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Dad Builds Twins Epic Adventure Park On Their Stairs

That’s one way to keep them entertained.

There's babyproofing, and then there's...whatever the dad in this amazing video does. As @mrpresidentstiktok explained, his twins were at the stair-crawling phase, something he's intimately familiar with having had three sets of twins (!). But this dad didn't want to just put up a barrier to keep his kids off the stairs, he wanted to provide a safe way for kids kids to climb up the stairs (under his supervision, naturally). 
So he took some lessons in rock-climbing (only because stair-climbing lessons weren't available), stocked up on climbing supplies, and turned his home's staircase into a climbing adventure. 


How incredible is that? "I love when parents teach their kids how to do something correctly instead of just forbidding it!! You’re amazing!" wrote one commenter, summing up what's so cool about this particular home improvement project. Granted, this approach takes a lot more time and effort than just sticking baby gates at the top and/or bottom of the stairs. But it's also a lot more fun, and his kids will likely learn a lot about climbing and have a blast at the same time. If you can make learning fun, you're doing something right.

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