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School Sets Up ADHD Breaks for Kids and It’s Such a Brilliant Idea

We love teachers who lead with compassion.

It's so hard for little kids to sit still in school, and it's not really fair to expect them to just somehow suppress all their instincts to move around for the entire school day (recess aside). This is especially true when it comes to kids who have ADHD, who really need ways to channel their extra energy. The best teachers don't look at these kids as problems, they look at their "problems" as opportunities...and challenges to be met. In this video from @psyfiguy, we see what one little boy's "ADHD break" area at school looks like...and what it looks like is a lot of fun, tbh. 


What a genius idea from this teacher! Instead of trying to make this kid fit into a learning style that doesn't work for him, they're working with his strengths to come up with a way to funnel his extra energy and get him all ready to work again. More schools should absolutely try methods like this for not just their ADHD kids, but all their little kids. It's pretty much an accepted fact that kids don't get enough exercise in schools, and that recess isn't what it used to be. This is how you get kids moving without them even realizing that they're exercising or doing something good for them. This "ADHD course" basically just looks like a really fun game. 
Commenters were totally impressed, unsurprisingly:
"That’s awesome. Instead of getting restless and causing a distraction in class there is a positive alternative to get the wiggles out"
"I think kids would have a better go of it all around if they had more play time in all grades"
"This should be part of every school. All kids needs breaks. They shouldn’t be made to go to school for 8 hours than come home with 8 hours of homework"
Sounds like a solution that lots of parents and kids would be happy with.