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90-Year-Old Has Sweetest Reaction to Meeting Newborn Great Granddaughter

These two already have a special bond.

Not every family is lucky enough to have several generations of relatives alive, but those who do know how valuable their presence is. To have lived and seen as much as they have is such a privilege, and nothing reminds them of that more than the arrival of new life. Getting to meet generations of your legacy is so beautiful, and it’s not lost on anyone involved in such a robust family.

A newborn mom happened to catch the moment her 90-year-old grandmother met her newborn daughter and her reaction was absolutely priceless.


“I’ve died and gone to heaven,” the great grandmother breathed in-between a series of excited “oh my’s.” Her instinct to squeeze and kiss on the tiny baby toes and fingers is completely relatable, and she looks absolutely smitten with the sweet baby girl.

Of course, the internet was equally as smitten with her. 

“The world would be a better place with more memaws like that,” asserted one user.

“Absolutely precious. I would give anything for my grandparents to have met my kids,” agreed another. 

Mostly though, people were in awe at how young she looks for being 90-years-old. Perhaps it is her seemingly endless flow of love that keeps her so youthful looking.