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Nausea and Other Pregnancy Symptoms With a Negative Test

Updated on October 26, 2015
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The author is a midwife and a nurse, and has been working with women and newborn babies since 2003. in Nursing, Cand.Obst in Midwifery

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Am I Pregnant or Not?

If you are reading this article, you are probably facing the well-known dilemma: "Am I pregnant or not?“

Are you experiencing early pregnancy symptoms like nausea, tender breasts, minor cramps, or fatigue but when you took a pregnancy test, the result was negative?

Below, I will give a few explanations for what might be happening.

Pregnancy Test Checklist

  • Did you use the first urine in the morning? It has the highest hCG levels. If you didn't do the test first thing in the morning, your result may be inaccurate.
  • Did the test go properly? Did you see the control line or another indicator showing that the test worked as it should have? Read the instructions again to make sure it worked properly.
  • Did you try another type of test? Different brands of pregnancy tests all have different levels of sensitivity for hCG levels. You may want to try another brand to check your results.
  • Did you wait until at least 14 days after conception/ovulation? Before that the hCG levels are too low to be detected with a home test.

When the Test Is Negative but You Still Have Pregnancy Symptoms
When the Test Is Negative but You Still Have Pregnancy Symptoms

False Negative? Wait a Litle Longer!

The sensitivity of each pregnancy test is variable, but the soonest the most sensitive test can detect a pregnancy is at least 12 days after conception. Conception happens around the time a woman ovulates and, in a typical 28 day cycle, ovulation happens on or around day 14. This means that if you have a 28 day cycle, the earliest time you can take a test and get an accurate result is four weeks after the first day of your last period.

Long and Irregular Cycles

Many women have long or irregular cycles. If you have not been carefully tracking your ovulation cycles, or if you can't predict it, it is hard to say when the earliest possible time is for an accurate result is. For women with long or irregular cycles, or if you don't know exactly what your cycle is, it is best to wait for the day the next cycle is supposed to begin (the day you expect to get your next period) to take the home test.

Wait a Week

It's hard to play the waiting game, but try to wait for a week to see if your period starts. If not, take a new test.

Other Reasons for False Pregnancy Symptoms

The symptoms that are often associated with pregnancy can be caused by other conditions.

Ovulation and Premenstrual Symptoms

Some women get distinctive symptoms a few days before and during ovulation or few days before a period. Pregnancy symptoms (nausea, cramps, bloating, tender breasts, etc.) are often similar to the symptoms for ovulation and menstruation.

Ovarian Cysts

Fluid-filled cysts can form on the ovaries and cause symptoms, for example the need to urinate more frequently, a feeling of fullness in the abdomen, tender breasts, nausea, and vomiting. Ovarian cysts can be diagnosed by your OB/GYN with an ultrasound.

The Flu or Other Illnesses

Feelings of nausea or exhaustion can be caused by the common cold, flu, or other illnesses. You should talk to your healthcare provider if these symptoms linger for weeks.

Hormonal Contraception/Birth Control

The pill and other hormonal birth control methods commonly cause nausea, dizziness, breast tenderness, and mood changes. Try changing brands or methods if these side effects are troubling you.

Stress and Anxiety

Nausea is a common symptom of stress or anxiety. Anxiety can cause stomach aches, cramping, and even vomiting. If you have these symptoms accompanied with anxiety, you might consider seeking professional help for relief of stress or anxiety.

Other Unknown Factors

If your symptoms are not explained by pregnancy and endure for weeks, you should see your doctor. You might need a blood test to test for abnormal thyroid functions or low hemoglobin count.

It's so hard to wait, but doctors recommend that you wait until the first day of your missed period before taking a home pregnancy test.
It's so hard to wait, but doctors recommend that you wait until the first day of your missed period before taking a home pregnancy test.

Did you experience pregnancy symptoms and a negative test in your pregnancy?

