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4-Year-Old Mini-Golfer Who Sinks Every Putt Has the Internet Completely Baffled

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When it comes to playing sports, some kids excel really early, and it's clear they're destined to become stars in the making. And after seeing a new TikTok video of a 4-year-old master mini-golfer who sinks every single putt he attempts? All we can say is, move over Tiger Woods. The professional golf world just isn't ready for this tot.

The clip was shared by @espn, and it shows this kid, Atlas Don Young, setting up his ball on the mini-golf tee. As the video indicates, he doesn't even line up the putt. Yet he swings the club, and lo and behold, he winds up getting a hole in one. No, it's not dumb luck. The first putt shown in the clip is the first of many where he sinks the ball. Check it out.

Um, what the heck is going on here? Like how on EARTH is this kid getting a hole in one every single time? There has to be some sort of divine intervention going on or something. People are beyond impressed with this little guy's golf skills. @Tyler said, "Dude needs to play the lottery the moment he turns 18. Luckiest kid alive." Um, he really is. Another commenter, @Tuesday added, "One time is luck .. 3x and 4x is natural skill. It may seem like he is just blind shanking, but it’s natural talent. Good for him 👍🏻👏🏻" And @DrewDewitt joked, "Tiger Woods been real quiet since this video dropped."

Of course, some people think there must be some sort of trickery going on here. A few commenters thought the parents are using a remote-control golf ball. Huh. Possibly? But if this kid really is THAT good at mini-golf? His parents had better get ready for him to take home the coveted green jacket someday.