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8-Month-Old Takes First Steps Sprinting For His Big Brother

And big bro is seriously impressed.

Of all the milestones your baby will meet, it's safe to say that those first steps are some of the most important, well, first steps your baby will ever take. You never know when they're coming. Your baby might tease you for months by cruising around holding on to furniture, or they might just totally surprise you one day by standing up from a squat and walking across the room.

It's not clear in this video from @bina401baby how close this baby has been to walking before his first steps, but he's only 8 months old, so he probably hasn't been cruising around for two long. Either way, it still seems like a big surprise he's been saving just for his big brother. 


It's such a huge moment! You can see the glee on big brother's face (and the baby's face, too, of course). What an absolutely exciting experience for everybody. It's been said that sometimes little siblings start walking earlier because they want to keep up with their older sibs, and that could definitely be the case here. That little one is ready to go!

Commenters just thought the whole thing was so cute.
"So very special moment. They are so wonderful."
"Look how happy they are"
"8 months that so good"
"That is so cute and precious and that little one is so happy walking for the first time for his big brother."
"Wow that’s great. Watch out mama. He’s coming"

Who knows what his next steps will be? Once they start walking, it's not long before they start running, that's for sure. Luckily mom has big brother to help out!