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Mom Quizzes Daughter On Anatomical Body Parents and She Minces No Words

Every kid should know this.

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As tempted as many parents are to use nicknames for certain body parts (especially those in the more private area), more and more, we're learning that the best practice is to teach our children the anatomical names of everything on their body. Not only does it help their self-confidence, but it's also a way to protect them from abuse and help them communicate about their own bodies better.

And if you need an example of a kid who's killing it in this department, one mom on TikTok is showing off her daughter's skills. In a video, she quizzed her daughter about the anatomical names for her body parts, and whoa — she could teach a class!


Not only was she able to confidently state that girls have a vagina and boys have a penis, but she was also able to rattle off a list of her body parts that no one was allowed to touch. 

"No one can touch me without consent," she said, adding that consent meant that "I can give them permission and they can give me a hug." She even went on to explain that she can only give consent to a hug because "I'm not old enough to give consent to anything else." 

This kid really knows her stuff — and we have to really give her mom credit for teaching her all the right things about body autonomy, even from a young age.

It's not a bad idea to follow this family's example!