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Please feel free to comment below, I will do my best to answer your question

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    • Faye 2 days ago

      Hello I had spotting for three days it was brown then it went light pink then I have started getting cramping in my stomach I'm tender under my breasts and feel sick and tired all the time I had my period only two to three weeks ago and have never had these sort of things happen before I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative starting to worry

    • Lhd89 4 weeks ago

      Hello I have been irregular all my life I didn't have a period last month but pregnancy test was neg. But then 2 weeks okay I had brown pink spotting for 3 days. I waited 7 took a test it was neg. But now I was nauseous last night and again today. Should I wait to take another test? When should i?

    • Ranique 6 weeks ago

      Hi , I have my last period on july 25th. None in August and September but began spotting in October. Over a month now I have been going to the doctor doing pregnancy test but they are all negatives. One of my doctor recommended me to do an ultrasound but it too was negative. Its been November now December and no period. I am having pernancy syntoms, from about 2 weeks after my missed period. On November 23 I having been vomitting up until now( December 6).

    • Ranique 6 weeks ago

      Hi , I have my last period on july 25th. None in August and September but began spotting in October. Over a month now I have been going to the doctor doing pregnancy test but they are all negatives. One of my doctor recommended me to do an ultrasound but it too was negative. Its been November now December and no period. I am having pernancy syntoms, from about 2 weeks after my missed period. On November 23 I having been vomitting up until now( December 6).

    • Ria 5 months ago

      Hi there,

      I had an ectopic pregnancy in May that resulted in a laparoscopy (key hole) surgery. My tube was saved in the process. I have had 2 normal periods since and cycle days seem to be back to normal until now. I am now late on my period by 3 days. I am vomiting, very bloated, cramping in the middle bottom of my stomach, I have tender breasts and to top it off Ive started to get these bump like things on my areolas. I went to the drs today and git a negative test result. I have had my blood taken but no resukts as of yet. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


    • Yessica G 5 months ago

      Hi am 24,

      My last period was on June 11th 2016. It was not a normal one either. When I got it, it felt like sore down there, and did not bleed as much as I regularly do. I have yet gotten my period (July 27th) I took a PT test at home and came out negative. Just last week that same soreness down there happened again but no bleeding. my husband and I did the deed last night and this morning I spotted a little when I wipe after using the restroom. Later in the day it didn't do it no more. I do feel my breast tender here and there. And I do get sleep during the day a lot. Could I be pregnant?

    • Dani 8 months ago


      My last depo shot was January 15, 2015. I got mt first cycle earlier this year. And I got my cycle again last Month, April 2, 2016. So far my cycle is showing to be 8 days late. I am having severe nausea, vomiting, mood swings, fatigue and inability to sleep at night, etc. I have been going crazy and taken3 PT test at home, all of which is negative. But my symptoms won't go away. Can I be pregnant? Or is it impossible since it has only been about 16 months since last depo shot? I really feel something is going on but my test says otherwise. Please help!! This would be awesome if I am pregnant for myself and husband!

    • Shallysa S. 9 months ago

      Hi guys,

      I'm not on any BCP and my cycles are around 30 days. I was ovulating on 3 March which when we did the deed. A week later I started to experience sore, tender and full breasts, 3 weeks later I have a belly bump. 5 days before my supposed AF, I had a scanty brown spotting. Then I bled on 2nd of my supposed AF but I continue to have all pregnancy symptoms. However, on 20th April, I had a scanty dark red spotting and the next started to on and off bleed with clot but no cramping. Today, the bleeding stopped. I am 49 kg, 5 feet 1, and have no belly being trim. If I wasn't pregnant I wouldn't have a belly bump which I have now, and if I am I'd be almost 2 months pregnant. Anyone experience something similar?


    • sophhT 10 months ago


      I was on the depo injection for 6 month, (2 shots) I had one in June 2015 and one in September 2015 I've not had one since, but had a period around Jan the 20th 2016 not had one this month (Feb 2016) took test last week, negative. took a clear blue a few days ago, - not pregnant. my breasts hurt, vommitinh, really frequent urination, fatigue, mood swings, tension headaches. I never vomit, unless hungover. (not a massive drinker) I don't understand what is going on :(

    • S.Marshall 10 months ago

      Hi, I had what I thought was my period on the 22nd. It wasn't due till the 26th, it was very light -I'm usually really heavy and it had more brown and light red/pinkish in it. Afterwards I have been having mood swings where I am extra sensitive and cry at silly things, I have felt nauseous and fatigued for the past few days. However, I took a test this morning with first morning urine but it was negative. I don't really understand. Would you be able to give me more of an insight to this? Thanks

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 11 months ago

      Hi audreykonson :)

      I would give it a few days, ovulation can be delayed and then so will the positive answer.

