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Dad Surprised Son After Not Seeing Him For 6 Years and His Reaction Was Priceless

No matter how old we get, we still need our dads.

There's nothing like being reunited with parents after a long time apart — and after the way the last few years have gone, so many of us have had to go much longer than usual without seeing the people we love. That just means that it's all the more special when we do get to see them again... even if we wish we didn't have to make up for lost time in the first place. 

Still, these kinds of reunions have been popping up left and right on TikTok, and one is making us especially emotional. One woman arranged for her boyfriend's dad to surprise him after six years apart, and oh boy... here come the waterworks.


"My boyfriend hasn't seen his dad in over 6 years as his dad lives in Miami," she explained in the video. "And last night we surprised my boyfriend with the best gift he could ever wish for! His dad, partner, and his little bro flew in to surprise him! And especially made it for his first boxing fight!" 

To make it even better, Dad even wore a wig and pretended to be delivering a Fed Ex package to his son, but he knew what was up right away. The tears were really flowing!

It only got better when his baby brother, who was born so recently they hadn't met yet, appeared and ran into his arms. OMG! 

Family really is everything — and you're never too old to need your dad.