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Daughter Shows Mom Epic 80’s Filter And She’s Overjoyed

It was a real Ah-Ha moment if you catch our drift...

When you have teens or tweens, they're always trying to show you something on their phone. Maybe it's a funny animal video, maybe it's a meme, maybe it's a cool app, maybe it's a game...the possibilities are endless, and they want you to see them all.

Sometimes, though, you get lucky...and the thing they're showing you turns out to be the most fun thing ever. The mom in @lucytheidjit's post didn't know what she was supposed to be looking at when her daughter summoned her to the phone. But then, with a wave of her hand...she looked down and saw herself as if she were in the music video "Take on Me" by a-ha! (thanks to the super popular app). "My mom was such a big fan of this music video when it came out in 1985," the creator wrote. From the way she reacted, you can definitely tell!


So cute! The second she saw herself in a-ha mode she was off and dancing. It was definitely a most welcome blast from the past...she almost looked like she was ready to cry with happiness! What a fun thing to do with your around like you're in an 80s video. And what a great way to get them to appreciate a little music history! Commenters were so happy for this mom and totally ready to join in the nostalgia:

"Y’all don’t understand!… we are seeing magic! This is amazing for those of us that watched MTV in the 80s!"
"GenX body naturally snapped into the dance, thats muscle memory my sista"
"All of Generation X just smiled"
"Am I the only Gen Xer that has tears in their eyes watching this peer’s surprise and nostalgia coming through?!"

And now these two have another memory, inspired by memories, that will always make them smile.