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Parents Reward Artistic Daughter With the Coolest Gift and Her Joy Is Contagious

She is SO excited.

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When our kids are babies, we always wonder what their passion will be as they get older. Will they be into sports, or dance, or music? Will they become doctors or teachers or invent something life changing? The sky is the limit, and then supporting them as they discover those passions for themselves is really special. 

These parents on TikTok certainly seem to understand what it means to foster what their daughter loves, and in this case, it's art. She may only be nine years old, but according to the video, drawing is her life, and her talent combined with how helpful she was around the house led to her parents deciding to surprise her with something really cool.


The video includes footage of her being a gifted an iPad with a matching Apple pencil, and they even downloaded Procreate software so she could get started right away. And after seeing what she was able to make with a just a few days' practice, we're seriously blown away — this gift was the right choice for this budding artist!

But then, it only got better: A family friend saw her artwork on social media and even commissioned a Cocomelon-themed piece from her that she was able to customize to look like the friend's baby. This is amazing! 

She's so talented, and she's just getting started. This is an awesome way to show her what she can do with her art — and maybe even make a living someday by doing what she loves.