      Try another test in a few days or a week.

      But it's true, the mind can trick you when wishing for a baby :)

      best wishes for you!

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 11 months ago

      Hi Sarah

      According to my calculations you should have gotten a positive pregnancy test for the last week, if you have a good test. That is if you haven't had unprotected sex since the 22nd of January. If the test tomorrow is negative you can be sure that you're not pregnant.

      Having a weird cycle after using hormones for so long is quite normal, it can take some time for the system to get the hang of thing again :) the hormonal unbalance can also cause the symptoms you are experiencing.

      Best wishes to you Sarah :)

    • Sarah 11 months ago

      Hi! I'm 29yrs old and have been on some form of BCP for over ten years now. My obgyn didn't get my refill in on time, so I've been off the pill for over a month now. Usually if I miss a day or two of BCP, my period starts. While off the pill, my husband and I had sex (on Jan 22nd). It's been weeks now and I still haven't had a period at all. I have taken three at-home pregnancy tests; two a couple weeks ago and one last night. They have ALL been negative. Normally I would take this to mean I am absolutely not pregnant, but my period is still missing. I have also been having some symptoms: nausea (after eating, usually), lower abdomen cramps, breasts becoming enlarged.

      I plan on taking another test tmrw morning first thing (one of the first response early pregnancy tests) and I have an obgyn appt in two weeks, but I was wondering your thoughts.

      I haven't had any additional stressors lately, which I know can cause a missed period, but this is all so unusual for me.

      - Sarah

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 11 months ago

      Hi Dimple b

      Try another test now, make sure to take it in the morning the first time you use the bathroom after you wake up. Your story sounds like you might be pregnant. If you get a negative test, it might be worth it to see the OB/GYN again, and maby have a vaginal ultrasound. Your last visit might have been to soon to detect anything.

      But to look at other things, nausea can be caused by a number of reasons, stress, anxiety and viruses/bacteria.

      I hope you get the results you want.

      Best wishes!

    • Dimple b 11 months ago

      Hi, I have missed my period since dec 2015 my last cycle was came in Nov 2015 , i have never missed my period this is the first i missed . we are trying for baby since 9 months. I have done home 3 pregnancy test and all were negative. Last month i had crampings on and off and breast tenderness. Now iam having severe nausea feeling and not feel like to eat anything . I have met Ob/gyn last month and gave for urine test and that test came out negative. Now iam worried what could be the reason for this nausea .

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 11 months ago

      Dear Artarmon

      I have two thoughts on your problem. The first one is that this sounds a little bit like the symptoms of bladders/cysts on the ovaries. It's not a dangerous thing but can cause hormonal imbalance and cramping. To check for those you need an appointment with an OB/GYN.

      The other thing is that you've had your tubes tied, which increases a little bit the chance of a ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Studies have shown that ectopic pregnancies sometimes produce lower amount of the hgc pregnancy hormone mesured in urine pregnancy tests. If you have cramping mostly on one side of your stomach instead of in the middle, please get a sonogram as soon as possible, preferably today if you can, or tomorrow.

      Despite of all this, the most likely explanation is that your body is still recovering. 8 weeks is a long time, since most of the population recovers from mono in about 4 weeks, you could be unlucky, one of the few that takes longer. I hope all will go well, and you will feel better soon.

    • Artarmon 11 months ago

      Hi, I normally have a 28 day cycle, but in December my period was 3 days late and only lasted a day. Since around then I've had on-off nausea, constipation, tiredness, very light period-like cramps for 2 months now and in the last 3 weeks I've had very sore breasts and occasional bleeding gums. My latest period was a day early and also only one day (just one regular tampon needed). Pregnancy urine tests are negative, I've had my tubes tied and I've been sick with mono which causes nausea and tiredness so the doctor won't look into it further. Almost guarantee I'm not pregnant. But the sore breasts, cramping, nausea and constipation are driving me insane, 8 weeks on I'm not tired anymore, how long do I wait for these symptoms to go away on their own before going back to the doctor?

