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Dad Sets Up Fancy “Gallery” Of Toddler’s Summer Artwork and She Seems Beyond Proud

Celebrating “art week” in the best way possible.

Little kids love making art, and as parents, it's important to encourage their creativity as much as possible. The only tricky part is what to do with all of your child's amazing artwork when it's finished...because those masterpieces sure do pile up fast, and each one is more important than the last. (Meaning, there's no way you can secretly toss them.) So what to do? After holding a kind of summer art camp for his preschooler daughter, @wythout had a genius idea: Hold a front porch "gallery" opening for her very own art show. Refreshments included, of course. 


Too ridiculously cute: the little girl is clearly so delighted and proud of her art show, and the dad did such an adorable job of making the whole thing like a “real” art opening, with the titles and “about the artist” card and whatnot. Little ones love being taken seriously! The most inspiring thing about this video is that it proves you don’t need much to have fun with little kids, just some creativity and imagination…and of course, a huge bin of art supplies. 

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