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How Soon Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

I spent over two years trying to conceive, used a lot of pregnancy tests, and also researched how all the tests worked.


I Had Unprotected Sex—Am I Pregnant?

If you are trying to get pregnant (or even if you just think there is a chance you might be pregnant after having unprotected sex), and you are wondering when would be the earliest date that you can take a pregnancy test and get an accurate result, then there are a number of factors that you need to take into account before you can decide the answer to this.

How Soon After Sex Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

Can and should are two very different verbs here. You can take a test whenever you like. However, if you want accurate results, it's best to take the test at least eight days after you've ovulated. Eight days is the very bare minimum though and you often won't get a positive test until maybe 3-4 days later.

Waiting until 14 days after ovulation is a much better time frame. That means that taking a test immediately after sex won't give you any viable results. Here's why you want to wait:

  • Pregnancy Isn't Immediate: Pregnancy doesn't start the moment after you have sex. It can take up to six days for the sperm and egg to join.
  • Chemical Pregnancies: According to this study by J. Clin Med Res, "[o]ne of the possible outcomes of the pregnancy test is a biochemical pregnancy; where the initial pregnancy test is positive but does not progress into a clinical pregnancy." A chemical pregnancy is where the sperm and egg meet, but the body naturally miscarries before the person knows they are pregnant. The same study goes on to note that "between 50% and 60% of all first-time pregnancies are thought to end in miscarriage—a large majority of which can be attributed to biochemical pregnancies."
  • Test Sensitivity: Not all tests are created equal. Some are much more sensitive (meaning they can register lower amounts of hCG) than others. So, you potentially will get a false negative if you use an insensitive test early when your body hasn't had time to build up hCG. Waiting reduces the chances of this—but doesn't eliminate the chances entirely.

Don't Know When You Ovulated?

If you do not know when you ovulated, but the only thing you know is when you had unprotected sex then you should really wait 18 days for a conclusive result. The reason for this is that you can get pregnant by having sex up to 4 days before ovulation. Then the hCG may not show up on the test until 14 days after that (although the likelihood is it will show up a few days sooner) so that gives a possible timescale of 18 days until you can get a positive result in some cases.

In the majority of situations, however, you should get an accurate result around 10-14 days after having unprotected sex.

How Quickly Can I Take a Pregnancy Test and Get an Accurate Result?

Firstly, if your period is already a week late, then you can already take any of the home pregnancy tests that are on the market. You should get an accurate result. I say you "should get"' because obviously there are always exceptions to the rule, and it may depend on how regular your cycles are.

The reason most doctors and sources, including, recommend waiting until you miss your period is because your body needs time to build human chorionic gonadotropin, more commonly referred to as hCG. HCG is only present in the body when you're pregnant, and that's what these test for. It does start building up in your system after fertilization but may not reach sufficient levels to show up on a test until later.

Also, you really need to have regular periods to know when your period is a week late!

So the main factor you need to think about when considering if your period is a week late is:

Do You Know When You Last Ovulated?

If you are monitoring your cycles because you are trying to get pregnant, then you may well know the answer to this question—but if you are not necessarily trying to get pregnant or just not trying and not preventing, then you may well not be aware of when you ovulated.

If you do not know when you ovulated, then you can calculate your estimated ovulation date using your period—although it may not be totally accurate! If you have regular-length cycles, then it is reasonably common to ovulate 14 days before the first day of your period, so you could take that as a rough guess. This may only cover 2/3 of the population though, so may not be that accurate.

So if you think that your period is due on the 20th of the month, then the most common time of ovulation would be around the 6th of the month.

If this sounds a bit confusing and overwhelming, FirstResponse (who produces one of the most sensitive and accurate pregnancy tests) made this handy calculator that helps you estimate when you may have gotten pregnant.

Which Pregnancy Test Is the Most Sensitive?

FirstResponse seems to be the most sensitive according to many clinical tests, including Clin Chem Lab Med's study of the product's efficacy.

