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Kid Running Lemonade Stand to Earn Money to Go to Portugal With Team Gets Surprise Of His Life

He definitely wasn’t expecting that tip.

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Anyone who's ever played or had kids who played sports knows that it can be expensive, especially when travel is involved. As much as we want our kids to be able to seize every opportunity to play the sport they love (and maybe even go pro someday!), sometimes, the money just isn't there. It's a struggle a lot of parents know too well. 

Case in point: This kid on TikTok, who plays on a competitive soccer team and was invited to play in Portugal, but his dad asked him to raise half of the money for the trip himself. He got to work operating his own lemonade stand, and that lead to him getting a major surprise that he didn't see coming. This is so cool! 


TikTokers who surprise people with money happened to hear about him and presented him with a giant tip for their $3 cup of lemonade: $1,100 to be exact. Seeing his reaction to the money was too sweet — it's clear to see that he's so grateful! 

He even called his dad right away to tell him the news, and that meant that he got to close up shop on more than a 100 degree day since he'd come up with all the money he needed. 

This is a great reminder that there are plenty of good people in the world. Good luck in Portugal, kid!