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Granddaughter Takes In Neglected Grandmother and Her Transformation Is Beautiful

She goes from being flea-bitten to healthy and happy.

Getting older can be a scary concept, leaving some of us wondering who will take care of us when we're elderly and potentially dealing with poor health and memory. If we're lucky, we have plenty of family around us to ensure that we're happy and healthy when we can't do as many things for ourselves anymore... but obviously, that's not the case for everybody.

Enter this grandma, who her grandchildren shared on TikTok recently. At 82 years old, she had been neglected and struggling with dementia, and when her granddaughter realized the conditions she'd been living in, she immediately took her in and didn't look back.


Her granddaughter explained that they found "thousands of lice, eggs, and lice feces" in her hair, and she only weighed 78 pounds at the time. This grandma had also had a hard life before this — she'd been in an abusive relationship, survived cancer, and raised her children and grandchildren. 

"I gave her a manicure, cut her hair and put her earrings in, gave her a long bath and then shower," she wrote in the video. "She also has dementia and can't see very well. She couldn't use her voice." 

Seeing the change in Grandma after she'd been taken care of was like night and day, and she seemed to be really happy to be surrounded by family and given the chance to relax and have others watch out for her. She even gained 10 pounds in the first two weeks of living with her granddaughter! 

This grandma is lucky to have family who cares about her, and hopefully, the rest of her days will be much better than the ones she's leaving behind her.