There are different pregnancy tests available that pick up the pregnancy hormone, hCG, at different strengths. The most sensitive test picks up hCG levels of about 10 in your urine. Other tests pick up hCG at levels of 20, 25 or 50. So the higher the level of hCG is picked up by the tests, the later you will be able to use that test as the hCG builds up in your system.

That said, not all tests are created equal. J. Am Pharm Assoc. researched the sensitivity and accuracy of over-the-counter pregnancy tests, concluding that "First Response Early Result had an analytical sensitivity of 6.3 mIU/mL, which was estimated to detect greater than 95% of pregnancies on the day of missed period. The sensitivity of Clearblue Easy Earliest Results was 25 mIU/mL, which indicated detection of 80% of pregnancies."

I used the One Step pregnancy tests because they balanced price and accuracy, in my experience. Everyone on a forum I used to frequent would recommend these test strips because they were so cheap, showed a positive test pretty early on, and were really sensitive (10mlU). For some reason though, they didn't seem to sell these ones in the shops. They only seemed to be available online, so I would stock up on them so I could use them the next month. The cheapest ones I could find in the shops were much more expensive than these, so it was worth ordering them online. I also learned somewhere along the way that these are the ones that are used by doctors and hospitals. I don't know how true this is, as I don't have any evidence to prove this.

Cheap pregnancy test strips can show a positive from 10 DPO

Cheap pregnancy test strips can show a positive from 10 DPO

When Can I Test?

So, the question is, how soon can you use each type of pregnancy test strip? Well, your body would have had to built up certain levels of hCG for the test to show a positive line. The standard levels of hCG differ according to where you look, but wikipedia reports the following levels:

HCG Levels Timeline

Weeks Since Last Missed PeriodHCG Level


5 - 50 miU


5 - 426 miU


18 - 7,340 miU


1,080 - 56,500 miU

Knowing When You Last Ovulated Is Important

If you break this down to a more detailed level—based on the pregnancies that I have observed through many friends on a pregnancy forum (not scientific, but you see a lot of stats on there over a year or so)—then you can generally expect tests to show positive according to these levels:

  • 10 days past ovulation - should see a faint line on a 10 miU test strip
  • 12 days past ovulation - you may see a faint line on a 20 or 25 miU test
  • 14 days past ovulation - you may see a positive on a 50 miU test

So this is where it is more important that you know which day you ovulated on last, as there can be a big discrepancy in whether you see a positive or not. Also, of course, some people have a later implantation (the time when the hCG starts to build up), so their levels will not rise until later. Also, bizarrely, there are some people who do not show a positive on a pregnancy test until 6 weeks or later.

So the basic answer is that a lot of pregnancies will show a faint positive (on the right test) between 10-14 days after you ovulated, which would be up to four days before your period is due.

What If My Period Is Already Late?

If your period is already late, then you should be able to test with pretty much any home pregnancy test these days. The most accurate ones are the digital tests that show you a "pregnant" or "not pregnant" in the window to avoid any doubt.

If you get a "not pregnant" or other negative result (but still believe that you might be), wait a week and test again. Or at least wait a few days, especially if you have irregular cycles because that could mean that your ovulation date may be later than you thought.

Also, stress can make your period late (even underlying stress that you don't realize you have), so there is always the chance that worrying about being pregnant is the reason your period has not turned up yet.

Does it automatically mean I'm pregnant if I miss my period?

Not necessarily. There's a litany of reasons why you might miss your period or why it might be a few days late. Dr. Mark Trolice weighs in on the subject, giving understandable, helpful advice.

Some tests will say 'Pregnant' or 'Not Pregnant' just to make things really clear.

Some tests will say 'Pregnant' or 'Not Pregnant' just to make things really clear.

Ensuring That You Don't Get a False-Positive

What is a false-positive pregnancy test?

