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Teen In Foster Care Shares How Cheerleading Coach Gave Her a Real Family

Her foster family didn’t want her, but her coach did.

So many stories of foster care and adoption are so heartbreaking, but there's also so much hope. Sometimes, things turn around just when everything seems darkest. And when a child finds a forever home, at whatever age, it's so amazing. 

This video from @bella_stories06 has an unbelievably sad turn, but it has such an incredibly happy ending. What this girl must have gone through is unimaginable, but to see her thriving is an utter triumph.


What a story. What a miracle that her cheer coach came along! The saddest part is how matter-of-fact the teen was about her foster parent's admission that they were just doing it for the money. She was so resigned, not at all surprised. To think that she's been through years of this, and so many other kids have, too, is just tragic. 

Commenters were so incredibly happy for this girl...
"I'm sorry the foster parents failed you , I also want to say I'm so thankful for your adoptive parents you deserve only greatness"
"i’ve been in foster care for 5 years. i just finally found my forever family and this made me cry"
"On behalf of the system and as a former foster child, I am so sorry that you went through this and I am so freaking proud of you for overcoming this"
"This makes me so sad. This is why I want to foster so bad. No one EVER deserves this! I’m so happy you got the happy ending you so deserved!!"
"I’m so sorry you had bad foster homes. I hate that there are people that aren’t fostering for the kids! We did and have 3 amazing kids now!"

Here's hoping the next chapter of this girl's life is wonderful and filled with love.