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 12 months ago

      Hi Adrilo

      The blood tests are very acurate, and the tests you took at day 26 outrules á late ovulation. In my opinion, you are safe. Worries and anxiety can easily mimic some pregnancy signs, like nausea.


      Best wishes

    • Adrilo 12 months ago

      Im 23 and had sex a few times 26 days ago he had no condom but I was on nuvaring and took plab b 12 hours after. It was a mistake I drank that night ehichbis why I took plan b. 18 days after sex my stomach felt upset and I took a digital test and got a YES and freaked out and went to the doctors immediately. Their urine and blood test came out negative and I took 2 more at home that were negative. A week later at 26 days my stomach is still upset so I took 2 more tests that were negative with first morning urine. That YES is still in my head but I have all negatives including a negative blood test since. Am I just worrying my self sick over a false positive? Or should I trust the results after?

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 12 months ago

      Hi Hajera

      Spotting (small amount of blood, like spots) is common for women who have the copper T. The cycles can get a little irregular with small amount of blood coming during the cycle. It's a matter of choice which contraception you use, you might see this kind of spot bleeding coming more often as it is quite common. If it bothers you, you should discuss it with your doctor.

      On the other hand, to be sure that you are not pregnant, you should take another pregnancy test in 5-7 days.

    • Hajera 12 months ago

      I am 27...this month i got 5 days late period.spotting was there for 2 hours,then completely stopped.i have copper t inserted.i checked for pregnancy came negative.Always i have regular periods...but dont k ow y it become late and suddendly stopped.

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 12 months ago

      Hi Jessica

      I can not tel if you are pregnant or not. You need to buy a pregnancy test and take it in the morning when you wake up. If it's negative, try another in a week.

      Not going to the toilet for 2-4 days is not normal, it would be wise to have your urine tested at a health clinical.

    • jessica 12 months ago

      Hi am taking folic acid is been two months now .and am 4weeks late i feel crampy in my stomach .i sleep late at nignt i don't know why.some times i din't go to toilet 2 to 4 days .i have heart burn i need to know am pregnent or not .help me

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 13 months ago

      Hi Hannah

      According to my calculations you should get an accurate answer from a pregnancy test around the 4th of December. So my recommendations would be to wait until Friday or Saturday, and retake the test with morning urine. Even tho it's very uncommon, women can get pregnant after a tubal procedure, and actually the chance increases by time.

      That said, it's not that uncommon to have a single abnormal period. If the test is negative during the weekend, you can wait for your next period, if it comes as normal don't worry about this. If you have more spotting days and the next period is also short, you might want to have a chat with a doctor.

      Good luck with everything, and I hope you will get the result you're happy with.

    • Hannah 13 months ago

      I'm 35. I have 3 kids. I had a tubal done 12 years ago. I had sex with my husband on the 15th of November. On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, I got my period -- what seemed to be normal but it only lasted until halfway through Thursday and completely stopped until the following day, and then nothing but spotting for a couple days. This never happens, ever, no matter what I eat, how much I am active, no matter the stress I'm under. I have been bloated that seems to only be relieved for a short time but keeps coming back, my breasts are uncomfortable, I've had constant nausea and slight dizziness/disoriented feeling that last for a few seconds. I took a test about mid day (Monday) and it immediately showed negative. I know that something isn't right with me.

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 14 months ago

      Hi Allie

      According to my calculations you still need a few days to be sure on a result of the pregnancy test. If you had sex 12 days ago, the actual conception can happen a little later, and it takes 14 days from conception for the hCG hormone to show on a test.

      I would advice you to wait 5-7 days before taking another test, and then you should take it in the morning and use the first urine that day. Then you will get the most accurate results.

