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Adult Man Asks Foster Family to Officially Adopt Him and There Wasn’t a Dry Eye In the House

Their bond is so special

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Adoption is always a beautiful, meaningful thing, but there's something especially touching about an adoption that happens after a child has been fostering with a family. Going through the foster system is unbelievably tough, as @davonwoodsfc says in this video. The scene is set: he has his foster family gathered in front of him, and he's about to ask them something very special...he's going to ask them to be his forever family.


Just so moving. His words, first of all, are heartwrenching...hearing about growing up in the system, never having a mother or a father to love him...that's all hard to hear, and you can see the pain in his family's faces when he talks about it. But it's when he starts talking about how much his foster family means to him and how much he loves them all that you can see the tears really start to flow. And when he asks them to be his forever family and take their last name? That's when they start openly wiping their eyes. Unsurprisingly, commenters can't get over the sweetness of this scene. As one wrote: "as someone who grew up in the system and never found that forever family. I absolutely love this for those that do."