It

This book doesn't need to be pulled out every time a friend comes to visit, but it should not be put in a box to gather dust. You have spent a bunch of time creating the book and your baby, so why not keep it out to look at on cold winter nights?

If you have any tips or suggestions on pregnancy journals, feel free to comment below.

My idea had a basic start and ended up spectacular.

My Journal

Embellishment and layout idea.

Embellishment and layout idea.

Pregnancy journal thickness.

Pregnancy journal thickness.

Hard covers are a must to keep everything contained.

Hard covers are a must to keep everything contained.

Additional ideas

Additional ideas

More layouts.

More layouts.

Journaling decisions

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