A false-positive pregnancy test is exactly what it sounds like: a test gives you a positive result when you're not actually pregnant. False-positives can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  • letting the test sit too long before checking it
  • an expired test
  • being on medications that effect your hCG levels
  • experiencing a chemical pregnancy (where you are technically pregnant because implantation has happened but miscarry shortly thereafter)
  • a recent miscarriage or abortion (hCG levels take quite some time to dissipate)
  • a user error (some test's indicators are not quite clear and/or have confusing instructions)

How common are false-positives?

There doesn't seem to be a lot of research answering this question, so I don't have a clear answer. In "Strips of Hope: Accuracy of Home Pregnancy Tests and New Developments," a study by C. Gnoth and S. Johnson, they found that at-home pregnancy tests were generally far less sensitive than they claimed to be. It perhaps stands to reason then that false-positives wouldn't be all that common. There's not evidence that I could find to back up my claim one way or another.

What should I do if I think I got a false-positive?

  • Test again: Try a different brand of test or a different type, and see if you get the same results.
  • See a doctor: A doctor's second opinion could help you get more information. Your doctor also might be able to help you explore any other factors that might have led to a false positive.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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Jackie Grant (author) from UK on August 21, 2020:

Hi Bella, obviously it is very difficult to know if you have PCOS but if you take a test say 4 weeks after having unprotected sex and that is negative then the test is most likely right. So, depending on when exactly you took the test, it might be worth taking another one just to confirm.

Bella-1234 on August 19, 2020:

I’m irregular I have PCOS on July 7 and 8th we had unprotected sex. Only time I’ve had sex in over 2 months. 3 days after I started cramping and spotted for 2 days then stopped . It’s now aug 17 and I took a test like 2/3 weeks ago and it was negative . But I’ve been really fatigued and nauseas lately and my iron levels have drastically dropped . Today I spotted again , could I be pregnant ?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on August 10, 2020:

Hi Amanda, I would say no. Spotting can happen for reasons other than pregnancy so the tests are more than likely right.

amlg2001 on August 09, 2020:

Hey my name is Amanda I had sex about 21 days ago. And a week after I had sex I had my period my period ended but now I’m spotting and I’m scared it’s implantation bleeding. Also I took a pregnancy test two days ago and it came back negative also I took another yesterday morning beacuse in the morning is said to be accurate and it was also negative. I’m a little paranoid cuz I normally don’t spot in between periods. Could I be pregnant even though I had my period and my tests came back negative?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on August 04, 2020:

Hi Lucy, in my personal opinion a negative test more than 18 days after the last time you had unprotected sex is extremely likely to be accurate.

Lucy on August 04, 2020:

Hi, I have very irregular periods, i had unprotected sex on the 12th July, and have no had a period, I done a test today the 4th August which was negative can i take that as an accurate result?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on July 27, 2020:

Hi Sophie, the linea nigra doesn't tend to appear until later in pregnancy but essentially it is the darkening of a line that is already there (linea alba) - so what you are seeing is unlikely to have anything to do with pregnancy unless there is a chance that you are 20+ weeks pregnant (in which case tests would quite possibly show up as negative).

Sophie on July 27, 2020:

Hello, ive noticed a line going through my belly button down and they say it’s a sign of pregnancy but I did many pregnancy tests and they are negative what should I think.

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on July 26, 2020:

Hi Anastasia, I hate to say it but yes it sounds like you are being a little paranoid! I can't see any reason to think that you might be pregnant. The pill is extremely effective when taken regularly and even if your period was a bit lighter that doesn't really matter.

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on July 24, 2020:

Hi jared, yes it should be if done correctly.

jared on July 24, 2020:

is taking a preg test accurate the week after missed period?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on July 22, 2020:

Hi aron, there are a few reasons why a period can be late including stress, worry etc. It is probably worth doing another test a week after the first one but generally speaking tests are pretty accurate so there may be something else going on.

aron on July 22, 2020:

hey my girlfriend was supposed to get her period on 16th of this month but its been delayed for 6 days now and we're really hoping she's not pregnant.She did a pregnancy test on 20th and it was negative.And her discharge color seems to be normal too but should I tell her to do another test?Also her sleep schedule has been changed drastically this month coz of vacations.Please reply soon..

