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Adopted Daughter Catches Mom Being the Best Grandma to Her Kids

This is a core memory for sure.

It's such a joy as a parent to see how much other people love your children. From aunts and uncles to friends to, of course, grandparents, there are so many people out there who can love your kid so much. And you know they'll always be there for your child. 

This video from @ourlovelychaos_ is a perfect example of that kind of amazing love your family members can have for your children. It's also an example of an adoptive mother's love. As the mom in the video explains, Tina became her mom when she was only 2 years old...and now, she loves her grandchildren so much that she even loves watching them sleep. 


If that isn't just the cutest thing...the two of them on that bed, grandma looking on lovingly. It is very calming to watch babies sleep...even if they were screaming their heads off just minutes earlier, they look like perfect angels in repose. Tina seems like an amazing mom and grandma, to be sure. 

Commenters were so moved by the relationship between Tina and her daughter and the love she has for her grandchildren and could totally relate...
"When I was admitted into the hospital to have my son my mom called my stepmom said get up here we going to have a grand baby tonight. those women."
"this is beautiful we all need a Tina"
"I do the same with my grandchildren, watch my sweet babies sleep"
"I am like Tina! Took my daughter in at 12 years old! Love my grandkids to pieces!"
"aww geez and heck, i will 100% be tina"
"You have a beautiful mother, inside and out."

No doubt, everyone does need a Tina. And everybody can be a Tina, too.