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Little Girl’s ‘Sweet’ Smile Is Something to Behold

It’s so unique and absolutely precious.

There are few things better than seeing your kids smile and hearing them laugh. After all, as parents, so many of the things we do is simply to make our kids happy. Who doesn't want to see their little one smiling back at them, especially when they're still too young to express their feelings with speech?

It's something that parents of newborns dream about, even before they're born, just like this mom on TikTok will attest. She was so excited to see her daughter smile, and then, when she finally did... well, it wasn't exactly what she was expecting. But that doesn't make it any less cute! 


The video starts with footage of the baby girl as an infant. "Me thinking about how she will have such a sweet smile someday..." her mom wrote in the caption.

Then she goes on to share what her daughter's toddler smile actually looks like, and oh boy — it's definitely not the grin you'd expect! Instead, it looks a bit more like a cringe face, but it's still so cute. And since she's expressing her happiness either way, we can't help but smile with her! 

We imagine that Mom's family photos haven't turned out how she imagined they would at this age, but there's no denying how adorable (and funny) this kiddo is. 

One day, she'll likely grow out of this "smile," but Mom has plenty of footage so she'll remember it forever.