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on July 17, 2020:

Hi caren, 10 days after intercourse is quite early to test so I would give it another week. There can be a few reasons why you did not have a period in June but it might be worth getting checked out by your doctor.

caren on July 15, 2020:


i had regular periods before. but my period did not come on June.

i had intercourse on July 5. had negative PT on july 15. is that enough not to panic?or i should repeat PT if period still not come?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on July 05, 2020:

Hi Ludi, it sounds like you had sex quite early in your cycle (unless you generally have short cycles). If you have regular 28 day cycles then I would wait a few more days to see if your period arrives as there can be a few reasons it may be late. Pregnancy tests are not often wrong (unless you take them too early) but give it a week after your period was due to maybe take another one to be sure.

Ludi on July 05, 2020:

Hi good day,! I have my period start on June 9 and I have unprotected sex on June 16 then I have to PT about 21 days but the result is negative and Intel now July 6 I don't have yet my period then I buy PT but the result is negative but the result is not clear. What this mean? Then why the result is negative until now.

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on July 05, 2020:

Hi Daisy, are your periods usually regular? Pregnancy tests are normally accurate but obviously there are some exceptions. If you don't get your period in the next couple of weeks (assuming that you usually get them regularly) then it may be worth seeing your doctor to figure out what is going on.

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on July 05, 2020:

Hi Amanda, it really depends on how long your cycle is normally. As you had unprotected sex over 3 weeks into your cycle you would likely need to have reasonably long cycles to get pregnant at that point. However, if you still haven't got your period now then it is certainly worth taking another test.

DAisy on July 02, 2020:

I had my last period MAy 16, then i had unprotected sex on the 3rd & 12th of June, until now July 3 i missed my period, i already took the pregnancy test last June 19, 27 and JUly 3 but the result was negative could i be pregnant or no.

Amanda on July 01, 2020:

Ok guys help me out .... I had my period around the 13th of may had some spotting June 19th first was clear with red tinge a day later it was pinkish red just when I wiped that happened for 2 days then it was brown then clear again I had unprotected sex with my husband on the 5th of June light cramping and some heart burn I took a pregnancy test on the 21st but it was negative could I be pregnant or no

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on June 18, 2020:

Hi Ishu, if your period has not yet arrived then you should be able to test now as it has been over a month. However, it is extremely unlikely to get pregnant if you have sex during your period as that is not when ovulation occurs so it might be advisable to use to ovulation test sticks to see when you are ovulating and the best time to have sex. It is possible to have conceived on 14th May but that still sounds very early in your cycle.

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on June 13, 2020:

Hi D Bourisaw, yes there is a chance that you could have tested a little early so I would wait maybe 3-4 days more and test again.

D Bourisaw on June 12, 2020:

I had sex everyday from May 25-31 my peak on my ovulation kit showed up on May 31. I was suppose to start my period yesterday took a test yesterday and today. Both show neg. Still no signs I am going to start a little nauseated and bloated. My boobs do not hurt and they ALWAYS hurt before my period and I also cramp the week before I start my period nothing this time so far could I be testing too early

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on May 08, 2020:

Private user- I'd say that there is definitely a chance you could be pregnant as you seem to have had sex in what could have been a fertile time. if you have in the past not got a positive on a test until 6 weeks then maybe this could happen again. I would continue to test every week if your period doesn't arrive. of course stress can also cause your period to be late so it could also be that (or a number of other factors).

