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Mom Shares Why They’ll Never Welcome "Elf on the Shelf" In Their House

Can’t say we blame her!

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While the arrival of the Elf on the Shelf is a beloved holiday season tradition for a lot of families who celebrate Christmas, not all parents are fans. While everyone tends to create their own interpretation of this tradition, the general idea is that Santa sends an elf to keep an eye on the kids' behavior before the holiday, and every night, the elf gets himself into a new (and usually funny) situation for the kids to discover when they wake up in the morning. It's adorable, but it's also a lot of work on the parents' part. 

Putting in the extra effort is a limited time thing, and with how much some kids adore it, that extra effort can very often be worth it. But not all parents are into it, and after hearing the reasons this mom laid out on TikTok, we can totally understand why. 

As Mom explained in the video, when her children were young, Elf on the Shelf was first starting to gain popularity, so when her oldest was in kindergarten, her teacher decided to get an elf for their classroom. But instead of being a cute activity for the kids to take part in, it quickly turned into literal nightmares for her daughter.

"She got really anxious about the idea that one of these little elves would visit our home," she said. "She would peer around corners and be nervous that she would kind of come across this little creature scuttling around our home." 

Her daughter was worried the elf would spy on her, and after multiple nightmares, Mom finally had no choice but to tell her that the elves weren't really alive. 

We could totally see why this would be more anxiety-inducing than fun for many children. If you haven't already started this tradition, it might not hurt to proceed with caution.