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Woman Gets Text From a Stranger That Leads to Life-Changing Results

This totally knocked the wind out of her.

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If you're like a lot of people who have used a kit over the past few years to get their DNA tested, you might have learned some amazing things about your background you never knew before. Or, you might have found out you were the exact mix of various nationalities that you always expected and grew up believing, in which case, that money can't help but feel a teensy bit wasted. On some rare occasions, though, people actually end up finding out life-changing facts about themselves.

That's what happened to @laneiscool14, as she explains in this riveting TIkTok. It all started with a mysterious text message telling her she should get her results. Why, she wanted to know? She'd already done 23 and Me, and there were no surprises there. But apparently has a different database, and it turns out the text messages weren't bogus at all.

So mind-blowing!! So not only does she have a different dad than she ever believed, but he's been watching her grow up from afar! How heartbreaking! And can you imagine trying to process this brand new information, as an adult? It would be quite a challenge, to say the least. 

Commenters wanted to know if this woman was angry with her mother for never telling her the truth; indeed, she's angry with her mom for quite a few things, so they're apparently estranged at the moment. It's hard to imagine how you would feel if someone hid your birth parent from you for your entire life. Commenters were also begging for a part this man part of her life now? Do they have a relationship? So many questions.

It's true, for all the DNA tests that tell us a bunch of stuff we already knew there are those occasional life-altering results. Here's hoping this woman's family has a chance to heal!