Private user on May 07, 2020:

I need help bc I’m freaking out I usually get my period at the end of every month I have a 28 day cycle I had sex April 14 15 16 i was supposed to get my period the 24 possible date then the 25 as another possible date once the 26 came it said that was the day according to previous months so it’s going to be day 12 of me being late and I took a test no positive but I was once pregnant at 16 I had a accident and I didn’t get a positive till I was 6 weeks I sadly lost the baby since then I’ve been nervous but due to all the madness rn in the world my obgyn is closed is there a possibility I’m pregnant ?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on January 28, 2020:

Hi Rose, ovulation occurs around the middle of your cycle and in order to pinpoint it you need to check a few things. You can get more info in this article

Rose on January 27, 2020:

When is my ovulation

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on January 25, 2020:

Hi lee, it depends on a few things - it is possible to have sex on the last day of your period and get pregnant if your period is reasonably long - maybe 5-6 days and you ovulate early that month - maybe on day 10. But if your period is a standard 28 days and you ovulate on day 14 (which you can only know by testing), then it is unlikely that you would get pregnant at any time before day 9 of your cycle as sperm cannot survive for that long.

lee on January 23, 2020:

am so confuse because am wondering if you can have sex the last day of your period can i get pregnant same time my ovalation is 28 cycle

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on January 14, 2020:

Hi Jenifer, it is unlikely, if you had a positive test on May 22nd, that you would have conceived on May 16th as that does not give enough time for HCG to be at high enough levels for a positive test. It also seems more likely that you ovulated nearer to 5-7th May. However, there is no failsafe way of knowing.

Jennifer on January 14, 2020:

My last LMP was April 22,2019, I had an abortion six weeks prior.

I had sex on May 5&7 and also May 16,2019.

Tested positive on May 22,2019.

Trying to determine my most possible conception date.

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on December 18, 2019:

Hi Michelle, I would say that whatever your cycle length is, the very earliest you should test is 9 days after ovulation, but a positive may not show up until around 11-12 days after ovulation, if not longer. Although it is perfectly possible to get pregnant with a 21/22 day cycle, it may be worth checking with your doctor that you are producing enough progesterone to sustain a pregnancy as a luteal phase of 10 days is pretty short. Good luck.

Michelle on December 18, 2019:

So I had unprotected sex 2,3,4 days before I ovulated which was on the 10 or 11th. How many days after should I take a pregnancy test? I simply don’t want to wait for my missed period. I’ve gotten quite a few pregnancie symptoms. And my cycle length is 21, 22 dayside it’s the 10 days after ovulation. And f I take a pregnancy test 7 days before my missed period should it detect pregnancy?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on November 20, 2019:

Hi Alice, there is only a very small likelihood I would say - and it would be more likely if you have a cycle that is shorter than 28 days as you are likely to have ovulated earlier. If your cycle is usually 28 days and your period 4-5 days then the chances are really pretty slim indeed.

Alice on November 17, 2019:

I had unprotected sex on the last day of my period. What’s the likelihood I’m pregnant?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on October 31, 2019:

Hi, ac2019, as I understand it, yes, it is possible to get pregnant in the first week after implant removal.

ac2019 on October 29, 2019:

I had my implant removed the same day I was supposed to ovulate. I had unprotected sex a few hours before getting it removed? Is it possible to get pregnant within the first week?

My periods weren’t consistent when I had my implant, but I kept my tracker/app updated and my ovulation days wouldn’t change much?

Tony on September 05, 2019:

We have been having unprotected sex constantly since August 18th (when I was at medium chance according to my app). Period was expected last wednesday, still late (8 days). Took a test yesterday and it was negative. When should I test again?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on August 22, 2019:

Hi Cailey yes there is a chance. If you are unsure of when your period is due then I would take the test 2-3 weeks after having unprotected sex. Good luck.

Cailey on August 19, 2019:

Hey so I’ve been off the depo shot for almost 3 months now and I’ve recently started bleeding again and last night me and my partner had unprotected sex and so I don’t have to say more then that. Is there any chances of me getting pregnant since I started bleeding again? I’m kinda excited because I’m really hoping I am. And when should I take a test?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on August 15, 2019:

Hi Hannah, sorry for some reason I only just saw your comment. I expect you probably know either way by now but for anyone else who might ask, if the only time you have sex is on day 3 of your cycle then the chances of getting pregnant are extremely small, barring some very exceptional circumstances.

