What Expectant Mothers Actually Need to Pack for the Hospital

Updated on August 19, 2019
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I am a mom to one amazing baby girl and excited to help new moms through my experience.

Packing List for the Expectant Mommas

There are six essential items that I think all expectant mothers should pack in their delivery bag. I will also include a few extra items for comfort. Later on, I will discuss the essential items for the diaper bag. The hospital I gave birth in provided most of these items, but since not every hospital does, I wanted to include them on the list.

1. Maxi Pads

These were essential for after giving birth because you typically bleed for up to six weeks afterward. I used the hospital-grade maxi pads and requested extra ones to take home. Once I ran out, I transitioned to Poise Maxi pads. These worked just as well and I could buy them in bulk online.

2. Mesh Underwear

These were the most comfortable "underwear" ever. To be honest, I would probably still be wearing these if it was socially acceptable. Comfort was the most important factor for me after giving birth. I also enjoyed that these were disposable so if they got ruined I could throw them away. I have also heard from other moms that they preferred buying cheap larger panties for that comfort level—and so they did not care about ruining good underwear.

3. Witch Hazel Pads

These provided so much relief for the aching pain I felt. They provided a cooling relief and are beneficial for the pain of the first bowel movement.

4. Peri Bottle

This was one of the most beneficial items for cleansing oneself after using the bathroom. It can be super sensitive after vaginal birth, and toilet paper can be too abrasive. This made sure everything was clean while not adding more pain to the already sensitive region. I know other moms prefer Frida Mom because it has an angled tip, but I cannot personally speak for it since I did not use it.

5. Dermoplast Pain and Itch Spray

The Dermoplast spray was very helpful for relieving the pain after using the bathroom. It provided instant relief and in my experience also provided a cooling effect. I used the blue bottle and would suggest that over the red one due to the red one having alcohol in it, which can cause stinging (especially if you have stitches).

6. Going Home Outfit

When researching, I saw all of these other moms wearing jeans or cute outfits, which is completely okay if that is what you want. I personally wanted to wear something comfortable and warm since I gave birth during winter. I opted for sweat pants and a long-sleeve t-shirt. I am glad that I went with sweat pants since I did not know what my size was going to be after birth.

These were my essentials and what I would suggest packing in your labor and delivery bag. Next, I will discuss essentials to pack for your baby in their diaper bag.

First Glimpse

Newborn Baby Essentials

The hospital I went to provided all of the essentials for our daughter. However, if your hospital does not, I would like to include the 8 baby essentials to pack.

1. Diapers

Since the hospital provided us with diapers I used them over ours. They provided us with disposable diapers so if you would like to use cloth you probably need to bring them with you. Before we checked out of the hospital I packed the remaining diapers.

2. Wipes

These are necessary for diaper changes. I know other moms also bring wipes that you can dampen and wash your baby.

3. Diaper Rash Cream

I would bring this just in case your baby gets an irritation due to their skin being sensitive. I prefer Aquaphor diaper cream. It has worked the best for our daughter and also has a lotion that helped with her dry skin from being a winter baby.

4. Socks/Mittens/Hats

Babies love being warm and swaddled. Those listed above help accomplish it. Mittens also protect them from scratching themselves with their sharp nails. In my case, our daughter came out with the longest nails and the mittens worked well.

5. Pacifier

Our hospital had a policy where they no longer provided pacifiers so we brought them. However, our daughter would never take to a pacifier so we did not push it.

6. Burp Rags

These were helpful when trying to get breastfeeding down. I have heard from formula feeding mommas that they also found them helpful.

7. Swaddle Blankets

This would help keep our baby girl warm and with her sleep. The hospital did provide a swaddle blanket to use while at the hospital, but being first-time parents we really enjoyed the blankets with velcro closing. Our favorite one was SwaddleMe. It had the convenient velcro to easily swaddle and soft material.

8. Car Seat

This is an obvious one. However, most hospitals offer someone to show you how to properly install your car seat and can verify if you have yours installed correctly.

Extra, Extra

Below I will discuss additional items you can pack that would be for added comfort or preference.

1. Onesies

Our hospital provided them, but they were not very cute. If you would like to take newborn pictures of your baby while at the hospital I would suggest bringing your own baby outfits.

2. Makeup

If you would like to partake in the newborn pictures that most hospitals offer and feel more comfortable with makeup on, I would add that to your packing list.

3. Delivery Gown/After-Birth Outfit

I personally wore the gown that the hospital provided due to my delivery being quick when I arrived at the hospital. (The labor process was not quick, but I spent most of it at home.) I packed an after-birth outfit with a matching robe but did not end up using it.

4. Toiletries

I spoke to some mothers who chose to shower while at the hospital. I was not in the hospital for very long so I chose to wait until I got home to shower.

These are all additional items and not necessary for every mother. I would pack what will help you feel the most comfortable and like yourself. All of your focus will be on the arrival of your precious baby, but if any of these items can help you feel more like yourself after the delivery, I would pack them.

Baby's First Outfit

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Amber


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