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Parents Are Absolutely Losing It Over Local California “After School Satan Club”

It’s sponsored by the Satanic Temple.

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When one thinks of an after school club, one usually thinks of things like sports or crafts or art projects or drama or other such traditional extra curricular activities. Perhaps a debate club, or a cheer team. Something that meets for an hour or two and keeps your kids busy and teaches them something they didn't learn in school.

One type of after school offering you probably haven't heard of is an "after school satan club," but there actually is such a thing, as @nichole_fank's video talks about. Um, what?

Okay, so, to be fair, this club is more about promoting free thought than worshipping any evil entities; as they say, their idea of the devil is more like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, just a figurehead. It's not like they're plotting to overthrow society or learn how to do evil spells or anything like that. 

Still, commenters are predictably up in arms. Particularly if you don't know the whole story, the whole thing does sound sort of shocking...
"Jesus. We are good here. Time to come back"
"Yep. They hold it at my hometown high school. Almost everyone was upset about it and formally complaining. The administrators did nothing about it"
"You’re joking."
"Lord Jesus what is going on uh uh, satan is a symbol… yeah a symbol of what tho!? Please I wanna know miss director"
"Whaaat in the actual hell( no pun intended) but this is sick"

At the end of the day, it doesn't sound like this club is hurting anybody, but that's not going to make any of these people calm down. They're probably wondering what's next.