Hannah on August 06, 2019:

Help me plz!!!! So on July 22 I had sex and I started my period the 20th so I had sex on my period can I be prego!!???i took a pregnancy test on August 4th and it wasn’t negative but I just feel different and think I am help me?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on July 01, 2019:

Hi Peace, that depends on how long your cycle is normally, but really you should expect to have had a period by now (unless you have some kind of underlying condition like PCOS). Have you taken a pregnancy test?

Peace on June 27, 2019:

Hello i saw my period 1st of April and end 6th of April. when should i expect it. am confuse plsss help out

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on June 10, 2019:

Hi Aditi, that depends on how accurate you are with your cycle. It is very unlikely that you could be pregnant, not only because you used a condom, but also you would have to be pretty much 2 weeks off with your cycle.

Aditi on June 10, 2019:

Hi my period was due on 5/6.... On 4/6 we had sex..though my partner was using a condom ....but I didn't get my period on 5/6....are there chances on me getting pregnant?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on May 23, 2019:


Jade on May 22, 2019:

I’m almost 7 days late should I take a test?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on March 14, 2019:

Hi Frida, there are a few reasons why you may have missed a period, including weight changes, hormone changes, stress, if you are older this may happen when you hit the peri menopause. it may be an idea to get your doctor to check your hormone levels.

Frida on March 12, 2019:

My period is one month late, U should have my period on 24 feb but not, still my period not come yet it 13 Mar now I tested yesterday and it get negatives results, is something wrong with my cycle?

Tiffany on March 12, 2019:

my period was 2/12 to 2/15 & i had sex 2/21 and took a plan b 3 days later then came on my period again 3/01 to 3/04. I took a pregnancy test and came out negative. Any chance i could be pregnant?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on March 11, 2019:

Hi beth yes if you have unprotected sex while ovulating there is a chance you could get pregnant. it may be worth checking with your doctor as to how soon they might be able to do a blood test for you.

beth on March 10, 2019:

Hi, I had unprotective sex 9/3/19 and that's when I started ovulating is there a chance I am pregnant and if I am I need to know as soon as because I have epilepsy

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on March 07, 2019:

Lande, you will need to wait 2 weeks after last having unprotected sex before taking a test.

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on March 07, 2019:

Hi Yashna, I would advise waiting 2 weeks to take a test after having unprotected sex.

Lande on March 06, 2019:

Hi my period doesn't come at the right time every month..I had it on the 25 of Feb it usually last 4 days and the 5 day is the last drops of boyfriend came in me on the 4th day then on the 6th day after it ended..on the 7th day. I'm trying to find out if I am pregnant

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on February 26, 2019:

Hi Jerii64, there are a few reasons this could be. It is impossible that the positive test is from sex 2 days ago so it must be from another time prior to that. That level of HCG would indicate a pregnancy of about 4-5 weeks gestation (i.e. sex around 3 weeks ago) so perhaps the period you had recently was actually early pregnancy bleeding (which can be quite common). The best thing to do is to get a second HCG test 2 days later (ie now if possible) and see if the HCG is rising at the correct rate.

Jerii64 on February 24, 2019:

I have a positive pregnany test and beta hcg of 482 only 2 days after sex and 9 days after period.. how is this possible?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on February 20, 2019:

Hi Jasmine, no that is too early and it also depends on when you ovulated. You should test only at a minimum 10 days after ovulation or 2 weeks after unprotected sex.

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on February 20, 2019:

Hi Riri I would have thought that they would have checked you weren't pregnant before putting in the implant.

Riri on February 19, 2019:

Hi it’s been like 16 weeks since unprotected sex and I got a negative blood test last week .. But I also got implant birth Control 5 weeks ago but I’m just hoping the birth control didn’t affect my blood test result

jasmine on February 18, 2019:

Hi can i do a test one week after sex

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on February 12, 2019:

Hi Annie, yes it definitely sounds possible. You should probably wait until the 14th at the very earliest but even that could be too early sometimes so if you want a definitive result then test after 18th.

