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Mom Shares How Easy It Is to Explain “All Gender Bathrooms” to Kids In Less Than 30 Seconds

It isn't the kids who have a hard time understanding.

As the fight continues for rights and equality for people of all genders and identities continues, a lot of people have taken their panic about what it means for their children to the internet. And despite the freak outs about having to "explain" something to their kids before they're ready, as it turns out, it's really the adults who don't get it, not the kids.

Case in point: This video on TikTok, which was posted in response to someone worrying about explaining what an "all gender" bathroom was to their children. A fellow mom decided to answer that question by showing how simple it is for her kids to understand what that means... and basically, it was a non-issue.


The mom in the video said, "Hey boys, see that bathroom over there? You know how we all use the same one at home? It's like that." 

It truly is that simple — we can't imagine any kids are growing up in homes where the bathrooms are separate like they are in public, so this is a concept they already grasp. 

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Out of more than 9,000 comments on the post, most people agreed with her.

"Gender neutral bathrooms are just another term for 'family bathrooms' really. So idk why people freak out over it. They're literally the same," one person wrote.

"The kids don't question it. They just want to use the bathroom and not have to wait on a really long line or have an accident," another commenter added. 

Good for this mom for breaking it down for anyone who still might not get it... even though, in 2022, this really should not be an issue. It really is this easy, and we have a feeling most kids won't even need an explanation at all. 

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