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Adorable Toddler Has All The Purses She Needs

That little turn is too much.

One of the best things in the whole wide world is a toddler fashion show, especially when that toddler is feeling her little self and totally confident. There's something toddlers just love about dressing up, whether it's in a full princess dress or Mommy's shoes or just adding a few fun accessories to an outfit. 

When you think about it, people don't really grow out of their love of dress up, it just sort of turns into a flair for fashion. The adorable toddler in this video from @boobooo.kitty_  knows she has a good look going on. She just needs to get all her purses on one arm and then she's golden. 


So cute! "Yall when I told her turn I meant the other way," wrote her mom, but that little turn and pose was just too precious. She's got her little bracelet and her necklace, too, so she's clearly got all her accessories in place. She is totally ready for any tea party, playground playdate, or other social activity. And she's also got plenty of storage on her person, too, what with all the purses. 

Commenters were totally charmed by this little fashionista.
"She said 'get my good side'"
"I love her personality"
"Why have 1 purse when you can have 4?"
"that turn is EVERYTHING"
"the little twitch before the turn is what got me"
"She is so cute and always be camera ready"
"Look at her baby purse collection like ok girl i see you. Definitely gave the girls what its supposed to ."
"You wanted one side but she wanted her good side"

This girl definitely knows her angles! And she already has her share of fans  Clearly this gal is going places, and she's got the purses to take with her.