      Anxiety and stress can contribute to that kind of symptoms, and yes stress, irrregular sleeping patterns, bad nutrition and drug use can mess up your menstrual cycle.

      I hope you will take care of yourself, as soon as possible and good luck in rehab. The only moment for a change for the better is now, you can't change the past so the only way to influence your future is to change it today :)

      Best wishes to you dear Allie

    • Allie 14 months ago

      So I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 3rd of this month which is 12 days ago. I'm 4 days late for my period but it is irregular. Last month it was a couple days late and only lasted 3 days. My usual period only lasts 5-6 days. I've been getting weird stomach cramps, constant nausea, lose of appetite, headaches, urinating more frequently and am exhausted. I took a test earlier in the night but it came out negative. I was just wondering if you think I could be pregnant. I've been using a lot of drugs and drinking some too over the past about week and a half so I don't know if that could just be the cause of my symptoms. I'm 18. I've been using cocaine almost every day for about a week and a half, drinking alcohol a couple days, smoking marijuana some days and two days ago I did Molly,cocaine,marijuana and alcohol all in the same night. I'm going back to rehab but I need to know if I'm pregnant first. How long should I wait to take another test? I bought the top care brand that says they can detect 5 days before your missed period. I'm really scared that I might be. Can doing drugs mess up your menstrual cycle? I'm also under a lot of stress, could that impact anything?

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 14 months ago

      Hi Lauren

      There certainly is a possibility for false negatives, your cramp 12 days ago could have been a sign of ovulation and the later one could be implantation. The actual conception can happen up to 5 days after ovulation, and most pregnancy tests start showing positive about 14 days later. So you still have at least a weak until you can be certain on accurate result on the pregnancy test.

      Other possible causes for the cramps could be ovarian cysts, but since you have a regular cycle it's rather unlikely. Also colon cramps and constipation can mimic period cramps.

      I really hope this is your cycle ;) good luck and all my fertility wishes to you two !

    • laurenelizatodd 14 months ago

      Hi there.

      I am 4 days late for my expected period. My husband and I have been TTC, so I've been tracking my periods for the last 6 months. Every cycle has been 28 days long, except for one in May that was 22. Now I am on cycle day 31 with no signs of an oncoming period. I don't recall ever being late in my life like this and I have had several symptoms that keep me wondering.

      I've tested every couple of days and I am still getting negatives. I should add that about 12 or so days ago, I had very bad cramps that I thought was strange, since I wasn't due for my period. The cramps only lasted a day, but then 6 days ago, I had intensely sharp pains in my abdomen that were so bad I actually went home from work.

      The pains, nausea, constipation, funky smells, fatigue, and missed period make me think my tests are false negatives.

      Any thoughts?

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 15 months ago

      Hi Lexi

      I know that getting a false pregnancy test can be hard when you're trying. To minimize the disappointment I would advice you to wait until there are 5-7 days after the day your period is due. That's the optimal time to get a positive test if you are pregnant.

      If your period comes on the right time, your symptoms could be some kind of flu, and possibly some mild anxiety. I don't know if you have been to a OB/GYN, but it's also possible to have ovarian cyst that can mimic some of the pregnancy symptoms, it's harmless but can cause discomfort.

      Good luck with everything and you have my best fertility wishes :)

    • Lexi 15 months ago

      I'm at a complete loss here,

      I've been Ttc since July. My period is usually on a 28 day cycle. However my last period was only about four days, it started light was heavy then was gone, since then and even before then I've had signs. My breasts are sore, my viens are purple and small now, I'm always naseated, my head has hurt a little bit, light cramping, I'm moody and highly fatigued. I took a test last month and it came back negative, however the signs are even more obvious now and my period is due in two days but I'm afraid to get another result. What should I do?

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 15 months ago

      Hi Heather

      With cysts you can always expect some discomfort, and since you just came off birth control that would be the most logical explanation. This should not effect a pregnancy test but it can explain your symptoms. It's not unlikely for you to have irregular cycles in the following months.

      On the other hand, a late ovulation can also happen after coming off birth control and with abnormal hormones, so pregnancy is still possible.

