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Man Draws Simple But Powerful Tattoo For Mom of 4 Who Lost One Baby

This is such a beautiful homage.

Tattoos are a great way for us to express ourselves, and sometimes, it's a way to pay tribute to people who are important to us — and yes, that often means our children. So many parents out there have tattoos that honor their kids, but one mom didn't just want to honor the ones who are still living; she wanted to include the baby who is no longer with her.

A tattoo artist who's been drawing different tattoos each day for TikTok shared a design request he was filling from a woman who wanted art that represented all four of her children, including an angel baby, and the results are simply breathtaking.


Mom wanted a celestial-themed tattoo for her hand that would represent all of her kids, and this artist definitely delivered. He included three stars, with a halo floating above all three of them — almost as if the angel baby is watching over their living siblings. 

The design itself was simple but still so meaningful, and it serves as great inspiration for any parents out there who are hoping to get something similar inked on their bodies. 

People in the comments were so stunned by the beauty and simplicity of this design. One user wrote that this was their favorite of the designs the artist has shared so far, while another added, "All the feels with this one!" 

If this mom decides to get this design tattooed, we hope she shares photos so we can see how it turns out. This is so special!