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Ideas for Birth Music During Labor and Delivery

Susana is a mom of three. She's also worked with pregnant women of all ages.

Music for Labor and Delivery

One of the most precious experiences we will ever have is that of labor and giving birth to a new child. Whether you've chosen a natural birth in a hospital, a c-section, or a homebirth, to make the experience even more special, many of us choose to play music to accompany the event. Considering what type of music you want to give birth to, prior to the miraculous adventure you're going to embark on, is a wonderful addition to your birth plan.

Another factor to consider is that if you've chosen to play your unborn baby prenatal music, playing the same music during labor and delivery will help keep your baby relaxed, as well as you and your partner.

Choose birth music to keep you relaxed during your labor and delivery.

Choose birth music to keep you relaxed during your labor and delivery.

Relaxing, Uplifting and Meaningful

When choosing birth music it's important to select something that is relaxing, uplifting, and meaningful, and which suits your personality and that of your partner. You'll find music that fits that criteria here and any one of these CDs would be perfect to listen to during your labor and to give birth to. Whether you want birth songs or instrumental music you'll find various genres of music listed to suit any personality or music preferences including:

  • Modern classical
  • Traditional classical
  • Classical guitar
  • Trip-Hop
  • Ambient dance
  • Electronic world music
  • Celtic
  • New age

Modern Classical Birth Music

Below you'll find two of my favorite modern composers—Ludovico Einaudi and Andrea Bocelli. Both have an incredible ability to create emotion through their music which touches you at a very deep level.

My second child was born to the music of Andrea Bocelli and I couldn't have chosen a better soundtrack for my birthing experience. In fact, it wasn't me that put this CD on (I was busy with other things!), it was my husband. And so I have to give him full credit for choosing it—it was simply perfect for us. It may or may not be your cup of tea, but have a listen and see what you think.

One of the advantages of playing familiar music while in the process of labor and birth is that just hearing it again brings back all of the wonderful memories you have associated with the songs. There's no doubt that playing music during labor and delivery is a truly enhancing experience. The music video below was my birth song and it gives me shivers every time I hear it. Absolutely beautiful!

Traditional Classical Music for Labor and Delivery

Maybe you'd prefer to go down the route of traditional classical music to enhance your labor and birth experience and listen to the masters such as Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, and Chopin. Below you'll find three of the most relaxing and uplifting classical music CDs with a selection of compositions taken from the works of the classical masters.

Classical guitar music is another option that you and your partner may prefer. The CDs below are exceptional and will definitely help you create the right ambiance for the special event.

Trip Hop, Ambient, and Electronic Birthing Music

For more modern Moms and Dads, you might elect to go for the eclectic electronic music of Enigma, Deep Forest, or my personal favorite, Massive Attack. All of these albums possess the same qualities that classical compositions have, which is to create music with chords, melodies, and harmonies that somehow reverberate with your soul. Powerful and beautiful at the same time, electronic music can be an equal rival to traditional music in terms of the way it affects us on an emotional level and can be a wonderful choice for labor and birth.

Celtic and New Age Birth Music

Other options for birth music and birth songs include Celtic music and new age music. The Celtic music here is some of the most soulful and uplifting you'll find anywhere. Songwriters such as Enya, Loreena McKennitt, and David Downes show off their obvious skill in creating enchanting and divine music in these albums.

For wholly instrumental music rather than songs, new age music is a choice many parents go for when choosing birth music. It makes excellent background music for labor and delivery and is relaxing and uplifting at the same time. If you're new to new age music or wonder whether it's the right choice for your special day, feel free to listen to samples to help you make your mind up.

A Great Selection of Birth Music

Whatever your personality and personal music tastes, you're bound to find the perfect soundtrack for your labor and delivery from the selection of birth music provided here.

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Whatever music you choose to buy and whichever other birthing options you've chosen, I hope your labor and birthing experience are truly wonderful. Enjoy!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.


Ashley on March 18, 2011:

Thanks for this. It reminded me of some great artists.

stey_true from Maine on February 03, 2011:

Great idea! I am 6 months pregnant realizing it is almost time for my little one to arrive. I think making a mix Cd. of all my favorite and relaxing songs will make being in a hospital bed a more comfortable experience. Thank you!

prettydarkhorse from US on April 22, 2010:

yes and it really helps! Maita

Susana Smith (author) from UK on April 22, 2010:

Thanks Maita :) Some well chosen relaxing music during labor and birth can really help.

prettydarkhorse from US on April 21, 2010:

nice one music is soothing! thumbs up! Maita

Susana Smith (author) from UK on April 19, 2010:

Thanks pmccray - choosing birth music seems to be an integral part of the birth plan nowadays :)

pmccray on April 18, 2010:

Marvelous hub, I well past needing this info, but there is some sound good advice in this article.

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