      I hope this helped :) Best wishes

    • Heather 15 months ago

      I came off of birth control last month and was supposed to have cycle on the 21. Still hasn't showed. Been having mild cramps on and off, slight nausea,sleepy and tingly nipples. Took 2 test both negative. But with my first son i never tested positive until 10 weeks along. I have cyst on both ovaries and my hormones are not normal. Could that effect a pregnancy test or could my cycle and these symptoms be from coming off birth control? Thanks in advance

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 15 months ago

      Hi Cass

      It's too soon to be sure, these symptoms could also come from hormonal imbalance caused by not taking the pill every day. Give it a few days or a week, unless you are craving answers right now. The OB/GYN could test your blood, but they won't see anything with the ultrasound at this point. So if you can wait, that would be my recommendation, especially if you don't want to involve more people at this stage.

      Best wishes and good luck with everything

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 15 months ago

      Hi Cintia

      I'm very sorry about my late replay.

      In my opinion you could be pregnant, you are experiencing pregnancy like symptoms, and this period you describe could be implantation bleeding although it is normally only a day. You should take another pregnancy test around now, about a week after your first test. If the later test is also negative, try again in a few days. If still negative, you could be having an irregular cycle, maby talk to a OB/GYN if symptoms persist and no regular period.

      Good luck, hope you have a positive test by now :)

    • Cass 15 months ago

      Hello. New here; found via Google. My story: in a ltr that just broke up. Took a pg test, one of the early detection kinds, last week because my cycle is screwy, I've been lax about the Pill, and I'm having pg symptoms. My placebo week started yesterday, but no period, just nausea and vomiting. My PMS syptoms tend to be only moodiness and cravings, no bad cramps, but some IBS type stuff.

      I guess i am wondering if I should test again next week, call my obgyn now, or...what? I don't want to involve my ex until I know for sure. Thanks!

    • Cintia 16 months ago


      I am on TTC since April with my husband.

      This month I do have very strange cycle and symptoms.

      I was due on my period on the 22nd September.

      I started to feel symptoms on around the 15th of September : cramping, lower back ache, pain on left side of abdominal, nipples sensitive.

      These all were very strange for me, as it sounds like period pains but I felt it came too early as I experience them always 1-2 days before period.

      My period appeared 4 days early which never happened to me before. It lasted 3 days (I usually have mine for 4-5 heavy) and it was much weaker than usually, could be seen by wiping mainly.

      More symptoms came around that time when "period". I started to feel nausea (but very badly), nipple started to be darker and all the symptom I had before got harder.

      The bleeding stopped absolutely but I still experience all the symptoms and:

      Yesterday I vomited due to strong smells in the kitchen and today woke up for nausea again. I have been in the bathroom more times during last night to pee which also strange as I always can sleep overnight.

      At the end I decided to do a pregnancy test this morning but it was negative.

      I am on 17 dpo and we did have intercourse with my husband at least every second day.

      Is there any possibility I am pregnant??

      Thank you very much.


    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 16 months ago

      You should wait for one week and then take a new test if still no period.

    • nikki 16 months ago

      Missed my period and did a test on day one of it being missed came bk negotiate but had pregnancy symptoms what should i do

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 16 months ago

      Hi Eden-Inabnit

      Fertilization can happen up to 5 days after ovulation and I would advice you to take another test after few days or a week. It's still possible that you are pregnant.

      It is possible to conceive and have an early miscarriage. In pregnancy these symptoms are caused by the pregnancy hormone. These hormones can be measured with a blood test and if you still have these symptoms and a negative test in a week, I would recommend that you get a blood test for HCG. Then the doctor can see if it is raised and that would indicate that you were pregnant for a short while. It symptoms persist it might also be advisable to have an exam by an ob/gyn to test for molar pregnancy.

      I hope all goes well, best wishes.

    • Eden-Inabnit 16 months ago

      I am 5 days late. My husband and I tried to conceive while I was ovulating and I have symptoms like tender breasts, sore enlarged nipples, cramping, fatigue, and nausea and vomiting but I have taken 5 negative pregnancy tests and even went to the doctor and got a negative. I am high risk due to connective tissue issues but I don't know if I conceived and if I did and lost the baby would I still have symptoms.

