Spiritual Signs During Pregnancy

Updated on June 9, 2016

Messages From the Divine

Did a spiritual sign let you know you were pregnant or that you were having a boy, a girl, or even twins?

Did a spiritual sign warn or prepare you about pregnancy or childbirth complications?

Does it ever seem as if God, or Life, is trying to get a message through to you by the things you see, hear, or experience in your daily life?

Spiritual Signs: Divine Guidance in Our Lives

Many people have found guidance in their everyday lives or discovered information which was helpful to them by viewing life's experiences in a new way.

They learn to interpret some of the things that happen in their lives as being signs or messages from a higher force, from the Holy Spirit, or from God.

Pregnancy and Spirituality

Pregnancy seems to be a time of heightened spiritual awareness for many women. During this time, and sometimes during the months leading up to pregnancy, women often begin to notice symbols or signs in their daily lives which provide them with information about their pregnancies or babies.

Others experience vivid dreams about their babies or prophetic dreams about their pregnancies, and/or rely on their intuition or inner knowingness more.

Yet sometimes women have questions about these spiritual experiences. They may not understand what is happening, wonder if others have experienced the same types of things, and wonder if their own experiences are true and accurate...or if they are just their imaginations gone wild!

Other women may be accepting of the spiritual experiences and the information those experiences provide, but aren't fully aware of the significance of the spiritual experiences that are happening to them. For the past five years, I've been involved with a project dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about women's spiritual pregnancy experiences.

During this time, over half of the women I've spoken to or interviewed have reported being aware of divine signs during their pregnancies.

What Are Spiritual Signs Like?

How can you tell it's a sign?

Signs could come in the form of something someone says, either to you, or to someone else. Although the speaker may not be aware of it, their message may have its own level of significance to you, and the message is often about something entirely different than what the person was attempting to communicate!

Likewise, these special messages could come in the form of something you hear on the radio or TV, or something you see in print, - a headline in the newspaper, for example.

Other times, signs can come from the everyday life experiences that happen to us. When we have experiences that seem just a bit out of the ordinary or unusual, these are often good times to stop and think, "Does this experience have a special meaning for me? What is it trying to tell me?"

Signs like these happen to us all the time, yet unless we are aware of the possibility, we may completely overlook them.

A Series of Physical 'Coincidences' Can Actually Be Messages From Spirit

A quote from Jason Bedunah about spiritual signs:

"This idea, which I have seen several times at work in my own life, says that a series of physical "coincidences" can actually be messages from Spirit to guide you into greater understanding or lead you from harm. The idea is phenomenal. It requires you to understand that there really is no separation between the physical and the spiritual. When you realize this, you can begin to see Spirit at work through everyday events!" - Jason Bedunah

For spiritual signs to be of any use to us, we must notice them. Sometimes a single sign will stand out and seem so unusual or out of place that I instantly notice. Other times I'll just get a feeling inside that I am to take notice, as this experience is significant. But every so often, a particular sign seems to just blend right in with life, and the way that I become aware of it is by its frequency over a short time period.

The signs might not all be the same. Let's say you are going on vacation and have been making a lot of purchases over the past few days. As you are standing in line at a store, you overhear someone nearby talking about having lost their wallet. A few minutes later you overhear someone else talking about needing to deposit money in the bank. Then you get up to the cashier, yet you must stand and wait while she trades in some $20's for $1's.

Perhaps none of these events by themselves would have made you take note, but if taken all together over a very short period of time, they might send up a red flag within you. Perhaps as a group they would have given you the message that you needed to curtail your spending a bit!

Types of Divine Signs

The most common spiritual pregnancy signs I've been told about were about being pregnant or about the gender of their baby, although others have been mentioned too. These signs have come in a variety of ways.

Some have come via various forms of media, including songs heard on the radio ("You're Having My Baby" for example!), captions in newspapers or magazines, and things seen or heard on TV.

They have also come from things other people have said, and from seeing unusual, noteworthy things (such as a live stork in a pond located in an area where storks don't commonly live!).

Many signs have also come from simply noticing a symbol in one's daily life which develops a special meaning to the person experiencing it (such as the doll in Aileen's story, or the factory in Jane's story (in the same article.)

Have you noticed any spiritual signs related to your pregnancy or pregnancies?

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Did a spiritual sign let you know you were pregnant?

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Tips for Noticing Signs in Your Pregnancy

Do you have a question about your pregnancy, your baby, or the adventure of motherhood? Maybe, for example, you wonder if your baby will be healthy. Or perhaps you've been trying to get pregnant for a long time, and wonder if you ever will.

Whatever your question may be, why not ask it, either in your head, or in your journal? At the same time, ask to see a certain symbol to indicate an answer to your question. Pick something as your symbol that you don't see often.

For example, you could ask to see a bird's nest full of eggs as a sign that you are pregnant. But don't suddenly go searching outside among the trees! Relax. The symbol will come to you. Maybe while you're casually reading the newspaper one morning you'll come across a picture of a nest of eggs.

Or maybe your husband (whom you've not shared this symbol with) will point out a bird's nest to you that he noticed in the shrubs in front of your house. The symbol you select does not necessarily have to be related in meaning to your question, by the way.

Pick any symbol at all, and assign to it a special meaning of your own.

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