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Dad Perfectly Sums Up What It’s Like When Your Toddlers Catches You Throwing Out Their Art Project

I feel seen.

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Even when we're not counting the dozens of coloring books our kids have filled at home, kids produce a lot of art. Once they start going to daycare or school, it's all over for us — they're constantly making art projects and proudly bringing them home to show us. And while we're happy to ooh and aah over every single piece, it can easily become overwhelming... and how the heck are we supposed to store all these projects?! 

A lot of parents have resolved to throw out most of the artwork and keep their favorites, which is totally reasonable. But our kids don't always understand, especially if they catch us in the act. And one dad on TikTok has perfectly captured what it's like when that happens.


In the video, Dad's attempting to explain to his child why he's throwing the art away. "I threw your art project in the garbage. Honestly, you bring so many home, I thought you wouldn't notice," he confesses. "But I salvaged what I could!" 

Cut to the way a toddler reacts, Monster's Inc style. Yep, Sulley captures the full meltdown we've experienced ourselves in a situation like this! Why do we feel like the worst parent in the world every time?

We can't keep every art project, so try not to feel guilty for not holding onto every single scrap that comes home in your kid's backpack. One day, a long time from now, they'll understand.