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 17 months ago

      Shelby and nthabi

      I'm sorry for a late reply, was out of office for the summer.

      I have the same advice for you both.

      I would suggest that you get an appointment with an OB/GYN, you could possibly have bladders on you ovaries and it could be beneficial to let them test your hormone levels.

      I wish you all the best

    • nthabi 20 months ago

      Hello please help I have been having all the pregnancy symptoms around early February. .My periods were late and pale now it's the end of May I still got my periods and my stomach has cramps and I feel some vibration in my belly I can't even sleep flat on it , I eat even when I'm full l still have every pregnancy symptom, my breast had enlarged and I still got a negative pregnancy test what is really going on ? This is really stressing me out now

    • Shelby 21 months ago

      I have a history of irregular periods. This January I didn't have a period then February I had it like normal. Then march it was irregular because I only bleed for 3 days. And now it's April, I usually get my period on the 1st of every month, but I didn't. I was also sexually active leading up to the day I was supposed to start my period. I waited a couple days and it still didn't come. I've taken 4 pregnancy test and all have said negative. But I've had a little off and on nausea but not real bad. My sides also hurt. My breast are sensitive. And I'm not eating as much as I usually do. Can you help me? Do you have any advice?

    • lillianireta 24 months ago

      Ok my comment, I was pregnant with my second child. I did notget a positive test and ultrasound to confirm till I was 5 1/2 months along. So strange things do happen

    • renee 2 years ago

      I've had cramps for a month now on and off, I still have negative pregnancy tests but I really feel a bubble type pressure in my pelvic area. I've never been pregnant before so I'm wondering is this how it feels when a women's pregnant? Honestly I would love to experience caring a child but I'm not crazy to the point where I would make myself think if I had symptoms my test would change. I don't understand what it could be. Any suggestions?

    • misty 2 years ago

      Hey.... I haven't had a period since September 9th. I have had every symptom other than vomiting and still no positive test out of the 5 I have taken. What do you think the problem could be? Is it possible that I could be pregnant or could it be something really really bad?

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 2 years ago

      Hi Ande

      If you took your test in the last few days it should show at least a faint positive if you are pregnant.

      Wait a week and try again, if you get a negative test again you should make an appointment with a OB-gyn doctor to find out why you are not getting your period.

      Best wishes to you


    • ande 2 years ago

      I missed period on September 14 then I had a sex to my bf this October 3. Oct 14 I missed my period again. Possible I get pregnant? I tried pregnancy test but its negative.

    • babycatcher profile image

      Harpa Ósk 2 years ago

      Lincia, 13dpo is a little too soon to take a test, you should wait a week and try again. By now you should get a possitive test if you are pregnant, I hope all goes the way you wanted.

      Dana, today you are 5 days past your time, a good home pregnancy test should be accurate by now, just take a test and see how it goes. I hope that you have the support you need if the results are unexpected.

      Best wishes to you both

    • Dana 2 years ago

      I'm kinda worried because I haven't gotten my menstrual cycle at all I was due for it on the 25th of this month and I still haven't got it is there a possibility I could be pregnant?

    • Lincia 2 years ago

      New here. My cycle came last month on the 23 and ended on the 25. A week later I felt like my cycle was about to come again at which I said this wasn't possible. I would cramp and it would go away. My breast would hurt as if they were cold and then they wouldn't hurt at all. Now I get nauseated after I eat and sometime vomit. I'm 13dpo and a BFN. In need of advice.

    • Kayla 2 years ago

      So what if aunt flow came and went. she was over a week late and shorter than usual. 4 days instead of 6. before my period I had every pregnancy symptom in the book. and now after my period I'm mildly crampy, bloated, nauseated, and extremely Moody. very unusual for me. I took a test on day 36 of my cycle and ended up starting later that day.

    • angela 4 years ago

      These symptoms may also be caused by certain kinds of birth control.

    • CandraEvans profile image

      Candra Evans 4 years ago from Cincinnati, Ohio

      Thank you. This is very helpful.

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