Annie on February 11, 2019:

My last menstrual period was on th 20th of Jan, ovulated on the 4th but had se on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th is it a possibility that am pregnant? And please when do I check it

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on February 11, 2019:

Hi Annie, yes there is a chance for sure. If you have been trying for a while (in the UK they say over a year if you are under 35 years old) then you may want to contact your doctor to start some tests off but if it has not been that long then all you can do is keep trying each month. Good luck.

Annie on February 10, 2019:

Hello I had unprotected sex 2days pro to my ovulation day and even had sex on my ovulation date, is it possible that am pregnant? Because I rili need a baby

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on February 08, 2019:

Hi Andrea, sorry I am very confused. Cyred is used to prevent pregnancy but you are saying that you are trying to get pregnant. But yes, if you forget to take 3 pills in a row there is a small chance that you could get pregnant depending on when you had sex.

Andrea on February 06, 2019:

I’m getting a little worried because I’m trying to get pregnant but I don’t want to get my hopes up. I recently started birth control (Cyred) and on my first week I had unprotected sex twice and on week 2 I forgot to take 3 pills in a row. I know it may be a little early to hope but could there be a chance or pregnancy?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on February 05, 2019:

Hi adriiadrii, plan B is pretty effective if (like you did) it is taken within 24 hours. Also, if you did ovulate on 27th and have sex on 29th then the likelihood is that you did not get pregnant as the egg can only survive for 24-36 hours. But if you ovulated then the chances are that plan B should have worked effectively as you have not given the egg a chance to fertilise or implant. So I would take the test around the 10th if you can wait that long so that you get a definitive result and don't worry about having tested too early!

adriiadrii on February 04, 2019:

im driving my self crazy ☹ any suggestions would really help. im sorry if igive to much detail. i had sex with my husband on jan. 29. took plan b the next morning(about8hours later) my period tracker said i ovulated jan.27. last period was from jan. 9-13. not sure if it matters but originally i had for my period to start from the 3rd tothe 7th but i started about6days later. my next period is said to start from feb. 10-15th. today i bought one of those pregnancy tests that say "test 5days sooner" how soon do you recomment i take the test?? i read online that if you take plan b AFTER you ovulate, the pill is pretty much useless.

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on February 04, 2019:

Hi Jammie, firstly you cannot get pregnant if you only have sex 7 days before you ovulate as sperm cannot last that long. However, that assumes that you are certain when you ovulated.

It is not too early to test if you are already past the date that your period is due.

Jammie on February 03, 2019:

i had sex on December 31st, my ovulation day was January 7th. I was suppose to get my period January 26, Is it too early to take a Pregnancy test?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on January 30, 2019:

Hi Brandi, yes for sure you should.

Brandi on January 29, 2019:

I had sex on jan21 and took a test today and it was negative should I wait another week?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on January 21, 2019:

Hi Robin, there is not necessarily anything wrong - it could be late for a number of reasons - hormone changes, stress, weight loss or gain, or if you are getting older (e.g. late thirties) your cycles are likely to change a bit. If you are worried then speak to your doctor.

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on January 21, 2019:

Hi Raina, yes pretty much so.

Robin on January 21, 2019:

I'm 11 days late never been this late before my tubes has been clamped for 9 years. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was neg what could be wrong ?

Raina on January 21, 2019:

Do dollar tree preg tests work just like the expensive ones ?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on January 20, 2019:

Hi Shelby, both of these things can happen around ovulation so that may be the reason.

Shelby on January 18, 2019:


I just had sex yesterday and I’m in my fertile window (at least that’s what an apps telling me) and i was having egg whitish discharge. About 7 hours after having sex I started getting cramps like I was about to start my period but that isn’t due for another 2-3 weeks. Also this morning I had very very light brownish discharge when I wiped. What could this mean?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on January 18, 2019:

Hi Rebecca I would say then that the test should be pretty accurate.

