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Toddler Has the Most Beautiful Reaction to Learning Mom Was Adopted

“I really want you…”

Sometimes kids just say the most profound things. Sometimes, the smallest of children say the most insightful things, and just when you need to hear it, too. How do they do it? Are they truly old souls? Have they been here before? They're just so pure, and sometimes they say things to show it.

That's what happened in this video from @emilyfauver, a mom who was adopted herself. The video is her toddler's reaction when she told her that she was adopted; as she wrote, "My heart will never be the same. She’s healed so much of my inner child for me."

Omg, just try to hold the tears back! First, that little "awe" when she says her mom didn't want her. Then that voice: "I want you!" Just so beautiful. And that sweet, sweet hug. What's even more special is that it all just happened during a totally mundane, simple moment, with the mom feeding chunks of bananas to the dog and the toddler in turn. 

The commenters were so in love with this darling little girl. 
"She didnt even think for 5 seconds, she decided immediately, she was going to be your new momma"
"they can make things all better!! what a little sweetie"
"kids are so sweet. when my mom passed my nephew told me 'its ok, we share my mom'"
"OH MY GOSH. I wasn’t ready. My brother is adopted"
"We’re witnessing a full circle moment on the highest level"
"“I’ll be your mommy now” you both deserve each other so much omg"

Such a sweet, important moment. Family is the most beautiful thing.