Rebecca on January 17, 2019:

*31 that’s when I ovulated the 31 of December

Rebecca on January 17, 2019:

I ovulated the 32

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on January 17, 2019:

Hi Rebecca. If you ovulated around the time you had sex then that should be enough time but if you ovulated later (up to 4 Jan), or don't know when you ovulated, then you should probably take another test in a week to make sure.

Rebecca on January 17, 2019:

Hi I had sex on the 31 of December and I took a test the 17 of January it came back negative, and I took three tests all negative is that a great enough time frame to get an accurate reading

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on January 16, 2019:

Hi Hileni, the answer is yes.

Hileni on January 15, 2019:

After day 13 i feel pain like period coming breast pain too until tday 15

Hileni on January 15, 2019:

Hi, my period was on 2 january and i play sex on friday 12jan nite ad morning on13jan my circle is 27-28 is there any chance.for me to get pregnant.

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on January 07, 2019:

Hi ivy corpuz, pregnancy tests are usually right but there is a chance that the 'hook effect' may be in force and to check this isn't the case you should dilute your urine and test again. Otherwise the only way to tell for sure is to see your GP and possibly get an ultrasound.

ivy corpuz on January 07, 2019:

my last menstruation is october 17 and i have sex that month also is october 23 so on and so fort,,.then i never have menstruation from that month till now...then i took a home pregnancy test once but the result is negative..but i have a some signs of i pregnant?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on December 19, 2018:

Hi Brittany, if that is the only time that you had unprotected sex then I would say it is extremely unlikely that you are pregnant. Taking a test almost 2 months later would certainly come up positive if you were.

Brittany on December 19, 2018:

I had sex on Oct 17 and i did a test Dec 14th it came back negative. My periods are not normal could i be pregnant

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on December 14, 2018:

Hi Sian, the best thing to do to get peace of mind either way is to go to your doctor for a blood test. It is possible you had a chemical pregnancy or there could be something else happening with your hormones but multiple tests are not usually wrong.

Sian on December 13, 2018:

Really need help I feel pregnant have all the signs but every test is negative I had sex on November 10th had slight bleeding on the 23rd nov and have spent a fortune on first response test every week since but every test is negative am I going mad please or is it possible the test won't detect my period was due around the 27th November but as they aren't regular I assumed it was that I am going mental trying to find story's similar to mine to get clarification I'm starting to think it could be a phantom pregnancy As my boobs are swollen I have cramps a lot of the time and never have before lower back pain and nausea all I want to eat is sugar can any help me make sense please

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on December 11, 2018:

Hi Rianmay13, although it is unlikely that you would get pregnant on day 19 of your cycle if you have a 28 day cycle, it is possible that your ovulation may have been delayed for some reason which means that you could have got pregnant. If you did ovulate on day 19 then your period would still be 3 days late now so you could certainly take a test to see if you are pregnant. Otherwise there could be other reasons for your period to be late e.g. stress, worry etc

Rianmay13 on December 10, 2018:

Hi, I had my period started Nov 6 ended on Nov 10

Then I had unprotected sex on Nov 24 but it only last like 5 mins. Then I had unprotected sex on Nov 28 and Nov 30 but he never cum inside of me. I was supposed to get my period on Dec 4 but I was already 7 days late now Could I be pregnant?

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on December 10, 2018:

Hi Asabea, according to the manufacturers " If you don't have your menstrual period within 7 days of when it is expected, you should have a pregnancy test done." as there is a slim chance that it has not worked for you.

Asabea on December 10, 2018:

Hi I had my period on 7 last month n had sex in 13 I took levon2 as preventive measures, it 10 this month n I haven't had my period

Jackie Grant (author) from UK on December 06, 2018:

Hi Hileni, you need to wait until at least 10 days after you ovulated (preferably a bit longer) to take a test. So if your cycle is 27-28 days then you will most likely ovulate on day 13-14. So you should test no sooner than 24 days after your period started (not sure when that was) - although if you have not had your period by now then it is probably worth testing again if you have not done recently.